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For individuals and small families who want to cook hearty, healthful meals but don't want to deal with all the leftovers, Beth Hensperger has the solution. As always, Hensperger's innovative recipes call for fresh, healthful ingredients and continue to prove that the slow cooker can produce amazing meals. Hale and Hearty MainDish Soups. The Great American Chili Pot. Grains Pasta Casseroles and Sauces. Chicken and Turkey. Beef and Veal. Quick Accompaniments to SlowCooked Meals.

Measurement Equivalents. The Big Book of Paleo Slow Natalie Perry Author Good Cheap Eats Dinner in Jessica Fisher Author Active Birth Janet Balaskas Author Baker's Field Guide to Crazy for Casseroles James Villas Author Linda Ziedrich Author Party Snacks!

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Rathbun Author Salty Sweets Christie Matheson Author Paleo Planet Becky Winkler Author The Gluten-Free Bread Machine All-American Desserts Judith M. Fertig Author Eggplant parm! Oh, those sweet friends still brought meals, and I ended up not cooking for 2 and a half months. I even had a big christmas banquet out of our freezer, along with a honey-baked ham, hosting extended family.

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I need to do some freezer meal days again soon. I like to make a large quantity, so that my older kids can heat them up when they get hungry after school instead of eating junk! I have a couple of things that I make and freeze regularly — mini banana muffins for my son and breakfast burritos for me. I cook a big pot of soup every Sunday so that I always have a backup. I also have pot pies, pie dough and portioned meats in the freezer. Batch cooking saved us this week as I slipped a disk and ended up in the hospital for 2 days and then on the sofa for another 2.

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Close friends also raided their stashes to help feed my gang! I definitely have a lot of chicken stock in my freezer, as well as chili and frozen berries from the farm this summer. I like to have muffins, cornbread and zucchini or banana bread in my freezer for breakfasts, snacks or chili companions. Soup, soup and more soup!

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I also made a pizza dough last month that froze beautifully. I need more ideas though! By the way Aimee, I enjoy your blog that its my go to everyday. I like pre-baking pizza crusts. This makes it super easy to throw together a fresh pizza. Ilove to keep. Cookie dough in the freezer, already portioned into cookies. On a good day, you just toss them into the oven for a few minutes longer than the recipe. On a bad day, pop two or three into the toaster oven and the day gets better fast.

I either freeze the extras or prepare components and freeze for quick use. My current favorite is the 48 4oz jars of pesto in thr freezer. So exciting to pull out with anything…eggs, pizza, pasta, soup.

On batch cooking, plus a make-ahead & freeze cookbook giveaway

I cook for just 3 people, me, my daughter and my mother. Any casserole I make can be divided into 2 pans and one goes to the freezer, like Lasagna. Morning english muffin, cheese, egg sandwich — pop it in the microwave and you are good to go! Our family favorite freeze-ahead meal is homemade spaghetti meat sauce and homemade waffles. My hubby makes the best Lasagna, we make several at a time so we can freeze it for those days we are to busy to cook.

We also make up batches of wontons stuffed with several different recipes for quick appetizers. My favorite is freezing meatballs so we can have spaghetti or subs in the future. It freezes really well and I only need to add some diced bell pepper and dry cranberries when re-heating it. Super simple. Super yummy. So, after grilling we cut it into smaller segments we then freeze for later thawing, reheating and carving. Fresh-off-the-grill taste when the grill is under a foot of snow.

Recently I made and froze pumpkin spice muffins, butternut squash-kale minestrone and chicken stock well really it was turkey from the thanksgiving!

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But those are my usual batch recipes: muffins and baked goods, soups, broths and stocks. I recently made a gigantic batch of chili and froze half of it! We ended up breaking into the frozen bags quicker than I expected but it was so great to just pull a homemade meal out of the freezer, pop it in the microwave and be ready to go!

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  5. Thanks for the awesome giveaway, that book looks awesome! One of my favourite things to make ahead of time and in huge batches is cabbage rolls! I make 2 to 3 pans. Your oatmeal muffins are delicious but require planning ahead. I make double batches and flash freeze the extra in the muffin tins. Then when I want muffins I grab as many as needed and just drop them in the tin and bake from frozen! Making and freezing large batches of zucchini casserole or zucchini parm is a great way to preserve the crop from the garden.

    It works doubly well if I use tomatoes and basil from the garden, too! Cranberry Orange Angel Biscuits are wonderful to have in the fridge, and my Neiman Marcus cookie dough balls are nice, too. But the cookie dough balls might get consumed raw…straight from the freezer occasionally. Some things get better with freezing! I enjoy freezing chili and lasagna. When I get a chance I also make breakfast burritos for the family and wrap them individually so they can be microwaved quickly. I will also make a large fresh batch of salsa and split it up.

    Some in freezer jars and some in the refrigerator. It goes well with the burritos and we get the exact flavor and heat that we want. The challenge is fun!

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    I like to freeze quick breads for Sunday breakfasts.