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Marie and two orders of Grey Sisters who have operated the hospital through its one-hundred-year history. The result is an intimate and detailed portrait of a community hospital, placed in the context of an emerging provincial system of health care. Elizabeth Iles has degrees in history from Queen's University and library science from the University of Toronto and has worked extensively with the archives of the Sault Ste. Marie Museum. Ask the Grey Sisters Sault Ste. I cannot wait for the third instalment.

Rating: 5 stars. An easy rating as this sorted most of the flaws from the first book and lost none of the stuff that made the story so enjoyable: Audio Note: I've got used to Helen Duff and felt she did fine with this one.

Grey Sister (Book of the Ancestor, #2) by Mark Lawrence

The world enchanted me, the characters amazed me, and the plot entertained me quite a lot. And maybe the ending? I was able to figure out stuff along the road, though. More authors should do that. In this book Nona is around 15 in mystic class. As much as that might make the book look like it was full action. It was slow and bored me a bit at first. While some events intrigued me, like what would be the grey sister trial and if Nona is going to pass, and when things got into motion for the finale of this book view spoiler [the arrival of the inquisition hide spoiler ] , others made me to stop reading altogether.

We discover a lot about her past and the politics of this world. The most memorable character in this book for me was Zole. Unlike Nona who is always angry at the world, Zole is focused and always keeps her cool. I wish we saw more of her. Such great characters! Looking forward to learning more about them. The second main problem I had with this book was how much it resembled Red Sister. Nona, the totally awesome most badass kid ever, stayed the same.

She sounded the same. No character development. Grey sister ignored one of the things I liked about it the most in the first book: friendship. Her relationship with Ara and the others was barely explored. Same old same old. We saw so little of them.

Briefly, this book was entertaining but if you are expecting something better than its prequel, you better lower your expectations from now. Not many teen-ish high fantasy worth reading out there. Nona is so dark but also kind and cares about her friends. View all 9 comments. Mar 22, Steven rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , read-in , netgalley-or-publisher. Thanks to Netgalley and Berkley for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review!

Mark Lawrence, you've done it again. I raved about Red Sister ps, thanks for sharing my blog post on your Facebook page! I got a bunch of views! So I said in my Red Sister review that Lawrence created a pretty easy to understand world still true , a cast of characters with personality, depth, and vitality he kicked that up another notch!

This one, unlike the first, doesn't involve being safe inside the walls of the convent. All in all, to those who ask if this is "better than the first," I'll have to reply it's equal. I can't compare the two because it's so different, it so completely demolishes the world of the first book and deeply affects Nona to her very core. That ending though? Mark, you're killing me here. Write faster. Then, since school was bogging down my pleasure-reading time, I used an Audible credit to buy the audiobook once it became available. This was a great idea, because I was able to really devote some good listening time to one of my most looked-forward-to books of the year.

Ever since loving Red Sister so much, I've been itching to get back into Nona's world. Without spoiling anything, I will say that I found the early part very engaging, with some significant early surprises. It slowed down a bit through the middle, but then those last several chapters had me at the edge of my So now the next book is one of my most looked-forward-to books of next year. Apr 07, Will. Gwynne rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , reviewed , fantasy.

Wow, I loved this book. I thought it would be nigh impossible to equal or surpass the enjoyment I received from Red Sister, I was wrong, very wrong. Grey Sister continues all the great aspects of the former book with an intriguing plot, diverse characters and a vivid world, then added a lot more consisting of larger conflicts and countless more twists. The prose was once again wonderful from Mark Lawrence with a poetic edge that guided me from page to page which had me marvelling at how long I had Wow, I loved this book.

The prose was once again wonderful from Mark Lawrence with a poetic edge that guided me from page to page which had me marvelling at how long I had been reading with absolute concentration on the story. The plot developed at an appropriate rate with tension consistently rising throughout and then hitting a peak which was well worth the wait as grand events coincided and the consequences of actions rose dramatically. The twists that were revealed completely shocked me and directed the book into an unguessable future which made the experience even more exciting.

