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This will be my first and most likely only time I will be able to attend the reunion, lots going on here in the frozen tundra. I am planning my return visit to Ascension for Sept. Was there in 97 for a few days, hope to spend at least two weeks there this visit. It will be my 50th anniversary of arriving there in 66 in supply. Great friend and most honest man I have come across. I remember when you and Sterling were sent to Asc. Great time in our lives and a great time to live in Ant. I have fond memories of the people and the work, but also the fishing, diving and the hiking on Ascension.

I was laid off in '72 and have worked in Avionics ever since. He worked for Pan Am. He was at the Cape from I know at one time he worked for RCA, and that is who he was working for in they lost the contract. Dad died in Dad was stationed on Antigua again immediately prior to his quick passing from fulminating lung cancer The family first moved downrange to accompany him to Eleuthera when I was 6.

We followed that several years later with a move to Antigua. Dad sent me back to the states to finish my last year of high school and on to college, but throughout those later years in school, the military and during later career years, I continued to travel to the islands at every opportunity. Many fond memories of all those stations and the invaluable lessons I learned from being immersed in those diverse cultural experiences.

Had an absolute blast spending a long summer on Grand Turk where the days were whiled away diving with Turks Turtles thanks to Frank Thompson and Leon Lacy for taking a teenager under their respective wings , and learning how to fly that Cessna Would love to connect with anyone who knew Dad or would like to share anecdotes from those incredible golden days. We arrived there just in time for the great northeast electrical blackout of November, Being an electronics technician, I was assigned to the transmitter room to maintain the HF transmitters and set up what was called an Audio and Keying Line Matrix to designate who used what transmitter based on voice or data transmission.

The two other fellows assigned there were Frank Hood and Tom Revell. We divided responsibilities according to which systems each one felt the most comfortable dealing with if it failed. All of us finished our classroom training well before the construction crews finished assembling the ship enough for us to train on-board.

So we spent a lot of time in the Quincy shipyard first aid facility doing whatever we could to pass the time. Many stories could be told about that experience. Once we all got on board, the first thing was to iron out any problems in the systems. There were many. The first major problem was that the entire intercommunications network was wired wrong. Our wiring technicians were Frank Benedetto sp and Bo Moore. They had to re-wire the entire communications main frame. In the transmitter room our VHF equipment was well proven military gear, but the HF transmitters were a new design for the required 10KW output.

Some problems involved things that we could correct, but we were constantly having to call out the manufacturer's field representative because other problems were things that only he could resolve. Then there were the antennas on the surface deck, five of them: two helicals and three log periodics LP. The theory was, we could use the five antennas with five different transmitters and have the sixth transmitter for a spare. It was a different story at sea. First, just in the shipyard we had to set up warnings for people not to walk between the two helicals when they were operating.

The energy from the 10KW output would heat up metal objects in a person's pockets and cabling strung around the deck. Also, the coils in those antennas were protected by a fiberglass cylinder that was sealed from outside air and filled with an inert gas. But when we went to sea the salt water spray would collect on the cylinders and would ionize enough to cause an electrical arc between the coils and the protective cylinder.

The resulting hole made the antenna essentially useless. To make matters worse, the aft LP antenna was situated right above the exhaust stack for the ship's engines. The resulting carbon laden soot collected on the antenna elements so that whenever the transmitter was operating in the evening or at night you could see corona all over the antenna.

Corona is electrical arcing between the antenna elements. It created so much noise in the transmitted signal that the antenna became useless. The bridge LP was not directly over the stack, but if the wind was in the right direction it was close enough to collect some of the soot too. It suffered the same fate as the aft one. So we were down to just the forward LP antenna. On the bright side, we had five spare transmitters. After a number of proposed solutions were tried, the final decision was to scrap the helicals and use the LPs as long as they would work. Then clean them when the ship was in port.

Meanwhile, Frank Hood and I had found two young women at church that were best friends. He married one of them and I married the other one a week later Other areas had their problems too, but by the time we sailed for Florida there wasn't much left to fix. But the reasoning was not to worry about it too much because the Redstone and Mercury were both being outfitted with satellite communications to replace the HF and the Vanguard would return for that upgrade too.

Then the Apollo part of the Eastern Test Range went up for re-bid. RCA was unable to take me back when I finished school, so I went on to work for two aircraft engine manufacturers and retired in Comm-Comm Controller. Joe F. Also, I knew Clyde Randolph, who has the last entry on the Eleuthera "page". Wright sent the Museum a lovely framed photo of a local he worked with. However I have not been able to contact Mr.

Wright to thank him and let him know we are looking for Mr. Louis Williams, the man in the photo. I would appreciate any information on MR. Wright so that I can let him know we received the package and are locating the subject in the photo. There was no return address on the package that had been opened by Customs, so if there was a letter inside it was "misplaced" by the customs department. Thank you for any help. We have had quite a few ex-servicemen come to visit Grand Turk over the last few years. They have shared their stories and photos for which we are very thankful. If anyone would like to contact me regarding their time on Grand Turk, please do so!

I've lived on Grand Turk for 20 years, and seeing photos others have shared not much has changed! Visit our website, and please feel free to contact me! Also made 43 business trips to Kwajalein Also on Facebook at Range Rat Group. From to , did temporary duty on Guam, Bermuda, Dakar, and Guam. Was on the Guam deactivation team. Arnold in Weather as a Technician. If you have been in contact with Bill or know where he is please let me know. I'd like to get in contact with Bill. Good memories. Anyonr else out there? Would love to keep in touch with friends.

Email: info dragnetonsite. First Three-man Apollo Earth Orbit. First Manned Saturn V Launch. Apollo 9 Mar 03, Earth Orbit Mission First Manned Flight of Lunar Module. I would like to know if chaunc dunn is still kicking. I don't have many details; he was there for the John Glenn landing. Anyone out there on Grand Turk during that time?

She was well known loved by all who knew her. Kay will be missed by all who knew her. I was the detachment commander of the weather station for my last 6 months. I was responsible for onsite maintenance and rebuilds on radar and telemetry on trips ranging from 2 to 6 weeks. Many great fishing trips. Met a lot of good people. I think. Worked in the NAC Center. I have some pics I would like to post. Went back to School, got B. I hope this helps!!! I wrote software for the NAV computer. Moved to NM in South Africa was paradise for white Americans back then.

