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It is important to always be a student for life. Never assume that you are the best at what you do because when you assume you are the best you stop learning, you stop engaging and you stop taking on new tools and strategies and as the world is always changing so is business. Therefore when you stop learning you start losing out! Be willing to listen. Talk less and listen more. Sometimes the best way to learn is by keeping your mouth closed. Talking about your achievements and how successful you may not be helping you grow. There is a incredibly fine line between confidence and arrogance, make sure you stay on the confident side of the line.

Arrogance can be a massive turn off for clients, business partners and potential clients. People buy people! Always come from a grounded place.

2. Get emotionally healthy.

When you stay grounded and humble you will find that people will naturally start being attracted to you. Having great energy and a great attitude will give you the personal power that you want and need to succeed. This positive energy will bring the right people to your life. Understanding other peoples wants and needs and being willing to give it to them to the best of your ability will put you in a powerful position to grow.

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When we act from an emotional space it is very easy to make the wrong decisions but when you stay grounded and level headed, living in appreciation, grace and ease, you have more logical thinking which will allow you to make better decisions which will in turn allow you to make a better life. Be willing to pay yourself first. Not only is this good for keeping a strong mind, knowing that you always have cash in the bank, but you are also conditioning yourself to take care of yourself and your business first.

Your business is your baby, make sure you always have enough food to feed it and keep it healthy. If getting that new car is it going to give you instant reward it might also leave you bust a year from now so when looking at what you spend focus on the long game. What is your long-term plan? Is buying the new car going to move you closer to or further away from your goals?

The Way to Get 'Rich' Quick Is Not What You Think

Is it going to be a good investment? Are you taking care of yourself now or are you taking care of your future plans? You are working to make someone else wealthy; you are not creating your own wealth. I have loads of family, friends and clients who have jobs. In your head is where your doubts and fears lie. Your saboteurs are there to hold you back and stop you from being happy.

Being happy is about achieving what you want in life, financially, spiritually and personally. Whatever it is you most fear in life is what you most must do. What would my life look like in a year from now? What opportunities would I be able to take? What abundance would come my way? Who would I become and what would I make of my life? I am not suggesting that you should run away from your fear, but do not let it control you.

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Courage is not the absence of fear, it is moving forward in the face of it. If you fear something it is generally due to a past conditioning, which has instilled in you a negative belief about something. Look for evidence around you that shows the contrary to what you believe, can you find proof that you are more powerful than you think? Do you have someone to push you to make what you have previously thought was impossible to become possible? Where have you shown that you can make money, or that you do have the confidence, certainty and will power to do something extraordinary?

Keep focusing on that! Focus is power and whatever you choose to focus on expands. We are always selling and as I mentioned before people buy people so be willing to get selling and make your goal to have as many conversations as you can. Learning how to sell is going to give you more certainty, confidence and the ability to create wealth in every area of your life.

If you are scared of selling go learn how to sell from the greatest salesmen. Success leaves you clues.

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Find someone who is extraordinary at selling and learn from him or her. Over time you will learn to have natural confidence in this area. You must be willing to participate in your own life and be prepared to take massive continuous action. Do not blame anyone for the quality of your life. When you do this you give your personal power away. Take responsibility for your life, relationships and finances.

As long as you are moving forward and showing up, you are doing what you need to do to create more wealth and abundance in your life. My unique coaching programs are bespoke, designed to best suit your needs, and based on what works at the highest end of the market, having worked with the best of the best. I will run a lie detector with you and remove the excuses holding you back.

That is why I am highly paid for what I do. We will find the excuses and eliminate them. If you follow the program you will get outstanding results. I work with clients who are fully committed to creating significant change. You will be challenged and supported to raise your standards and attain the results you desire and deserve. The first step is creating the change, and then we lock it in.

Then we assess where you are now and how we are going to bridge the gap to where you want to be. By becoming a client, you are entering a partnership. We are both committed to powerfully improving the quality of your personal and professional life. I teach people how to become their best so they can have more energy, confidence, freedom and success to genuinely live an extraordinary life.

I work with people who want to maximize their potential, providing them with the strategies to build and maintain a peak performance body and mind. How Celebrities Have Overcome Health Scares Rich and famous they may be, but celebrities are still human, and they also experience health scares. This article. We are designed to move. Over the course of our evolution we have adapted and evolved to become these amazing machines of movement capable of.

The first thing a lot of us do when we wake up is reach for our phones, checking our Facebook or emails before we have. You take the money you earn and you invest it. Comfort equals average. Be Honest with yourself Be honest with yourself about where you are right now. Be honest with yourself. The truth will set you free. Network, Network, Network Your network equals your net worth.

Without making connections you are left on your own. Learn as much from successful people as you can. Proximity is power. Be grounded, not arrogant It is important to always be a student for life. The more you know the more you grow. Spend less than you earn and you will always be cash rich. On the other side of fear is where success and an extraordinary life are waiting for you.

Use your fear as fuel. Let go of letting your fear hold you back and learn to dance with it. If you find change difficult, just take the first step. Just get moving! But do something. When you do something you get somewhere. But when you do nothing you get nowhere.

Interested in Coaching? Coaching is designed to give you: The truth The best strategies Accountability Certainty I will run a lie detector with you and remove the excuses holding you back. My clients achieve extraordinary results. Movement We are designed to move. Tick the box if you would like to subscribe for the latest updates from Jean-Pierre De Villiers. With the right information and resources, the journey will be not only safe but also exhilarating -- and hugely rewarding. Visit Seller's Storefront. We want you to be satisfied with the book you order. Our general description is conservative and the book should be as good or better than our general description may indicate.

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    Rich vs. King in the Real World: Why I sold my company

    Very Good dust jacket. Signed by author on title page. About this title Synopsis: Sell Your Business Your Way features a treasure trove of sample documents, adaptable forms, and - whether you plan to hire one consultant or dozens - a resource listing hundreds of business brokers, valuation firms, accountants, investment firms, debt-financing sources, and much more.

    Prepare for the sale as far in advance as possible. Assemble a team of advisers. Determine how much your business is worth. Approach and attract the right buyers.