The characters were once again amazing with their variety of personalities which allowed me to despise and love them and to feel their successes and failures. There were a few heart wrenching moments which truly reveal how the characters have come to matter to me. The ending was fabulous as it produced even more adversaries for the protagonists to face in the last instalment in which I hope they deliver a large dose of deserved vengeance.

Grey Sister is a definite five star rating just as its predecessor was and I am going to dive straight into the finale of the series, Holy Sister, which I am incredibly pleased to say has just been released, meaning I will not have to spend an agonising period of time waiting. I am confident that it will be a brilliant ending overflowing with memorable moments which will bring the story to an impressive close.

Re-read in , and changing my rating from four to five stars. I got a review copy from NetGalley in return for an honest review, but I have since bought the book.

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Just like in Red Sister his writing is beautiful, almost p Re-read in , and changing my rating from four to five stars. Just like in Red Sister his writing is beautiful, almost poetic. Every word is chosen meticulously. The story continues to be dark, but it's also beautiful and filled with themes of friendship and loyalty and how to battle and overcome your inner demons. Grey Sister starts roughly two years after the final chapters of Red Sister. Nona is a terrific character, well developed, hot-headed, filled with energy and wit.

She's damaged, but fiery and passionate, and she fights for what she believes in. She's often unpredictable, but intelligent and one of my favourite fantasy protagonists despite her young age. Red Sister mainly focused on Nona, here we also get to see the story from the point of view of Abbess Glass, who is the leader of the convent, and through the point of view of Sister Kettle.

Throughout the book, the side characters feel more fleshed out than they were in Red Sister. The world is complex and intriguing and Mark Lawrence expands the story behind it quite a bit. It's a dying world, ice is closing in on the people living there, from all sides and there's not much more than a corridor left.

There's a lot of political intrigue in this, something I always enjoy in fantasy books. This might turn into my favourite fantasy series if the third book delivers. I highly recommend Red and Grey Sister to all fantasy fans. View all 3 comments. This is the second book in the series, and I was very keen to get my hands on it after having read the first one This once again follows the life of Nona Grey, the main protagonist from book 1.

We pick up her story about 2 years after the ending of book one and we see her still as part of the deadly Nunnery and we follow her training and the way she has changed since events of book 1. She now has This is the second book in the series, and I was very keen to get my hands on it after having read the first one She now has deep black eyes, and a new presence haunting her, and she's also still trying to prove herself and discover which of the paths she is destined to follow.

I personally have to say I like Abbess Glass and Kettle a lot, they are both very much powerful, fierce, and wholly impressive characters. I love the way that they can command situations particularly Glass to their own schemes, and I think they have a distinctly loving side to them too which makes them feel human and real. The magic of this world and the complexity is once more expanded upon in this volume where we see fights and conflict breaking out both within the Sister's ranks and outside of the Monastery.

We also have a lot more political manoeuvring which is happening in the background, and seeing all of this come together in a fast-moving and fun plot was great. I really enjoyed the direction that Lawrence decided to take the story, I love the characters and the fact that so many of them are young women who stand alone without needing men or lovers to support them.

We see each of them battle with bigger problems in a world bracing for war, and I think their stance is a lot more realistic than some of the love-struck heroines we are used to seeing. Overall, a solidly good continuation and a world I am keen to return to. I look forward to seeing what will come next in this series, and whatever it is I am sure I will enjoy it. View 1 comment.

Mar 30, Sherwood Smith added it Shelves: fantasy. There are undertones of the same premise in this book, except that the characters are aware that their ancestors arrived in ships, and furthermore, the magic is real. Red Sister introduced us to this icy, dying world, largely through the eyes of little Nona. In this second installment, Nona is no longer a child, her awareness broadening, and the narrative voice encompasses that by including more points of view, including middle-aged Abbess Glass, who has managed to hold a position of power through subtlety and long vision.