Young, good lookin', scarce, exotic, sexy accents with plenty of money :- Not so good if you were a SA black though. Apartheid was true craziness even worse than the US South in those days. We polished it every day though. Unfortunately most of the vehicles carrying our transponder didn't go as far as SA or were too far north and they didn't need it for later Apollo or anything else after all.

Waste of money I guess but it was OK for us. Wonder what happened to George Jackson, Don Mergenthal, Wayne Dickey and many others whose names escape my memory at the moment. Good times! Olsen, better known as Bob Olsen passed away 31 March , after a courageous battle with cancer. Was on the range from to If I get an obituary I will post it. KSC USNS Vandenberg USNS Redstone KSC Video Systems Cape Canaveral TML This year we are getting together June We started this the year they sank the Vandy as an artificial reef off of Key West.

We usually get attendees. MorganEmail: rangerat sbcglobal. Travelled frequently averaging a move roughly every 18 months , living in 15 states plus Washington, D. Returned to Tacoma, WA. After 30 days I was assigned to communications section on Grand Turk. While in South Africa, I engaged in sport sedan racing my own car , I got bored early on, dropped out of sports sedan racing and entered a different car in an FIA-sanctioned Rallye in Rhodesia, whereupon myself and my navigator were the only "yanks" in the Rallye, even so, I was able to place 7th overall Rhodesian Flame Lily Rallye.

This Rallye officially opened the new highway to Victoria Falls. Also got a chance to get-up-close and personal with wild animals both on-land and on the Zambesie river. After spending 2-years in South Africa, upon the closing of Sta After leaving Argentina, the Vanguard was routed to Brazil for an extended period of time, in order to fulfill a long-overdue maintenance requirement. Everyone working for WU in was fired nationwide when WU declared bankruptcy; this included everyone, along with lower, middle and upper management. On many occasions, it was not uncommon to to drive over miles a week.

BoaEmail: johnjboa juno. Anyone have info on Mike Allen. He was CCO on both ships. Was from Homestead. Its a new one. My question is this: How many downrange sites were there in my time period? There's a fellow who was there the same time I was, and he keeps posting things about Site 3. I had been to Sites 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7, but never heard of Site 3 or any reference to it. Am I wrong in saying there was no Site 3 , or does he know something I don't? Please help, and thanks. Since then, I did field service for Triad Systems Corp. I am now retired from civil service with 33 total years. I was also a helicopter pilot in the Army National Guard for 19 years, and am retired from that also, total 21 years military service.

Also, I owned several boats on GBI. One I Built on the beach, an 18 ft. Last but not least was a 13 foot Boston Whaler. The fishing was good around GBI and I caught a lot, including that seven foot sailfish hanging above the bar at the Club Rondevous. This is to inform everyone that Lyle Dillard passed away after a battle with Cancer. He passed away on the 9th of December in Atlanta. It was very pleasant to see the names of so many that I knew or worked with, and not so pleasant to see the number that is no longer with us.

Looking back on my career from a 20 year old new hire in to when I retired in , I would not have been happy and satisfied working at any other field. I feel I helped contribute a small piece of the history made at the Cape. Some of the remembered events were:tracking the first satellite, a Russian Sputnik; the infamous launch? Upon witnessing this test, Allen Sheppard afterward made his famous comment: "Just remember,it was made by the lowest bidder.

There were such things as the Apollo I capsule fire, killing the three astronauts; setting at a Cape Support console in the Range Control Center and watching the Challenger explosion on TV. I had nightmares for many months afterward. This and other events led to me being diagnosed with PTSD in I had been retired for a while when my wife , my mother and I were watching the Columbia's return and seeing the big "meteor" fireball on the network TV coverage. This gave rise to a lot of bad emotions as I had experienced with the challenger. Several years past before I could even talk about these two events.

Those RR that I remember, either having worked with them, or having contacted them through various events, or they just sharing being there at the same time. That entire group was a hard working dedicated bunch. I believe I had the best administrative support ever. Sallie passed every security inspection and inventory with flying colors. One individual that made numerous significant contributions to the range radars was A.

Peter Hofmann-Hieden. Peter gained his radar experience working in an engineering group in Germany. He was well acquainted with Werner von Braun. Peter could tell of some interesting event and issues that were encountered in his work in Germany. He was a great gentlemen and extremely knowledgeable; very pleasant to work with. I will long remember him. Mac would be deployed TDY to the ship during the special mission. Learned a lot from that experience and enjoyed it very much. I still experience the "launch stress" whenever I watch a launch.

But, working at a career like that was worth it. The 1st marriage conducted on base. Built house just outside main gate on Queens land sqautter. Became party house after Club closed. Provided electric power to 5 homes Larry Custer,Larry Curry. Jack Tar West End, etc.. The entire beach area had been over grown with Australian Pines. The beach hut was still standing. You ould not see the fuel tanks from the beach. The pier was still standing. The beachside sand airstrip was not visible for the trees.

The beach road was narrow from the trees. It was like nature had taking it back to pre-base time. The base had deteriorated in appearance. Jack Tar was ramsacked and empty. Last heard that Disney now occupies the base as a recording studio for it's Carribean Pirates movies. It has Security Guards. There is a paved road from Freeport and power now out to the homes. I can still remember the openings of Freeports Casinos and the 1st group of workers who arrived at the base from London as their plane was to big for Freeport's air strip.

Oh to be back there again.. Those were the days guys and only we can brag about them Best to all you RR's. Stay safe, healthy and happy.. Met one of my wives on Antigua Thai woman name Dang She died Live in China now Loved the Range At this time, I am just reporting the death of Kerry Coughlin who was on Ascension while I was there in the early s. His obit is a bit in error as he worked in the motor pool on Ascension.

He worked for Pan American Airlines for several years providing radar tracking on Ascension Island, and after attending the Naval Academy in Florida, he began commercial flight training. He shared countless amazing stories of the adventures he experienced in numerous foreign countries. After Kerry's retirement, he moved to La Paz, Baja California, and continued with his love of fishing, and started a new Astronomy hobby. He traveled around the world on many excursions and cruises witnessing solar and lunar eclipses. He became known in the Astronomy world as "the man in Baja" as he studied and provided information on occulations.

