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When we cook food, a myriad of different physical and chemical processes simultaneously take place to transform the ingredients i.

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Carbohydrates are an interesting case study. Add a little more heat and caramelisation takes over, while too much heat for too long leads to burnt flavours. Starch is another carbohydrate well known for its ability to create gels, such as in a panna cotta.

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Upon heating, powdered starch combines with water and a completely different texture is created. Everything is made of chemicals. This article is part of the Kitchen Science series, exploring the amazing physics and chemistry going on in our kitchens every day.

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Chemicals or a spice rack? Or both?

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Chris Thompson , Monash University. The macronutrient chemicals Proteins, lipids such as fats and carbohydrates are known as the macronutrients. Acids and bases Acid sounds bad. But there are many acids sitting benignly in our pantries and fridges. Watch as Coke eats away at surface rust. Toxic chemicals in the kitchen Obviously, there are also toxic chemicals lurking in our kitchen cupboards.

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Cooking is chemistry Cooking itself is really just chemistry. Massey, Jr. Mattick, W. Robinson, R. Splittstoesser, E.

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Stotz, W. Van Buren. In addition, the author wishes to express his appreciation to Dr.

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Hultin and Dr. Knapp for their reviews of the entire original manuscript and for their helpful comments. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Popular Science. Free Preview. Buy eBook. Buy Softcover. Strategies in food quality assurance: Analytical, industrial and legal aspects.

Rapid analysis in food processing and food control.

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Agriculture, food chemistry, and the consumer. Strategies for food quality control and analytical methods in Europe. Progress in food fermentation. Current status and future trends in analytical food chemistry. Authenticity and adulteration of food — The analytical approach.

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Functional foods — A new challenge for the food chemist. Biologically-active phytochemicals in food: Analysis, metabolism, bioavailability, and function. Strategies for safe food: Analytical, industrial, and label aspects: Challenges in organisation and communication.