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Frontiers of Computer Science in China 5 :1, International Conference on Information Science and Technology , Open Computer Science 1 Structural Analysis of Complex Networks, A Distance for Partially Labeled Trees. Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, Forest Alignment with Affine Gaps and Anchors.

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    A diagnostic tool for tree based supervised classification learning algorithms.

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    Proceedings Cat. Patch on Web objects.

    6. Speeding Up Bipartite Graph Edit Distance

    International Conference on Communication Technology Proceedings, ICCT Distributed Web caching with incremental update. The 8th International Conference on Communication Systems, ICCS Multiple RNA structure alignment. CSB A novel similarity measure for de-pendency trees.

    Differencing Data Streams. Local similarity in RNA secondary structures. Computational Systems Bioinformatics. CSB , Computing similarity between RNA secondary structures.

    dblp: Kaspar Riesen

    Using tree-grammars for training set expansion in page classi. Specifying updates in biomedical databases. X-Diff: an effective change detection algorithm for XML documents. Pattern matching in unordered trees. A VLSI architecture for computing the tree-to-tree distance. Causality of hierarchical variable length representations.

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