In the first half we see the girls training, as Nona has moved up a class. The stakes are higher for her, especially as she is driven to get revenge or justice? Prominent among these stakes is a mean girl, who is smart, talented, and cruel. Trust is poison Just before the halfway point the book swerves abruptly, and we add another POV, one of the nuns who is lethally trained and dedicated. The pacing accelerates to a pulse pounding climax, but along the way we see into hearts and minds, with all the obstacles humans impose on themselves, in addition to the accelerating threats.

Trust, truth, friendship—all three, so important, but so difficult to categorize, especially when each can be used as a weapon. And yet Nona, angry, vengeful, violent, struggles for a moral center, a struggle shared by her elders as it seems the world is about to end. The brilliance of these books for me is how Lawrence manages to weave the inner struggle with the outer threats, writing with vivid, graceful prose as he jacks the tension to light speed, and yet still manages to afford glimpses of the numinous.

Her talents make her perfect for the next stage of her studies, Mystic Class, in which she and her fellow classmates will learn to unlock the secrets of the universe. Nona, however, has made as many enemies as friends over the years at Sweet Mercy—powerful ones who will not be content until she is completely destroyed. She has already been targeted for death several times, and worse, she has also earned the ire of Joeli Namsis, whose family has close ties with the nobleman who seeks revenge on Nona for what she did to his son.

Their presence is an invasion, their watchful gazes permeating every nook and cranny of the convent. The situation quickly devolves, until it is no longer safe for Nona to remain at Sweet Mercy. Many changes and story developments are brought about in this installment, while the story also expands upon our knowledge of Abeth. Not only have our characters matured, the world-building has also become to feel a lot more robust and fleshed out—which is really saying something, since this aspect was already top-notch in book one.

I continue to be fascinated by the supernatural aspects of this world of shiphearts, demons, and magic. Then, there are the characters. We are shown just how much her character has evolved, with each victory and tragedy having etched their mark upon her soul. Some of her teachers think she needs to learn humility, but in truth, Nona is her own worst critic.

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Here, I just want to say how much I loved, loved, loved Abbess Glass. I already had a soft spot for her character in Red Sister, but this sequel quickly rocketed her up to my all-time favorites. Glass is hard, principled, and wise, but neither does she fall into the archetype of the strict and stuffy old matron. In my head, I picture this badass old lady, and everything I read here only confirmed my image of her. Her chapters were wonderful to read, and every time they gave about, I gave a little inward cheer.

As well, I welcomed the return of amazing characters like Zole and Ara, and of course Sister Kettle, who also gets her chance to really shine in this sequel. And finally, like any good sequel, Grey Sister carries the story forward.

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While there were a few lows to go with the highs, the plot was fast-paced for the most part, grabbing my attention from the get-go and not releasing it until it was over. Mark Lawrence has written another brilliant novel, as rich and complex as ever. View 2 comments. Jan 27, The Nerd Book Review rated it it was amazing. His writing style is so elegant and descriptive without adding unnecessary words that take me out of that movie in my mind. Throughout his first six novels, set in the broken earth of the BE and TRQW series, you could see Lawrence honing his skills and every novel was better than the last.

I think with Red, and now Grey Sister, Lawrence is at the top of his game and he has created an amazing grimdark world with a young and deadly PoV character whose earnestness makes her one of my favorite protagonists in any series. Grey Sister starts off more slowly than Red Sister and does a surprising amount of world building for a second novel. Nona and her friends are in the convent for the first third of the novel.

The two older women show their particular skills throughout the book and I especially enjoyed the machinations that Abbess Glass has set in motion long before. I love and hate the prologue mostly because I want it to be so much longer but I hope that if Lawrence follows the trilogy format he has twice before we finally get to follow that scene to its conclusion.

