Guide Security and Sovereignty in the North Atlantic

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Center for Strategic & International Studies

Four of them are members of NATO, and security arrangements and agreements between these states do not exclude the Arctic region. While NATO is not likely to be a primary forum for addressing Arctic security issues, it is already a part of Arctic security governance. In this regard, it will be important for both NATO and Russia to ensure a constructive relationship between themselves and with other actors and work on confidence-building measures in the security area.

Russian energy producers are therefore seeking to reorient some of their activities towards Chinese markets.

Šekerinska: NATO membership ensures our country’s sovereignty and prosperity

Russia sees China as a potential investor in the infrastructure along the NSR, since it is unlikely to be able to generate the necessary levels of investment internally. In turn, China has expressed significant interest in the transit potential of the NSR as a means to deliver Arctic resources to Chinese industry and to ship finished goods to major markets in Europe and North America.

At the same time, while there have been important initial steps in the bilateral relationship, Russia remains cautious about the prospects of granting China access to the Russian Arctic, reflecting the growing asymmetry in their relations and influence. In this regard, the emerging interdependence of Russian and Chinese energy and transport interests could become a key driver for developing the Russian Arctic if this relationship can be effectively managed.

It submits to the Council the assessments and analyses it deems to be useful, as well as military options and plans as requested. Traditionally a former chief of defence staff of one of the Allies, he is elected by the Allied chiefs of staff for a three-year term. The Military Committee is supported by the International Military Staff about people in the preparation of situation assessments as well as studies and analyses of any document which is to be discussed there.

A precondition for realizing the many potentials of the Arctic region is a continued stable political development in the Arctic. As argued in the Kingdom of Denmark Strategy for the Arctic , the challenges must be handled on the basis of international legal principles, in order to secure a peaceful, safe and cooperative Arctic. Following this, the security policy approach of the kingdom to the Arctic is based on an overall aim of preventing conflicts and avoiding a militarization of the Arctic, which is why the Defence is engaged in solid international cooperation with various Arctic nations.

Even though the Arctic is a region characterized by peace and cooperation, there will still be a need for the enforcement of Danish sovereignty, not least in the light of the above increased activity in the entire region. In a number of areas, the development in the Arctic will make altered and increased demands on the task solution of the Ministry of Defence. Consequently, the Ministry of Defence has completed a comprehensive analysis of the future task solution in the Arctic of the organisation of the Ministry of Defence.

The analysis recommends that the following main areas should be strengthened: Surveillance Command, control and Communications Operational units The analysis comprises all agencies in the organisation of the Ministry of Defence, and it is carried into effect in cooperation with the Greenland and Faroese authorities. The analysis is available in Danish here with an executive summary in English page 15 This article in Danish.

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