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Syriac translators as the medium for transmission of Greek ideas to Sasanian Iran. Submitted tags will be reviewed by site administrator before it is posted online. If you enter several tags, separate with commas. Topic select a topic This entry is divided into three sub-articles: i. Iranian loanwords in Syriac. Lists: theophila 2 Score: 3. Lists: shikari 4 Score: 2.

SYRIAC LANGUAGE – Encyclopaedia Iranica

Lists: shikari 5 Score: 2. Lists: shikari 6 Score: 2. Explanations: shikari 6 : Useful grammar with a small but helpful vocab. Lists: shikari 7 Score: 2. Lists: theophila 8 Score: 2. Lists: Garzo 9 Score: 2.

Syriac alphabet - Wikipedia audio article

Lists: theophila 9 Score: 2. Lists: Garzo 12 Score: 2. Lists: Garzo 13 Score: 2. Lists: Garzo 15 Score: 2. Lists: Garzo 7 Thumbs down: theophila Score: 0. Sort: Score Title Author Date. A Compendious Syriac Dictionary by J.

M. Rubens Duval

Payne Smith members, 2 reviews 4. Thackston 75 members, 1 review 3. Brock 4 members, 0 reviews. Robinson members, 0 reviews 3. Weitzman 14 members, 0 reviews 5 stars. The Typography of Syriac by J. Coakley 4 members, 0 reviews.

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  3. Beyond Race and Gender: Unleashing the Power of Your Total Workforce by Managing Diversity: Unleashing the Power of Your Total Work Force by Managing Diversity.
  4. A Syriac Lexicon by Michael Sokoloff 18 members, 0 reviews. Lists: shikari 1 Score: 4 Explanations: shikari 1 : A new translation and reworking of Brockelmann's Syriac-Latin dictionary by Michael Sokoloff, author of dictionaries of several orher Aramaic dialects particularly the dialects of the two Talmuds.

    Syriac Thesaurus: Thesaurus Syriacus by R.

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