Silent Sisters

With my imagining a novel I can often struggle to follow battle scenes but the way that Lawrence writes fight scenes I am able to follow and imagine the fight scenes very easily and I imagine the conclusion of this one will be epic! If you enjoyed Red Sister you should enjoy Grey Sister as well. The novel does start off more slowly than book one but once the action begins it is every bit as fun as Red Sister.

It has it all: character development, worldbuilding, action, twists upon twists; I only slept 4 hours a night in the last couple of days but was totally worth it.

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Nona is still that little devil, her powers gradually increased, on par with her rage. Abbess Glass plays an important part in t "[…] I must warn you, sister, that a sickness runs in me, and if you fashion yourself my enemy I will make a ruin of your life, for I am born of war. Abbess Glass plays an important part in this volume; actually, the story is folded around the two of them, chapters interwoven. Also, besides the mischiefs and fighting among the girls, there is also an important lesson about friendship and loyalty: Those novices are my friends and I would die for them.

What more can I say? Apr 16, Esme rated it it was amazing. Whew, that took a while. I think it was a mistake to try and listen to this rather than read it. There's a lot going on in the book and I've been busy this week. I think I'll need to do a skim over to properly review this. I didn't take any notes while listening Really liked it though :D. Jun 06, David Zampa rated it really liked it Shelves: dark-so-dark , action-romp , dystopian , epic , weird.

This book is like Harry Potter on Red Bull and cocaine chased with a bubble shot of gasoline. Its world is so damned creative in a grim, life-sucks-and-then-you-die sort of way. Taken in context with the third book, this novel is a necessary but fairly inconsequential stepping stone in the story. The framework is there for most anything to happen in the strange, equally creative quantum-technology-inspired magic system Lawrence has crafted into the books.

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  • It was all fairly consistent in quality with the first book. If you liked Red Sister you'll love Grey Sister as much if not more. Now there's just even more nun-ninja baddassery. I did love that Abbess Glass got her own point of view in this one. If Red Sister had one weakness to me it was that it stuck so true to Nona's sole POV that it had to "tell" us several important things the other characters did, rather than show.

    This book corrects that issue. There were several things I loved, though. Devils in general were explored much deeper in this book, as well as their connection to the shiphearts, which I found fascinating.

    Nona finally gets her showdown with Yisht, and Claire makes a fresh appearance, too. Claire is turning out to be a wonderfully complex antivillain, and once again her thread resolves in a fascinating way that leaves the reader more than ready to learn what comes of her in the final book. In that regard, Grey Sister does punt a lot of the burden of resolution onto the final installment. This moment let me down a bit because it was so deliciously well earned, it would have been really satisfying to see Glass reap a benefit from it. But maybe I'm just a big softy. May 03, J.

    Ashman rated it it was amazing. At least to me, anyway. A strip of narrow land surrounded by huge understatement polar caps, anyone? It feels like a real setting, a real world and a real population. Big tick from me. More ticks for action, for there are plenty of intense scenes. You guess at what will happen, a bit like a thriller, and cheer at the revelations and coming together of story threads. I did, at least Read my full review here. May 14, Mei rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy. This second book is all action! I kid you not — I was turning pages like crazy!!! Nona is skidding from one terrible situation on another without pause!

    As soon as one thing got solved another, worse, came up! I fully enjoyed this and looking forward to the next!!! Readers also enjoyed. About Mark Lawrence.

    Ask the Grey Sisters

    Mark Lawrence. Mark Lawrence is married with four children, one of whom is severely disabled. His day job is as a research scientist focused on various rather intractable problems in the field of artificial intelligence. He has held secret level clearance with both US and UK governments. At one point he was qualified to say 'this isn't rocket science Between work and caring for his disabled child, Mark spends his time writing, playing computer games, tending an allotment, brewing beer, and avoiding DIY.

    Other books in the series. Book of the Ancestor 3 books. Books by Mark Lawrence. Trivia About Grey Sister Book No trivia or quizzes yet.