MyersEmail: johnm7 aol. I can muster mental images of others, but no other names. I apologize for my limitations. I subsequently worked for Electronic Cummunications, Inc. I am retired and continue to live in Los Angeles as near to the sea as I can afford. It's pleasantly surprising to hear of you and your history project, Joe. RoseberryEmail: troyroseberry61 gmail. Sailed with Terry Ash. Don was a long time down range rat and worked in Maintenance and Management.

Don was 83 years old. There will be no services. Makes me remember my dad's stories. Northrop Tlm. Cape and Down Range. Many Years of working with and for wonderful, talented,dedicated people on a "real", meaningful functional space effort. After all the dynamic years working for the space effort with "real" people; it was a totally negative experience.

Would like to hear fm anyone in that time frame. At the present time I work in the Defense Industry. Ascension surely was an interesting experience, and is now a source of many great stories. Or how can I get a replacement? Ralph Jackson who was station manager was truly a pioneer that did everything possible to keep the radio station on the air. I have fond memories of this island that will stay in my mind forever.

He passed away several years ago. He was also on Ascension, I think in the late 50's and we lived in Eleuthera in the early 60's. I am enjoying seeing some familiar names on this website - only wish I had known about it earlier.! Would like to hear from others. Hoping to attend the next reunion. There were only a few RCA guys when I arrived so I was responsible for most of the electronics equipment.

Later, I moved more into the radar and other data processing equipment. At the time, no missiles had come as far as GTK, so we tracked the aircraft with the transponder in order to keep the equipment tuned to a good working order. We actually tracked it for about half a minute before being told by the Cape to disengage from tracking. I really enjoyed my time on Turk. Wonderful meals and camaraderie. Beautiful ocean. There I did many trips down range on all the stations and finally to St. Remembering lots of good men there and lots of great times, some like living a dream.

I sure would like to have it all to do over again. I can only remember two guys when I was there, by the names of Carl Sassnet and Santore and by Sears who was the mgr of the Purse radar station. I remember when Pan Am would have our lunches on our private beach etc and I was a member of the Gold Rock Flying Club, where we bought two light planes, one was a Sesna in good flying condition and one was an Eronca Chief which we restore the whole body for flying condition. I spent a month at Antigua and another month at Grand Turk. Then I was assigned to the where we covered the first two sub-orbit shots.

I was transferred to the Rose Knot and we covered the John Glenn mission from off the coast of Liberia. Up to my leaving, I had most sea time of anyone. Only one person broke my record since then. We worked closely with the Pan American tracking station located at the other end of the island designated as Thinker 7.

At the time, this was considered by the Navy as Undesirable duty. Quite a change from what it is now. Great skin diving and good reefs. Good memories.. I worked for FEC in the communications room.

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GouldEmail: gould netexpress. Glad she did. I don't have alot time at the present, buthave bookmarked you. What an experince. Loved it. Will get back with you later. GladdenEmail: jlgwhiz att. Range Bio: 16 years with Pan Am. Caught in contract reduction in Oct Now i pass my time on line helping beginners write macros for Excel projects. They sent me a telegram to report to Patrick AFB to attend a 2 week class I then worked at Range Safety at Cape Canaveral.. Then Werner Von Braun came with his succesful Redstone launch I then transferred to Grand Bahama Island tracking station to work in Telemetry I then often went to Walker's Cay with another gentleman to work at a tracking van for Cape Canaveral launches..

All of this was in the late 's and early 's I remember while working at Cape Canaveral of North American trying to launch a missile called the Navajo It failed each and every time trey tried to launch.. Either scrubbed or it blew up.. So it became know as the 'NeverGo' The North American employees where told to take a vacation eventually.. The rumor was that while on vacation they where all laid off and that was the end of the NeverGo missile project..

The first launch attempt, in November , failed after 26 seconds of flight. Ten failed launches followed, before another got off successfully, on 22 March , for 4 minutes, 39 seconds of flight. A 25 April attempt exploded seconds after liftoff, while a 26 June flight lasted only 4 minutes, 29 seconds. Worked at TV Operations for a lot of years and then my group was moved to another company. I finished working as a supervisor for a Antenna Maintenance Group. My grandfather has been passed away for 14 years but I still think of him daily and miss him to this day. I would love if anyone on here had worked with him and if you could fill me in on any stories about my grandfather so that I can add them to our family history for all of his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Joe Collins, Joe Tudder deceased.. Elliot Phillips. Rick Phillips. I'M going to GBI on vac this april. Attempts to email Tom at the email address shown for some of his message entries came back as Error Messages. Could not find an email for Wally. Any contact info on these two would be greatly appreciated.

I also remember Tim Eastland when he was on San Salvador. I first reported there as a subcable tech in January Three weeks later a construction crew dug up and severed the subcable. What a harrowing experience for a new kid on the block. Fortunately being new I had been studying the tech manuals and easily found the instructions for cable restoration. My fellow tech was Bob Johnson from Alabama who had a pitbull named Trouble and played Elvis Presley songs night and day. Would like to hear from any of the Range Rats who may remember me He spoke very fondly of his time on Grand Bahama Island, and now that he is gone, I would love to connect with anyone who knew him.

Thanks so much. They met in Pretoria, SA. Trained at the Cape for a month and then flew down to GBI. Worked for Jim Falkenstein and my bossesname was Lou. Operated my amateur radio station as VP7NNfrom my barracks. Used to spend weekends swimming at the beachand going down to the West end. Freeport was a logging campat the time. I'll be 81 come May and have a hard time remembering a lot of complete names now? Left and returned to Pittsaburghwhen my mother was ill sometime in late 55?

Made a whooping70 bucks a week with I think a 20 buck down range bonus. Almost got chewed up by a barracuda while swimming once. Best wishes to all. They didn't want to let the Russians get ahold of any of the guidance system. Built chain radar system that extended from Cape Canaveral to Puerto Rico. Tracked missile tests, and a manned space flight. Enjoyed the mission and crewmembers immensly.

One of the highlights of my Air Force career. I rode a blue Matchless motorcycle around the island and in the surf. Was also a regular at "sick call" at the Conch Club on Sundays. I was one of the Turks Turtle Diving Club and enjoyed diving in free time. I helped outfit Cs with telemetry gear.


