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As a result he was speared to death. Germain concluded that if somebody could be so consumed by a geometric problem that it could lead to their death, then mathematics must be the most captivating subject in the world. She immediately set about teaching herself the basics of number theory and calculus, and soon she was working late into the night studying the works of Euler and Newton.

But this sudden interest in such an unfeminine subject worried her parents and they tried desperately to deter her. Libri-Carrucci claimed that the winter nights were so cold that the ink froze in the inkwell, but Sophie continued regardless. She was described by some people as shy and awkward, but undoubtedly she was also immensely determined. Eventually her parents relented and gave Sophie their blessing.

Sophie Germain

Germain never married and throughout her career her father funded her research and supported her efforts to break into the community of mathematicians. For many years this was the only encouragement she received because there were no mathematicians in the family who could introduce her to the latest ideas and her tutors refused to take her seriously. In the Ecole Polytechnique opened in Paris. It was founded as an academy of excellence to train mathematicians and scientists for the nation. This would have been an ideal place for Germain to develop her mathematical skills except for the fact that it was an institution reserved only for men.

Germain managed to obtain what was intended for Le Blanc, and each week she would submit answers to the problems under her new pseudonym. Lagrange, who was one of the finest mathematicians of the nineteenth century, requested a meeting with the reformed student and Germain was forced to reveal her true identity. Lagrange was astonished and pleased to meet the young woman and became her mentor and friend. At last Sophie Germain had a teacher who could inspire her, and with whom she could be open about her skills and ambitions.

Germain grew in confidence and she moved from solving problems in her coursework to studying unexplored areas of mathematics. She worked on the problem for several years, eventually reaching the stage where she believed she had made an important breakthrough. She needed to discuss her ideas with a fellow number theorist and decided that she would go straight to the top and consult the greatest number theorist in the world, the German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss.

Gauss is widely acknowledged as being the most brilliant mathematician who has ever lived. While E. In one letter he even displayed contempt for the problem. Gauss was entitled to his opinion, but Fermat had clearly stated that a proof existed. Historians have suspect that in the past Gauss had tried and failed to make any impact on the problem, and his response to Olbers was merely a case of intellectual sour grapes.

Germain had adopted a new approach to the problem which was far more general than previous strategies. Her immediate goal was not to prove that one particular equation had no solutions, but to say something about several equations.

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In her letter to Gauss she outlined a calculation which focused those equations in which n is equal to a particular type of prime number. Prime numbers are those numbers which have no divisors. For example, 11 is a prime number because 11 has no divisors, i.


On the other hand, 12 is not a prime number because several numbers will divide into 12, i. For values of n equal to these Germain primes, she could show that there were probably no solutions to the equation:. This put a very tight restriction on any solutions. Her colleagues examined her list of primes one by one trying to prove that x, y, or z could not be a multiple of n, therefore showing that for that particular value of n there could be no solutions. In her method claimed its first complete success thanks to Johann Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet and Adrien-Marie Legendre, two mathematicians a generation apart.

Legendre was a man in his seventies who had lived through the political turmoil of the French Revolution. On the other hand Dirichlet, was a brilliant young number theorist who had only just turned twenty. Fourteen years later the French made another breakthrough. When Germain wrote to Gauss she was still in her twenties, and although she had gained a reputation in Paris, she feared that the great man would not take her seriously because of her gender.

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