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Were there any updates to local in mid February? Can anyone else see a reason for this drop? Linda Buquet. Joined Jun 28, Messages 14, Marie Haynes said:. Thanks so much Linda. I don't manage this listing per se, but I'm trying to figure out why the listing has dropped from a steady 1 in local for a couple of years to 9 organic and yes, the main keyword is Cape Cod Hotels, especially considering no changes were made to the listing at all. I got access to the edit panel today and I see that the address is actually entered in the same format in the panel as is on the website.

I do see that the "Services Included" area is stuffed with: " Services include : hotels in cape cod, cape cod hotels and cape cod hotel" I've included screenshots of the edit panel. Do you see any possible reasons for a drop in rankings? I do see that the "Services Included" area is stuffed with: " Services include : hotels in cape cod, cape cod hotels and cape cod hotel".

Thank you! Just to add a little bit of information, the site owner just told me that for the last 18 months they have hired a firm to build links directly to their places page. I can't see those links in any backlink checker though Sorry Marie, could not get back to this last night. Will try late this afternoon.

Still madly playing catch up from 2 computer crashes. Building BL to the old Place page I don't think would do much if anything. BUT if they WERE paying someone to do that - makes me think they are pretty aggressive and makes me wonder what else they were doing? I'll check back and give my list of other changes later today. Linda, I think I may have found the problem. The client sent me the backlink work done by the company.

The spreadsheet included a list of reviews that they made, some on maps. The reviews were submitted with different email addresses. There were 83 fake reviews in all, and some of them are indeed on the current Google Plus page. They also did a bunch of geotagging which I'm not too familiar with by uploading photos to flickr, picasso, etc.

Here's an example. There were 45 of these done. Not sure if that is considered manipulative or not or if it even helped in the past. Similarly 47 Google maps were made and tagged, all via a different gmail address.

Interview with David Gessner

Here is an example: Bayside Resort Hotel - Google Maps All of this is pretty darn manipulative and I'm sure the local listing has been penalized for it. I don't know much about Google local penalties. However, you did mention that they still rank for hotels in Yarmouth, but perhaps the proximity can override some of the penalty.

Or, perhaps it's possible that it wasn't a penalty but just a devaluation of all of the previously counted reviews, etc. Interesting stuff. The client has given me permission to share with you the full list of backlink work done if you are interested in seeing how this company tried to game the system. So, now my two questions are: 1. Do you agree with me that this manipulation has caused the site's demotion? How would you recover a listing like this? Get valid reviews and see if it helps?

Or delete and start over? However, the geotagging and maps would still be there. OK 1st here is my list of problems to fix.

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And that whole services include field in the more details needs to be deleted as spammy and that one could trip a filter. Can cause a pending review. Delete hotels. It's spammy to have both hotel and hotels. Featured Events. Cape Cod Hydrangea Fest. Quahog Day. Christmas on Cape Cod. Cape Cod Maritime Days.

A wild, rank place : one year on Cape Cod

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Luxury Resorts. Pet Friendly. Vacation Rentals. Martha's Vineyard. Vacation Packages. Family Friendly. Ice Cream Shops. Getting Here. Rental Cars. Cape Cod Travel Tips.

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Mid Cape. Lower Cape. Outer Cape. The Boston police also have used plate readers. In , the department, in response to a public records request, accidentally released troves of data about the vehicles its readers had captured, prompting it to suspend their use to review the program.

Boston then adopted a new policy that included an ACLU recommendation to keep the data for only 30 days. The readers were redeployed in , and as of last spring, Boston was using three devices. Cameras with plate-reading technology are also deployed at two other state roads for use in electronic tolling, the Massachusetts Turnpike and the Tobin Bridge.

The policy for the Cape cameras does not limit the hot list to emergencies. In the Barnstable case, the hot list was used as part of a long-term narcotics investigation into a local man police suspected of selling opioids from his home. During a stakeout of the suspect, Brian Whittemore Sr. McCarthy of New Bedford stop by his house briefly in a black Hyundai Tucson registered to his mother, records show.

Police learned McCarthy had a lengthy criminal history, including about 30 prior narcotics violations. In February , Barnstable police added the number for the SUV plate to the hot list, and also accessed data from the state collection showing every time that plate had been captured by the Cape cameras. Detectives also used the real-time alerts from the hot list to follow and surveil McCarthy and Whittemore.

On Feb.