I soon transfered to Tel-2 on the cape maintaining and operating telemetry equipment in support of all launches from Cape Canaveral. In , I was hired by Systems Engineering laboratories in Ft. Here, I helped develop the tracking software for the development of Sikorsky's black Hawk Helicopter. Great experience, memories and people. Set up and worked the Transmitter site there down close to the old Research station. Went back to Mayaguana in Have pictures of most stations where I worked. TrentEmail: curtistrent94 yahoo. I worked in comm, and was at sta 4, 91, 12 and 13 [before they closed it].

Would like to hear from all of you. I was a communications cryptograpic and C Band uplink engineer. I was part of the first shakedown team, and had many friends who unfortunately I have lost contact with. I was hired away for a classified project involving an Active airborn Electronic Warfare system and spent the next three years with the Navy as a civilian in SE Asia. A lot of you spent far more time than I did, and I somehow envy you all a bit. Best of luck to all the current survivors Joe, you have done a remarkable job, putting this together and keeping it together all these years.

We were installing computers for U. Naval Security Agency. I've enjoyed scanning the comments on this site and found several people that I worked with a long time ago. He was one great father and a sharp fellow! I know he enjoyed the old timers reunions when he could get to them! This is to let you know that we lost him August and his lovely wife Peggy followed him the very end of October. As a family two daughters, son-in-laws and several grandchilden we are taking them both back to Eleuthera, to the beaches, to where they spent their happiest honeymoon years together.

I'm looking for information of where they may have spent most of their time. Mitchell A New Zealander who had polio. We have descriptions of the beaches, Queens Hwy, Gouverners Harbor, where they shopped for groceries, etc, and we are hoping to gain more information. If anyone has any info, photos and stories on Everett James, it would be so helpful. We want to put together memories for this trip as they never got to return for an anniversary.

Thank you so much! K4SYU's little girl! Your Website EditorHi.. I signed on to the program and was sent to a nav training school in Calif. After about 6 weeks of nav. I stayed on the ship in dry dock as a watchman until we got into the water. I am 88 years old now and have problems remembering the dates and some places. From there we went down to our home base in Florida. I enjoyed it very much,especially the chow. Set down table with napkins and silver and a menu with steak and lobster on it. I tell you one thing.. I resigned after the landing, I think, or was it the fly around on Christmas day to work at a TV station in my home town.

Anyway it was a good ride and I enjoyed it. I knew of no one except in the Nav. Anyone in the Nav. Thanks and God be with you. He was married with my aunt Estela Rodriguez.

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I am writing a book relative to Sabana de la Mar, and the "base" is part of the history of the town. I would like to have more information about the activities and personal stories of those american that went there, also about their marriages, etc. Tahiti, Australia, Mombase, Hoboken On range present. Snorkeled with the sharks and morray eels on Ascension. Tried his email but NO reply. If you are there answer. I'm still here pushing 80 plus What a summer. The following year I spent on Eleuthera in supply while we two summer hires counted the inventory and rearranged it more efficiently.

These 2 summers were instrumental in my being hired full time upon graduation from U of F the following year. I grew up in Cocoa, FL. There was a man i remember who rode a Vespa to the large dome that was off the base. At the ripe old age of 15 i stayed on the beach, they had a tiny tiki hut there where the locals came to have a drink or three.

The crystal cler water was great. There was a sip that came into the pier filled with Ice Cream that made deliveries to many Islands. We were priviledged to have a good bowl or two of our favorite ice cream, all we had to do was pressure was the salt water off the ship, which was grand fun. Then off to fish for anything that would bite. We did find an old car and refurbished it and drove the pot hole filled Queen's Highway, we got into Freeport an shopped all the shops, i stopped and watch an artist who was comissioned to pain a huge portrait of Her Majesty the Queen of England, i sat for as long as my friends would let me.

Now some 40 plus yars i am an artist. So good to find some one who remembers the Tracking station on GBI. Great summer. While shopping I heard a voice behind me asking "Janda, what are you doing here? We had a nice chat over dinner. He was Chief of Staff for the base's admiral. On American Mariner, I started with responsibility for the ship's timing system, keeping it synchronized with WWV and the range time.

Later moved to the digital computer designation system, which was probably about as powerful as a modern scientific calculator. At Kwaj, there were a number of "Sprint" missile launches, but you never could see them, they were too fast and all you saw was the smoke trail. Somebody forgot American Mariner was needed for a couple more Polaris? Tests went off as planned, if I recall correctly, and then I took a educational leave of absence to start college at the University of San Francisco. Retired , and we live in the Endless Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. Travel even more than when working, I think.

I have very fond memories of growing up in Cocoa Beach during that time. Watching men blast off to the moon from our house, watching for the ship to come in over the horizon and into port after a mission, seeing astronauts around town once in a while. It was an exciting time. The friendships we wife Venus and I made downrange are the longest lasting and fondest. So that's where our children, grand-children, and great-grand-daughter live.

Our antenna was always shorting out, so a long-wire was rigged from the base of the 'stove-pipe' mount to the forward mast; and that long-wire antenna was used to transmit the data during the duration of these 2 programs. The Sword Knot did get caught in an Indian Ocean hurricane willy-nilly , off the West coast of Madagascar kt winds , because we departed early from Port Louis, Mauritius, for storm avoidance.

We met U.

February - USAGDFA

Navy men, off the Valdez, while in port, in Durban. The Valdez was the sister ship of the Pueblo captured by N. Korea and was also kicked out of S. Africa after the U. State Dept's disagreement, with S. Africa, over treatment of the personnel on the USS Roosevelt; aircraft carrier, that made a port call, in Cape Town, after a deployment in Vietnam.

We met the Valdez, again, in Mombasa, Kenya, where we docked after getting thrown out of S. Africa by the U. State Dept. Such is the life of political pawns Some men appeared to be former Pirates. While in port, we played the Marines a game of tackle football, and then a game of basketball. We won both games. In the basketball contest, Fred Brown scored over 30 points and I had a dozen assists.

After the programs were completed about 8 of the techs transferred to Ascension. Dave Schubert made history by climbing up 'Jacobs Ladder' with a case of beer on his shoulder Met Norb Williams who assigned Fred to Communications; because he had a radio in his vehicle; and assigned Charlie to data processing; because he had a pocket calculator; and assigned me to timing; because I wore a wrist watch. That is how they did things in those days. I remember that Norb had a large desk pad where he kept all of the personal data of ship riders.

