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Distilled from a cereal mash bill comprised of any grain s , must age at least briefly in oak for an unspecified amount of time. Tasting Notes "What people tend to forget with this sort of product is that it's essentially vodka made with whiskey grains.

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Making Pure Corn Whiskey A Professional Guide For Amateur And Micro Distillers

I'm tasting this. Add to Top Shelf. Add to Collection. Add to Wishlist. Add to New List. Print Shelf Talker. Describes the procedures requied to operate the still and its ancillary equipment such as:. Systematic methods of transferring the mash and the low-wines to the still. Fractional-distillation method of making whiskey:. Making whiskey, and other flavour-positive spirits using a fractionating still.

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  • A systematic process of identifying transition points i. Two tables showing the outputs of actual distillation runs, logging the exact flow-rates and quantities of each phast, affording the novice distiller patterns that can easily be duplicated. Describes a pot-still mode of operation of a fractionating still. Explains how to distill whiskey using an actual pot still. Summary of Procedures. A high-level overview of all the steps to produce a batch of corn whiskey. Pure-Ethanol Distillation. Gives detailed procedures on how to make pure ethanol with a fractionating still.

    This can bedone to rectify excess feints or experimental batches of whiskey and other spirits, or it can be done expressly to make pure ethanol from neutral substrates such a straight sugar and water fermented with turbo yeast.

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    Other Whiskey-Mash Recipes. Whiskey recipes using other methods and other ingredients:. Peat-smoked malt recipes, and malt-extract recipes. Traditional Sour-Mash Whiskey.

    New York Distillery Sizzle

    Gives a detailed treatment of the principles and procedures of this ingenious, timeless, and traditional method of making whiskey. This method is so simple and unscientific yet it produces excellent whiskey even when compared to the most modern and scientific methods of making whiskey as detailed in the earlier chapters of this book.

    Learn how remarkably high efficiencies were achieved centuries ago by employing the simple processes of mashing back and using backset. Learn how to set up a continuously sustainable sour-mash cycle. Gives detailed instructions on how to make:. Learn how to build a wooden kiln for making larger quantities of malt at home.

    Other Mashing Methods. Methods of mashing different forms of corn e. Methods of mashing other grains e.

    Distillery Designs and Processes:

    Temperature-Correction Table for Hydrometers. A table for determining temperature corrections to Specific Gravity SG readings on a regular wine or beer making hydrometer. Temperature-Correction Table for Proof Hydrometers. A table for determining temperature corrections to percent alcohol-by-volume abv readings on a proof hydrometer. A log sheet that can be photocopied so the distiller can record the phases, flow rates, and quantities output for each run.

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    The equipment detailed in this book, illustrated with diagrams and photographs, assumes the reader will be starting from scratch, with no equipment already available. The complete system; mash pot; fermenters; beer stripper optional ; high-separation fractionating still; and ancillary equipment; are all described with complete lists of components, where to eadily andcheaply buy them, and thorough step-by-step instructions for assembly, which can beaccomplished by the average handyman capable of: cutting copper pipes; soldering; and using wrenches and screwdrivers.

    The still made in this book has been meticulously engineered to emulate commercial and scientific distillation apparatuses offering very high efficiency, safety, and precise control over separation level and flow rate.

    Making Pure Corn Whiskey By Ian Smiley BSc

    Also, a certain amount of automation using electrical timers, water solenoids, and thermostors is discussed. Environmentals: The equipment fits very well in almost any basement. It requires:. An added bonus to building a high-separation fractionating still of the design described in this book is that it is also eminently suited to producing pure alcohol for making vodka, gin, and essence-based spirits.

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    Scale of operation: The fractionating still, as described in the book, has a 45L 12 US gallons capacity. Feints, and their use, are explained in the book. Site by: GreyBeard Design.