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Flow traders logic test

The F70 has also been selected for an advanced jet trainer program in the region as well. In each country, MSTI sets up either a customer logistical support or distributorship agreement with a local company. These agreements provide a value-added service to the end user as well, with local support for repairs and a lower cost of products and services often sourced through the local companies.

With increasing requirements worldwide to manufacture products in a particular country, we are establishing this network to meet those requirements and remain competitive.

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In addition, we have set up two regional providers to source steel and ballistic rubber products. For virtual systems, the primary role of these companies is initial installation support and often includes follow-on contracts for system operation and maintenance, depending on customer requirements. When our partners provide the operations and maintenance, we see significant value to the end user by having knowledgeable and responsible personnel to operate and maintain the systems. To meet the demanding, unique regional environment, Barco delivers projectors with a sealed optical engine.

On top of this we offer the Barco essential care program where regular maintenance and cleaning is included as part of the service package.

Reconfigurable distributed control based upon smart peripheral elements

CAE is quickly expanding its simulation and training footprint across the region. Representative warfare missions to be addressed in NTC courses include anti-air warfare, anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare and electronic warfare. Contract options for future phases include distributed training center sites as well as networking with ships alongside and at sea. Uzbekistan have had a thalesgroup flight simulator for Ecureuil helicopters installed at Karshi Air Force Base.

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