We had to take our tool boxes home at night, or else the shipyard crew would cut through walls to steal them McGinnis Jr Buzz. Days of the Ascension "last chance saloon". Anyone remember him from those days? Charlie died in Moved to Virginia Beach, Va. Charlie moved on to N. Seattle and settled in Al.. Would love to hear from all.

Loved those years, great people. I am sure it is appreciated by many of us RR's. I went to Bermuda in Oct. We were married on Bermuda in Jan. Joe and Myra Mullin stood up for us, but sadly we lost touch with them. Would anyone know where they are? I would be interested in hearing from anyone who remembers Charlie. She was one of the first females working at Sta. Joan's husband was Geoff, island police commish for several years.

Debba's father was the island administrator, Sue was her cousin. They sure changed our workplace, after all those years with no females around the station! The only one I am in contact with at the moment is Charlie Wright in Florida. In '67, '68 I was one of the British 'locals' but am now a citizen here in the States.

Nov Goddard! You are certainly a Range Rat which you questioned , and thanx for serving our country. This year is 30 years Traveled with the ships, been to Antigua, Ascension, Saipan and Newfoundland. It has been a wonderful life, hate to see it change! I've tried to make it as easy as I could so one could differentiate between my Guest Book and the Range Rat Book when signing in, but I guess I didn't do a good enuff job.

Sorry, Joe. I just wanted folks to know that Jack Maloney passed away last evening, April 20, At this time I do not have that information. Jack, an RCA Oldtimer who had the "right stuff" and worked many long hours and week-ends to support the missions. Godspeed, Jack! I was part of the group that set up the radio station ZDA. It was probably the best period of my life. Great friends, great job, great partying in Receife Remember the House on Stilts? I was a bar tender there, no pay but lots of other benefits!

LOL 74 years old now and running a lot slower. My phone is Those were good times. Those were good years. I am searching for BFEC employees which mightknow who their insurance carrier was, appreciateany info. Back then most of us did a variety of jobs as needed for the launch. I worked the microwave building, minitrack, BC-4 cameras, control center, etc.

Selected the first person to attend the A-D converter class. This opened the door for the rest of my career in computers. Gene Hillesland was my boss on GBI at the time. I enjoyed diving for lobsters, beachcombing, and water skiing through the mangroves. Site Title: windstream. Took an extended leave to The P. Charles Michael. Charlie as he was known as to his friends was a Telemetry engineer at Ascension in the early 60's.

I first met Charlie in at the Rock. He was known to play a mean trumpet at some of the parties at the Pan Am beach. He wasalso an avid skin diver, and a member of the Ascension diver's club. I hope someone out there may be able to supply somemore details on Charlie's downrange life. Recognized several names of people I worked with. Often wonder about them. Anyone who was there during , I would like very much to hear from. I have fond memories of people and happenings while there. Contact: dantomford planetc. I was only on site for the launch phase collecting 3rd stage performance data.

I went back to GT last May with my two daughters to nourish memories etc. The curator asked me to write a story of my GT experience for their magazine "The Astrolabe. I have lost all my pictures of the island, if you can believe it, and would like to see if you could direct me to any picture showing the Vanguard tracking site, the antennas, just anything to spruce up the article. Thanks for all your good work and effort. You have a wonderful web site. I spent several summers visiting him in Turk and Antigua.

Best years of my life. My brother was in a very bad car accident in Antigua or , some one may remember it. Gina and I were married in , and have 4 sons. We now have four grand kids. Our retirement location is still to be determined. Sales Manager for security systems for major airports, homeland security projects, hydroelectric dams, corps of engineers projects and various commercial applications across the country and internationally. Upgraded the security at many hydroelectric dams and river locks with the Corps of Engineers after Flew a Harrier in an air show in Norfolk, VA for thousand people, including my entire family.

Please answer two questions 1. As an eight year old, I was a batboy for the Navy baseball team and spent most of my free time in the yard just watching the activity. I was even a Navy Junior Boxer. I always wanted to be a fighter pilot. I was a good athlete in high school and was offered 8 full scholarships for college. I accepted a Presidential appointment from John F. Kennedy to the Academy. My dream was to fly fighter jets and to be a Marine if possible. Fortunately, I was able to reach both goals. The Academy experience was a stepping stone to reach my ultimate goal.

I selected USNA over West Point because I was only 17 years old and I knew Annapolis would give me a good look at all the options ships, infantry, and the best aviation in the world. As a fighter pilot at age 32, I had reached nearly every dream and goal I had as a youth.

The rest of my life has just My lifelong dream was to be a fighter pilot, and those years remain the highlight of my life. I loved flying and I loved the F-4, and I amassed combat missions and 12 air medals in Vietnam during two combat tours, while stationed in Chu Lai and Da Nang. I was designated a combat division leader and an air combat instructor in the Phantom. In order to keep flying after the war, I joined the first Marine Harrier squadron. I was involved in all the first time uses of the Harrier by the Marines in various tactical applications.

I was selected to join a small unit to perform as a demonstration pilot at air shows all over the country. I had a young family so I resigned my commission and became a civilian after 15 years of military service. I worked as a production manager and sales engineer for companies that manufactured and installed security equipment. For the next 25 years I was in the security industry working on various security projects. I have a son and a daughter who both graduated from excellent universities and they are a banker and an office manager.

On my first operational cruise had an engine fire off the catapult, which ended in ejecting right next to the carrier. Returning to the U. Had my third airborne accident at Grumman when testing an old A-6, having the starboard engine blow up under my seat and both engines stopped running. Most memorable life event was being with my wife as she gave birth to our daughter Wendy at Ft. Belvoir, VA. Seeing the inner working and hidden mechanisms of the Pentagon was sobering. Becoming a major program manager for avionics, my specialty, was the highlight of my acquisition career.

Tell us about your wife, children and grandchildren My wife Nancy and I were married in and have one daughter Wendy. While following me around the world, Nancy still became a book editor in Manhattan and on Long Island. In Northern Virginia she became a professional facilitator, graduating from Georgetown, and then going on to facilitate the school boards in Prince William county. She was also able to support the extracurricular activities of our daughter.

Our daughter went to Virginia Tech and graduated Cum Laude from the school of performing arts. Then her lifelong bug for photography hit and she graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography to become a very successful wedding photographer, living in Annapolis, Md.

