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My husband and I run the business together and all our employees know our kids, as we do theirs, which is at the heart of what being a family business is all about. Are you a Founding Mother of a social-impact company or social enterprise? Join our private community for meaningful conversation and connection.

Model Risk-taking Behavior

For our daughters, it will be different. There is a book I read to my girls at bedtime called Goodnight Stories for Rebellious Girls , that gives them great positive role models.

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Caroline: All Good is really coming into its own right now. Caroline Duell has been making herbal medicines since , and developed the formula for All Good Goop in In she established her company, All Good. When not entrenched in company growth, Caroline loves to play on granite rocks, single-track trails, windblown waves and untracked snowfields, all with an eye for new adventures.

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. By Polina Pinchevsky. What are your thoughts on being called a Founding Mother?

Smart Risk Taking for Small Businesses: Top 5 Tips

As CEOs of mission-driven businesses, we are working towards more than just earning a profit. How does your passion for a fair world impact your experience as a parent? Starting and running a business is all about risk-taking.

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Has your risk tolerance been impacted by becoming a parent? She also knows how to speak Russian and make delicious sauerkraut!


Polina enjoys knitting despite her fear of pointy objects and loves nothing better than curling up with a good book and a cup of tea. On-Demand Event. The concept of a virtual CFO is changing the way businesses tap into financial leadership.

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Discover how cloud computing and remote work are creating new options for the next generation of C-suite finance. September 12, - 12 p. Strong communication skills are critical for financial leaders. In this virtual classroom, you will learn how to create and deliver effective presentations that resonate with stakeholders and drive decision making. A proven methodology will help you to plan your capacity and sustain it throughout the year. In this special six-part podcast series, we explore a wide range of topics that focus on leadership and performance management.

CEO of All Good Brand on Taking Smart Risks to Build a Good Brand

This free webinar provides practical coaching tools that you can use right away to enhance your managerial and team experience at work. Virtual teams can manage their work and personal lives more flexibly, and they have the opportunity to interact with colleagues around the world. Learn how your company can use the best global talent while significantly reducing expenses.

Based on over 10 years of research, the session offers a host of new ideas and practical advice. Being able to narrow a presentation down to the essentials, structure it properly and then present it in a way that is most relevant to your audience is absolutely critical to your professional success.

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