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Research 05 August Open Access. Providing mechanical sintering of liquid metal droplets under ambient conditions for flexible electronics remains elusive. Here, they propose biological nanofibrils for enabling evaporation-induced sintering of EGaIn droplets into conductive coating on diverse substrates and free-standing films.

Research 02 July Open Access. Inorganic perovskite nanocrystals attract lots of research attention but the origin of their photoluminescence remains debatable. Here Zhang et al. Research 25 June Open Access. Engineering the coordination mode of atom or ion onto the substrate remains challenging. Here, guided by theoretical calculation, the authors prepare stacked-nanosheet MOF based catalyst with precisely controlled coordination sites on the surface and enhanced catalytic reactivity and structural robustness.

News and Views 13 May A magnetic-field-dependent spectroscopy study on single perovskite nanocrystals reveals the spectral signatures of an exciton dark state below the bright triplet states. Comments and Opinion 27 February Open Access. Research Highlights 06 December News and Views 19 November By combining metal ions, organic linkers and polymers, ordered frameworks with controlled crystallite size can form.

News and Views 09 July Nanoscale metal—organic frameworks carrying an immunotherapy payload and administered into tumours alongside a low dose of radiotherapy enhance local and systemic antitumour immunity in mouse models of breast cancer and colorectal cancer. Research Highlights 06 June Advanced search. Skip to main content. Search My Account Login. Atom RSS Feed Organic—inorganic nanostructures Definition An organic-inorganic nanostructure is a nanoscale structure that is, a structure with single units sized between 1 and nanometres composed of an intimate combination of inorganic and organic components.

Research 09 August Open Access Stable and bright formamidinium-based perovskite light-emitting diodes with high energy conversion efficiency Light-emitting diodes based on halide perovskites have made remarkable progress but their stability is the bottleneck. Production of charge carriers by light 3. Production of carriers by doping 4. Carrier injection at contacts 5. Transport in pristine conducting polymers 6. Theory of soliton and polaron dynamics in pristine polymers 7. Insulator-metal transition. Single-molecule spectroscopy.

Molecular physics, nonlinear and quantum optics with single molecules 3. Probing solid-state dynamics with single molecules 4. Summary and outlook. Optical properties of molecular aggregates.

Zinc oxide (ZnO) ink for organic solar cells by infinityPV

A mini-course on molecular optical response 3. Optical response of dimers 4. Pauli operators for Frenkel excitons 5. Linear optical properties of linear J-aggregates 6. Nonlinear optical properties of linear J-aggregates 7. Other aspects 8. Aggregates of other geometries 9. Nano-structured organic thin films: Electronic structure, processing and electronic devices. Electronic excitations in organic solids 3. Oligomeric thin films: growth and properties 4. Two-dimensional patterning of organic thin films 5. Three-dimensional patterning 6. Organic electronics 7. How to control the properties of interfaces and thin films of organic molecules?

Abstract In this contribution we present some aspects of why interfaces are important, how interfaces of organic thin films on inorganic substrates can be prepared under optimum conditions, how interfaces can decisively determine the properties of thin films, and how interfaces can be characterized under all relevant aspects.

Introduction and motivation 2. Substrates, molecular materials, and preparation techniques 3. Experimental methods for interface studies 4.

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Orientation 6. Work function, interface dipole, and band offset tuning 7. Interface ordering 8. Growth of thin organic films 9. Controlled electrical doping of organic semiconductors: Physics and device applications. Pfeiffer, J. Blochwitz, B. Maennig, X. Zhou, J. Huang, A.

Materials for Biomedical Engineering: Organic Micro and Nanostructures - 1st Edition

Werner, A. Nollau, K. Experiment 3. Investigations on the doping mechanism 4. Low-voltage organic light-emitting diodes 6. Ultrafast studies of the photophysics of semiconducting polymers. Photoinduced IRAV: ultrafast photogeneration of charged polarons 2. Electric-field--induced ionization of the exciton in PPV 3. Relationship between conjugated polymer morphology and photophysics. Introduction and goals 2. Experimental procedures 3.

Aggregation effects on spectroscopy: the two-species model 5. Independent proof of the two-species model 6. Structural nature of the two species 7. Photoexcitation dynamics and origin of aggregation quenching 8. Overview and conclusions. Technology and applications of polymer electronics.

Electronic devices based on organic materials 3. Integrated device technology 4. Electronic properties of devices based on organic semiconductors 5. Challenges 6. Applications of organic electronics 7. Polymer light-emitting displays: Current status and outlook. Haskal, P.

Organic Nanostructures

Buechel, M. Meulenkamp, P. Duineveld, C. Comparison of display technologies and polymer OLED 3. Polymer light-emitting device technology 4. Ink jet printing 5. Conclusions and outlook. Organic semiconductor single-crystal devices. Crystal growth and transistor preparation 3. Devices 4. Basic science 5. Quaterthiophene ultrathin films grown by organic molecular beam deposition. Experimental details 3. Film growth, morphology, and structure 4.

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Optical properties 5. Scholz, I. Kobitski, G. Salvan, T. Kampen, M. Schreiber, D. Displaced harmonic oscillator 4. Resonant Raman spectra of epitaxial films 5.

Monomer absorption 6. Exciton transfer 7. Time-dependent density functional calculations for dimers 9. Heterostructures Strong coupling in organic-semiconductor microcavities. Materials and microcavity structures 3. Reflectivity measurements 4.

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