Sitting in drafting course when we heard President Kennedy was assassinated and the deep sorrow that followed for us all. Eating honey butter on toast at the baseball training tables, and playing baseball with Roger Staubach. Sparring with, and watching, my roommate win the middleweight boxing championship. He was not impressed. Getting my blue 66 Pontiac Lemans with white interior, and driving it home to Orlando for Christmas; only to be stopped on the Florida Turnpike doing a mere mph; and then being given just a warning because I was a Mid from Florida. Naval Postgraduate School — He imbued me with a love of country and my desire to serve in the military.

Frankly there was no way for my parents to afford to send me to universities like GT or MIT and have money left for my three younger siblings. USNA had everything to offer young officers-to-be. The character building helped me immensely in my flying and leadership duties, and the technical education facilitated follow-on education at the NPGS that gave me a fighting chance to succeed in the high tech management world of DoD acquisition. Flying continued at Grumman Aerospace Corp, accepting new A-6E aircraft and entering into the acquisition business. I retired from 20 years of civil service in Working in the DC area for over 30 years was both exhilarating, eye opening and exhausting, but our most memorable tour of duty was with the Royal Air Force in England.

My vivid memories at USNA were beating Army in our plebe year, playing baseball with Roger Staubach, and being able to go aviation at the last minute just before interviewing with Admiral Rickover for nuclear submarine service. My wife Nancy and I were married in and have one daughter Wendy. Wendy is a distinguished grad from Virginia Tech and Hallmark Institute of Photography, and is a very successful wedding photographer, living in Annapolis, Md. Principal Occupation Career focused on consumer product manufacturing. Various assignments in paper plant devoted to Pampers manufacturing.

Fairfield, NJ. Director of Manufacturing Ecce Panis, Inc. Deploying to Vietnam; meeting the people, learning the culture, encountering classmates Arriving home from Vietnam and meeting a second son in January Finally being present for the birth of a child, our third in May in Annapolis Seeing classmates at tailgates, reunions, and at unexpected places in the country and world. Tell us about your wife, children and grandchildren Kathy and I met on a blind date for a party I was having at my house for classmates for winter break in January We became engaged that June and were married three days after graduation, June 10, We remain together and will celebrate our 50th anniversary just before our 50th reunion.

We have three children, David, Chris, and Becky, born in , , and We have six granddaughters, 3 from each of our boys. Our daughter remains unmarried and lives in Baltimore. Our oldest granddaughter, Casey, will finish college in another year, the second, Carrie, will enter college next year.

The rest, Melanie, Marissa, Laura, and Monica are in junior and high school. Our oldest lives near us in PA, and Chris in Delaware. I have been retired now for five years. I spend time at home honing my woodworking skills and enjoy showing off my projects on Facebook. My proudest pieces help furnish our home, including a six drawer sideboard, a grandfather clock, and an 18th century reproduction side table. I recently began learning segmented bowl turning. I also enjoy reading and keeping in touch with classmates.

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  • Glossary of terms used in physical organic chemistry (IUPAC Recommendations 1994).
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  • Roger Staubach and a winning football team and the carry-on that meant. Aviation summer at Pensacola and scaring the hell out of the ground crew with my attempts at touch and go exercises — fortunately, I did not go Navy Air. Mostly meeting life-long friends who have stood the test of time. Getting up at 0 dark thirty on Sunday mornings to attend Catholic services while the Protestants slept in! Throughout my high school years, he spoke of my entry into the Naval Academy and fulfilling his own dreams vicariously.

    I never had any other goal. I joined the Navy Reserve while a senior in high school to qualify for an appointment that way. After failing to obtain a congressional appointment after high school graduation, he transferred to a sub in Charleston and I got work in a Piggly Wiggly, while taking classes at night. A year after high school, I received both a presidential appointment and one from the Naval Reserve.

    I expected to make a career of the Navy, as my Dad did, but did not count on meeting my wife and encountering the family separation a successful Navy career involves. The Academy exceeded my expectations. I was prepared for plebe year. I struggled with academics at times, but plowed ahead.

    I did find myself being repelled by the rigid structure there, but viewed it as something to endure for the greater goal. The friendships made at USNA are priceless. The experience and molding I received have served me well throughout my life. More than anything else in my life experience, my time at USNA defines me, regardless of the fact that I did not make the Navy my career.

    We deployed to the Med twice, but for short periods. We visited many ports in northern Europe and the med, watched Russian trawlers, and chased Russian diesel subs. At the end of my tour, and realizing I would not make the Navy a career, I asked for shore duty and was assigned to BUPERS managing enlisted engineering ratings training program. With no transfer coming, I jumped to Lipton and spent the rest of my career in the food Return to: Table of Contents. With Lipton I had several tours including as plant manager of two different plants, the last in Independence, MO. I spent the remainder of my career with two more small companies, the last sold to Pepperidge Farms and marking the beginning of my retirement.

    My wife, Kathy, and I were married at USNA chapel 3 days after graduation and will celebrate our 50 th anniversary as our class prepares for our 50th reunion. Our three children and six grandchildren live within visiting distance and we enjoy watching them grow. Soon it will be time for great grandchildren. Highlights of our year, though, are the many opportunities to see classmates. At football tailgates and various other events each year, we enjoy seeing the best friends of our lives.

    The highlights were working with NASA to design and launch the Space Station Freedom, and then to design and launch the Landsat 7 satellite about Since the ADM was the acting Military Governor of the Islands, we were met by outriggers, hula dancers, huge celebrations, and parties everywhere we went for the three weeks it took to complete the tour.

    An unbelievably fantastic trip for the pilots and aircrew. When it came to my year mark, my boys were begging me to retire and go back to the states, because they wanted to find out what it was like to grow up in the US! Tell us about your wife, children and grandchildren Judy and I were married in , and have four sons between the two of us.

    All of them are married, and we have eight loving grandkids to visit. I thought when you retired, you would have lot of time on your hands. A time to catch up on books, movies, hobbies, travel, etc. Not Happening! Youngster cruise USS Little Rock , the Beatles before they were famous in Portsmouth, England, the girls in Amsterdam Aviation summer and the girls in Pensacola First Class cruise on the Scorpion, the last cruise she came back from June Week and graduation, all the hats flying in the air.

