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Focus on the crowds.

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There are so many ways to think outside the box. The average holiday goer will be aiming their lens towards icons like Buckingham Palace and capture an image like the ne above. For a completely different and potentially unique shot, turn your camera to the opposite direction or stand in a different location to achieve more.

50 Ordinary Women | doing extraordinary things

You never take one shot of something. You always try to take a few different shots of a subject or object. So, once you are happy with what you have captured, keep your camera in hand and take a couple more. The last few shots will be for something weird, strange, and imaginative. Keep pushing for more! Think back to the scene at Buckingham Palace. Therefore, you need to physically stand closer or take advantage of your zoom capabilities.

Grand and usually old buildings, like palaces, museums and hotels, can have incredible ornate crown moldings, intricate designs, and exquisite patterns and you might be missing them. At Buckingham Palace, for example, consider a close up of the entrance, the roof, corners, the flag waving in the wind or something else that catches your eye. There is plenty to see, you just need to focus in on it. There is a lot more to see in London, and every other city in the World, than the major tourist highlights.

Discover the non-tourist parts of the city, so you can take incredible photographs that somebody else may never have captured.

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Sheri Hedlund stood up in front of 1, attendees at this week's Women of the Channel conference and told her simple truth: "I am very ordinary. Many of the women in the room laughed, as it's hard to think of someone with a successful career in IT who now serves as the vice president of U. I think [being] myself as an ordinary person makes me approachable, makes me relevant and enables me to drive meaningful connections.

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  • She pointed to her humble heritage, growing up on South Padre Island, Texas, where her father owned a marina and she caught and sold live bait to fishermen. That's where my sales career started.

    The Final Report of the Synod of Bishops to the Holy Father, Pope Francis

    Hedlund considers herself fortunate to work in a large corporate organization with many talented female team members, even though some might look at that scenario as extremely competitive. Hedlund also urged attendees to give back to their fellow women, though she noted that it does require a significant commitment. If you cannot sign up to be a mentor, commit to being a matchmaker.

    Matchmaking, I would say, is as important as being a mentor. Hedlund offered one tip to leaders when they're about to present a project or deliver results to others: "Start your sentence with, 'I'd like to recognize …'" and then spotlight the team members who helped make the results you're about to present possible. And what did they discover? From different backgrounds and locations, each of us had a strong desire to see for ourselves the magical beauty of orangutans in their own habitat.

    The only great apes of Asia and now critically endangered; we wanted to immerse ourselves in their world while we still could. And what better way to do that than to actively support the work of pioneering orangutan researcher and conservationist Dr.

    Life Entrepreneurs: Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Lives

    In the end it was a simple decision for each of us — all we did was go to Borneo. It could have been any number of projects related to conservation, education, rainforest preservation, and wildlife research throughout the region.

    This was no group of eco-warriors. This was a group of ordinary people driven by a common urge to try to help. We were to help rebuild a guard post at the northern boundary of the National Park to deter poachers who had recently become increasingly active in Dr. One by one, we suddenly realized: this is real. We were going to make a real difference, here and now.

    Brian Hedal, a recent film school graduate, submitted his volunteer application when he learned that his father Joe would be joining. The Hedals are long-time supporters of OFI, but had yet to travel to this part of the world.

    PDF Family Support: Extraordinary Yet Ordinary: Direction from Diversity

    The Construction Program offered the ideal opportunity to see OFI operations on the ground while actively supporting conservation efforts for a specific mission close to their hearts. His nervousness quickly evaporated. Team Pikul rebuilds the guard post graffitied and burnt down by poachers. And the level of physicality has been pretty high. I was surprised at how soon we saw one and how quickly we became accustomed to them.

    On our first night in Pasir Panjang, Dr. While the unifying feature of the group was to help in any way we could, we also desperately wanted to see a wild orangutan.