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I do not doubt that my contemporaries will be good-natured enough to do this.

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Far from doubting their good nature, I rather fear it, fear that they will again regard me as an author, attribute to me an enormous capacity for work and collaboration in the service of the age. But this I cannot allow, for the sake of my own moral improvement I cannot tolerate it, and therefore I beg the good people who show an interest in me never to regard me as the author of anything that does not bear my name. But it is not only for my own sake and with my own moral improvement in mind that I openly and candidly admit and acknowledge my unworthiness of the honor intended for me; it is just as much for the sake of those to whom it is rightly due, even if their modesty bids them conceal their names.

We live in a remarkable age. The prospect of an extraordinary yield of imperishable results is so positive that this age will be unforgettable to the coming ages, which will owe everything to it. How very plausible, then, that a grateful posterity will remember all the heroes who fought for the good cause.

If, then, I did not hasten to explain, to my own derision, that I had no part in it, how very plausible that I, altogether undeservedly, would become immortal instead of these men of distinction whose lives have made them worthy of it. Precisely because the age is so remarkable, silence on my part is all the more unforgivable.

Here it is a question not only of the brief honor and glory that can fall to heroes in their lifetime but also of the immortal honor that will endure until the end of the world. Yes, the age is truly remarkable. It is worth the trouble to heed the earnest, profound, significant signs, to heed the great forces stirring in literature everywhere in so many ways, to watch for the hints that everywhere point to the fullness of time.

It is the system toward which the age is directing its efforts. Nielsen already has published twenty-one logical that constitute the first part of a logic that in turn constitutes the first part of an all-encompassing encyclopedia, as intimated on the jacket, although its size is not more explicitly given, presumably not to intimidate, since people certainly will venture to conclude that it will be extremely large. An encyclopedia! I happen to have in my possession Diderot's and d'Alembert's Encyclopedia —as yet incomplete—I have only twenty-eight folio volumes.

It has often been encouraging to me to think that Professor R.

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Nielsen is writing such a book. He already has written twenty-one and several years ago published a subscription prospectus for a systematic ethics that will amount to at least twenty-four printed sheets when it is finished. At least that was the word at one time, but since it is still not completed, it may turn out to be forty-eight sheets—when it is finished. Who has forgotten how much Bastholm has lying in his high desk? Who failed to notice that Dr. Beck has abolished religion in order to make room for the system? Yes, our age is remarkable, is profoundly stirred; it seems as if the system were already here.

When I read some time ago that a young scholar had sent a sealed package to a scientific society to be placed in its archives, I thought: it is the system. Who knows, maybe it is the system; maybe we already have the system in a sealed package. Everything indicates that the decisive moment is approaching. There are a yeastiness and ferment that cannot possibly fizzle out.

There is a vigorous party spirit astir everywhere.

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This, of course, must not be interpreted to mean that we have only one party that is vigorous, for that, after all, would not be a vigorous party spirit but a vigorous spirit within the party. No, there is a vigorous party spirit in a variety of parties. In politics we have every conceivable and inconceivable worthiness. We have Kantians, Schleiermacherians, and Hegelians; these in turn are divided into two large parties: the one party comprises those who have not worked their way into Hegel but nevertheless are Hegelians; the other comprises those who have gone beyond Hegel but nevertheless are Hegelians.

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The third party, the genuine Hegelians, is very small. We have five anti-infant Baptists, seven Baptists, nine Anabaptists. Among the Baptists there are three who think the adults should be baptized in salt water, two who think they ought to be baptized in fresh water, and one who mediates between the two factions and insists on brackish water.

We have two Straussians. We have a tailor on Utterslev Heath who has formed a new sect consisting of himself and two tailor apprentices. Party spirit is stirring everywhere. Soon there will be insufficient manpower to have one person for each party. Filtered By:. Grid List. Order By: Top Matches. In stock online Not available in stores.

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Presented here in a new translation, with a historical introduction by the translators, Fear and Trembling and Repetition are the most poetic and personal of Soren Kierkegaard's pseudonymous writings. Published in and written under the names Johannes de…. This volume contains a new translation, with a historical introduction by the translators, of two works written under the pseudonym Johannes Climacus.

Through Climacus, Kierkegaard contrasts the paradoxes of Christianity with Greek and modern philosophical…. This is the most comprehensive anthology of Soren Kierkegaard's works ever assembled in English.

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Drawn from the volumes of Princeton's authoritative Kierkegaard's Writings series by editors Howard and Edna Hong, the selections represent every major aspect of…. Out of stock online Available in stores. Soren Kierkegaard, the nineteenth-century Danish philosopher rediscovered in the twentieth century, is a major influence in contemporary philosophy, religion, and literature. In stock online Available in stores. Kierkegaard, a poet of ideals and practitioner of the indirect method, also had a direct and polemical side.

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He revealed this in several writings throughout his career, culminating in The Moment , his attack against the established ecclesiastical order. Kierkegaard's Thought by Gregor Malantschuk.

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Kierkegaard's pseudonymous authorship has baffled readers, his apparent capriciousness making it difficult to determine his position at a given point and to understand his work as an organic whole. Literary Quicksilver Pages Supplement Key to References Pages Editorial Appendix Acknowledgments Pages Notes Pages Bibliographical Note Pages Index Pages Advisory Board Pages General note: By using the comment function on degruyter. A respectful treatment of one another is important to us. Therefore we would like to draw your attention to our House Rules.

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