    I did not even know where the Naval Academy was! USNA opened a new world to me. That instilled in me a love to see the world, which the Navy provided for me, with three overseas tours, and many deployments. I married my wife, Judy, in , and we have been together ever since. We have been blessed with four boys, all married, and eight grandchildren, which we love dearly. Judy and I would love to see any classmates coming this way. We have two guest rooms available, and the BBQ is available with the best cook on the block on short notice.

    He left active duty in , but remained in the Reserves, retiring as a Commander in In civilian life Wally worked in the IT and defense contracting industries, primarily in areas involving systems integration and delivery of command and control solutions to DoD customers. A quick learner, however, he soon enough got the hang of what the deal was with marriage. He and Debbie eventually settled in Northern Virginia, where they successfully raised three great kids, now young adults making their own ways in the world.

    He enjoyed keeping in touch with his classmates, and was a frequent attendee at alumni events and Navy football games. Wry and fun loving, Wally was always up for a good time, and could somehow manage to find humor in practically any situation. He died — too soon — on December 23, Long 1. Tell us about your wife and children: I met Janet in 3rd grade when my family moved to Oregon and by 6th we were sweethearts.

    We have many shared memories and friendships with our home town classmates. After our children were in grade school, Janet earned her Masters and returned to teaching: piano, senior English, choir and vocal ensemble. Now she loves being "Nana. Certified at the highest level of the financial field, she later began senior management with investment banking firms.

    He taught and coached wrestling at St. Christopher's in Richmond and was named Virginia State Coach of They love traveling, sailing, seeing friends and living in Richmond. After the World Arc Rally officially ended in Saint Lucia, Janet and I sailed home to Florida to begin our "family catch up" travels for the last half of We plan to visit David's family in Richmond, see all four of my siblings at a Long family gathering in Canada, visit Janet's brother and play a week of golf at his "Cabin Fever Tournament" in Phoenix, see Mindy in SF and attend the annual Hall family reunion in Oregon.

    Athletics: Company sports My dream was to be a naval officer and command ships at sea. I figured that going to the Naval Academy would best prepare me to be able to do that. After six months at prep school, I earned a competitive appointment to the Naval Academy. Yes, and I truly enjoyed the experience. In the process, I received an excellent education, friends who became brothers for life, and was able to live out my dream of command at sea.

    The Naval Academy allowed me to play a bit part in the significant events of my time. It has been both worthwhile and a privilege. Following graduation, I married Janet, my childhood sweetheart, and we began our naval career in San Diego. My first ship deployed to Vietnam in January ' After additional sea tours and the birth of our children, I was able to take command of an ATF as a Lieutenant.

    By the time our children were in graduate school, we had traveled our country and beyond. Janet earned a Masters and taught senior English and vocal music in San Diego. Our daughter Melinda was in senior management with investment banking firms and recently completed a World Arc circumnavigation with me on our sailboat. David and Suzanne are attorneys in Richmond and share life with our dear granddaughters, Charlotte and Millie. Did several tech start-ups and shutdowns and learned more about business than I ever thought possible.

    Joined the corporate turnaround firm The Hiller Group and became a partner. Retired for the first time at age Re-entered the workforce and founded Common Point Inc a software company, what else its Silicon Valley and sold it 8 years later for a fair profit. Retired again for good but still sit on a few boards and advise start-ups. We were doing a Subroc qualification off of Kauai the week before Christmas , wedding scheduled for Dec 27, and were delayed by problems on the other boat.

    My red eye flight back to the East Coast was rapidly approaching and it looked like we would be delayed past my departure date. Fearing missing the wedding more than the risk of being picked-up out of the cockpit of a rolling submarine, I approached the XO and CO about the possibility of catching a ride with the admiral. They approved, the admiral agreed and I got a cool ride back to Pearl via helo and the a Admirals plane, just in time to get to the airport for the red eye.

    Met Betsy at Submarine School, she was a senior at the Connecticut College for Women, and decided to make it a life together. Betsy has worked as a financial analyst, child advocate and college counselor, But most importantly raised our three children, one girl and two boys. All the children are married and living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    We also have two grandsons, 3 yrs. First retirement was filled with sailing. Second retirement has been much more traditional with golf, travel and of course much babysitting. We have traveled to China, Russia, Burma and a whole host of countries in between, but mostly we enjoy being with our grandchildren and watching them grow. I have also found time to rekindle a bad habit, restoring old cars. And a little time for a few boards and advising. Sharing a training room with Roger Staubach during Plebe Year boxing class after having my nose re-arranged.

    Assassination of President Kennedy November 22, Christmas leave Attending the Naval Academy was a dream of mine from early childhood. At the time I had aspirations of being a career officer and particularly a submarine officer. The academy experience really did not fulfill my initial expectations in that it sent me in a direction I had not anticipated, but the course my life took has been very fulfilling and satisfying, and I do owe that to my Academy experience even though the outcome was very different than originally envisioned.

    I can say, however, that the Navy and by extension the Academy opened up my horizons beyond what I had ever imagined at that point in my life. The analytical skills and organizational insights gained in the Navy served me well in trying to solve many of the difficult business problems I was called on to solve in my civilian career.

    My first job after graduation was with Coopers and Lybrand in San Francisco as a construction Industry expert. My last business venture, after an early retirement, was a software start-up that developed an innovative construction-planning tool. I now sit on a few boards and advise small companies. We were married on December 27, We have raised three great kids, all living in the San Francisco Area. While Betsy was busy raising the family she also found time to become a college counselor in one of top fifty high schools in the country.

    We had many wonderful family vacations on the Impromptu, a cutter rigged sloop, in the Caribbean, and the New England Coast. I had a strong desire to become a pilot in general; and specifically, to become a Naval Aviator Did the academy experience satisfy your expectations? My 8 years of commissioned service turned out to be exactly what I had dreamed it could be. Opting to continue my flying career in a civilian capacity, I transitioned to the field of Corporate Aviation.

    Now approaching 10 years since my last full time employment, I am currently winding down my post-retirement consulting career. I will likely continue with on-demand pilot services activities until either physical or competency limits dictate that I cease pilot services activities as well. My wife Virginia and I were married in ; we have two daughters, one son, and five grandchildren. We have lived in Houma, LA since Director of Operations, Orcon Corp. Interesting, Unusual, or Memorable Life Events: Leaving Yokuska on class can headed for home ran directly into a typhoon. Thought we could beat it, but got caught right in the middle.

