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That uncertainty towards religion and religious symbols confront the I-chronicler in many chronicles written by Sayed Kashua. For this I-chronicler, Man should be the master of his own destiny. The term refers to the ultra-orthodox Jew. This belief in a Man who steps beyond the limits of formal religion leads to the identification of the other by attributes other than traditional religious. Other characters of Arab background in the chronicles of Sayed Kashua also escape, or wish to, religious conventionalism. Heresy is permitted. The state will not have a religion.

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In another chronicle, 37 the I-chronicler mentions his desire to go to a secular country. Oy 24 New Zealand, where 40 percent of the inhabitants are considered to be secular and without religious affiliation. On top of which, the New Zealand air will undoubtedly do wonders for my complexion. In a certain chronicle, 38 he listens to the radio and hears a sermon from an imam Friday morning.

Well, according to this imam, who certainly displayed expertise in the material and made use of quotations from the Prophet Mohammed and other stories, a Muslim is not allowed to be pessimistic. Optimism is the Muslim's natural state and he must cling to optimism and spurn pessimism, even when the going gets very tough. So he decides: "Next week, inshallah, he'll improve and write something decent.

The I-chronicler sees in religion and in religious laws a way of keeping a minority group united. This is how the I-chronicler understands Israel, not only as a Jewish State, but also as a religious Jewish State, which for him mean different things.

INEXTRICABLY BONDED : Rachel Feldhay Brenner :

Jewish history has become an integral part of my history. So how can I fall asleep when the Palestinian president is scheduled to speak the next day and hurl mud at the country I live in and at the nation within which I breathe?

It is not the one determined by the national categories and that serve the purposes of organization according to religion and justification for the ownership of land and privileges. It is a religion which becomes flexible according to individual beliefs and needs. Religious Jews fast during that day. He's been recommended by absolutely everyone. He's cut half of Jerusalem without a problem. To which she replies: "Hey, if we have to live in Jewish state, then why not take advantage of what it offers? Changing this concept means, theologically, to change the unique relation that Jews, as people, believe to have with God and with non-Jewish as well.

He tries to generate from them something new, which regards people according to their political and individual views, as people who live together, who influence and are influenced by others. It is in that sense that Sayed Kashua creates in his chronicles new religious attitudes, new conceptions of beliefs and religious practices: religions and beliefs that speak of and to real people.

Sayed Kashua creates new political, ethnical, religious and linguistics categories which, due to their surreal possibilities, shocking and shattering established labels, make Israel a country far removed from its statistics, whose people do not fit stereotypes. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and build upon your work non-commercially. Withdrawal Policies Publication Ethics.

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The Ethics of Witnessing

Language, identity and social division: The case of Israel. Feldhay BR. Inextricably bonded: Israeli Arab and Jewish writers re-visioning culture. Juliana SP. Cadernos de literatura hebraica. Sayed K. Aravim Rokdim. Tel Aviv Modan Hebrew ; Boker V. Iachid GS. Irving H. Politics and the Novel. Hebrew University 3, Sayed Kashua 0: All the writer did was tell a cute story about his little boy.

But, good God, what they did with it! Haaretz, Israel; Kashua's quest for another homeland: I was taught that there is no other place for me than Tira, but I want to teach my children differently. Shootings, occupation and no whiskey: Sayed Kashua needs a vacation. Time is running out, but the writer finds himself on stage being asked about Holocaust Remembrance Day and Arab TV characters.

Amal Amireh

Sayed Kashua's in-flight entertainment: whiskey and Ovadia memories: 'Is this your first time flying? Meet the author: Notes from Book Week, and a shocking meeting with a literary critic. Children of the dream: In a Kibbutz you wouldn't think of going out drinking in the nearest city if you get drunk or lonely - in a Kibbutz you have a family. Tomorrow I'll stop. An Id al-Adha to remember: Even the chaos at the mall can't subdue the holiday spirit. I mean, put a towel on or something, get dressed in one of the stalls. In: Helena L, editor. Portuguese: Rio de Janeiro; Sayed Kashua complains he can't complain about Seder night: What is the proper Arab reaction to the strange prohibitions against eating bread on Passover and driving on Yom Kippur?

Sayed Kashua's trial by fire: I'm afraid of fire. I tried to reassure myself, thinking that it's a Jewish holiday after all.

Amos Oz über das Wunder der Literatur, Israel und »Judas«

Class distinctions 'Advanced' workbooks? Why should first-graders know how to read and write? House Divided. Sayed Kashua does his dirty laundry in private: A chat with the washing machine repairman about religion and state, nationality and ethnic affiliation, Tahrir Square and Homs. Should Sayed Kashua peel off his inherited Obama bumper sticker? Problems of a newcomer to Illinois. A Syrian, a Lebanese and Sayed Kashua walk into an Italian literature festival: Thoughts from a Mediterranean festival in a picturesque southern Italian town, filled with interesting encounters with people from across the Arab world.

The public face of Sayed Kashua: "I have nothing to hide. What you see in front of you is me: This is my true face. As far as I am concerned, the issues of Hebrew, Arabic, Judaism and Islam are superficial, cosmetic matters. Look at Kfar Sava: I'm always sad when Dad doesn't like my columns. He waits for them every week and usually likes them, in which case he doesn't say a word - it's only if he's critical that he bothers to call. Obama's resurrection of the Elders of Zion: The itching that started when President Obama began to speak only got worse. Will a German exchange student settle for Sayed Kashua's family?

What will she say? I traveled to Israel, i ended up with a Palestinian family? Do you know what that will do to her self-confidence? Shabbat shalom: My son didn't calm down until I promised him that on the next Feast of the Sacrifice I would decorate the sheep like a Christmas tree, with flashing lights, bells and shining stars. Crash of Identities: explorations in Israeli and Palestinian societies.

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Relations with the United States. Relations with Europe and Russia. Relations with the Third World. Israel in the Middle East. Peace and Normalcy? The Broader Impact of the Peace Process.

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Israels Internal Peace Process Debate. Israel and World Jewry into the Future. The Challenge of Normalcy. Reconciling Myth and Reality. Glossary of Hebrew Terms and Acronyms. Suggested Readings. A Sketch. The Chapters.