    Green water over the bridge and 40 degree rolls. Completely in awe of Mother Nature. Tell us about your wife, children and grandchildren Susy and I were married on graduation day after a seven year courtship. We have two daughters and a son. All are married and we have five grandchildren. The oldest is a sophomore in college and the youngest are twin eight year old boys.

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    • When we retired we relocated to an active adult community in Brentwood, CA, where we enjoy many activities such as Bocci, bowling, hiking, just to name a few. We were lucky to be there to see him play. Return to: Table of Contents. Attended junior college for a year and wound up where I wanted to be all along.

      While I chose not to make the Navy a career choice, the lessons learned and values obtained more than prepared me for the rest of my life in the civilian world. Final Yearbook write-up for John Pepper: As a surface line officer on WestPac destroyers, I gained valuable experience leading groups of diverse individuals. As the senior advisor to a Vietnamese river patrol division, I experienced responsibilities at an early age that were greater than anytime in my life.

      I also gained in depth understanding of working with people of a totally different culture. My wife Susy and I were high school sweethearts and were married on graduation day. We have three wonderful children and five grandchildren, with a sixth on the way at this writing. Susy and I both had successful careers in the private sector and are now happily retired.

      Principal Occupation Only spent 3 years after graduation in Naval service was offered graduate school option , but incurred further damage to my knee and chose an NPQ discharge. In civilian life entered graduate school and earned Masters and then into an international banking career. Spent 10 years in the Middle East , Qatar and the UAE under service contracts to royal families developing equine operations. Tell us about your wife, children and grandchildren Married a lady from Spain and adopted her son as a stepchild.

      Currently divorced and with a life long mate—Sarah is her name. I tried for a couple of years without much success. But the most inerasable and indelible one is just the entire four years of accumulation of small memories of everyday living at Boat U and making friends that never change. I am one person who left the military early and disconnected from most of my 31st company classmates for nearly 40 years. When reunited at our 40th it became so immensely clear what a great thing occurred during those 4 years. Oh yes, and a month before graduation.

      I think I was with Dale Heely. Reed appeared and he asked if I was going up or downI said down, obviously. The few food fights. I applied because of the prestige and sense of doing something patriotic if called upon to serve. I liked organization and discipline and the idea of being part of a focused group. I attended a university one year waiting for my congressional appointment.

      Fraternity life and the social liberty that year were fine but not thoroughly gratifying. My expectations were not that compelling or focused. But the experience and personal growth were so very gratifying and met all anticipated gains. Upon graduation I had a sense of accomplishment and absolutely no regrets. My brief service experience were very gratifying but were altered due to my physical limitations of what I could do. At the time of graduation, Navy Air was off limits and thus I changed my long-term goal and opted out when an NPQ evaluation was offered.

      My memories and connections to close classmates will never fade, albeit, some regrets for not maintaining more frequent contact. Yes, my father had attended twice but did not graduate due primarily to the depression that forced him to leave to help his father.

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      But we were a disciplined family and both parents graduated from college. So no question about a college education. So off to MSU, fraternity life and all that entails for one year waiting to enroll. MSU was fun but not overly gratifying. So off to Boat U. Academy life was simply wonderful and come arounds plebe year not so bad. I seemed to excel some in the grease factor but not the kiss ass factor. Scholastically had decent grades, often fairly good. The daily life at the Academy was wonderful and never presented any real issues. My life took a turn to private and commercial life.

      Never accumulated a lot of wealth and never tried. But life has been good. Ryan, Jr. Tell us about your wife, children and grandchildren Judy and I were married in December while I was in Flight Training. Judy earned a Doctorate in Education and recently culminated her career as an educator as the Principal of one of the largest Elementary Schools in Fairfax County where she served for seven years. She and her husband, Dave, are the proud parents of our sevenyear-old granddaughter, Madison.

      In this position, I have led the fourth largest Veterans Service Organization with more than , members from all seven uniformed services. I have visited the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan during wartime, and listened to their concerns about military service. My personal time is spent with Judy and our family, enjoying time with our adult children, our granddaughter and my four siblings and their families. I initially attended the Naval Academy for the opportunity to get an education and to serve in the US Navy for several years and to become a pilot.

      Only upon arrival at the USNA did I realize the enormous opportunity and privilege to lead that was offered to graduates. The Naval Academy more than met my expectations. I am very proud of the professional atmosphere that currently exists at the USNA. With , members from all uniformed services, we have used our Powerful Voice to advocate for a strong National Defense and to keep our commitments to all who serve.

      Have vivid memories of doing uniform races to entertain the upper class no fun but blessed with faculty, coaches and Priests and upper class midshipman who became role models and mentors to this grandson of a coal miner. Our dad, a sergeant in World War II told us if we wanted a hot meal and shower we should join the Navy.

      Retired in August Retired for the second time in Dec It was a pleasure to work in the Catholic School for three years while my oldest excelled in Soccer, Basketball and Football. The second son was also a talented athlete who carried on the family tradition through Soccer, Basketball and Track. Because of my community involvement and natural good looks, I was chosen to carry the Olympic Torch as it passed through Macon, GA on the way to the Olympic Games in Atlanta.

      I have two grown sons and seven grandchildren two boys and five girls from just born to 10 years old. Both of my sons went to Catholic school and married Catholic women Is it that obvious? In May She also has had minor roles in Mame and Fiddler on the Roof. I was a starter on Defense as a Safety on the Plebe Football Team and have kept in touch with many shipmates and teammates. The Training Table saved me! Because I could stay awake in class, I got good grades and won Academic Stars for two semesters.

      In this way, both Calvin and Roger gained confidence and went on to have good careers in football at Navy. Anyway, thanks to at least nine other guys, the secret of The Sugar Shack was sacred. Jimmy always smiled. In the long run, I think they beat Spike. Living for the last two years with Jack Feehan has to be considered Humorous. Athletic Earned a Freshman Letter? I stayed for 20 years, then I was down-sized. Just needed to enlist in the Navy, get College Boards up and qualify for an appointment.

      Since I wanted to go to College, this was one way to do it, so, What the heck? I was the first of my generation to graduate from college OK, I refer to Navy as a college. I expected to get a College Degree and not much more, at that time. The transition from the Wardroom to a Faculty Lounge filled with women was a challenge. After three years of Fund Raising Campaigns, I left. I gained my Series 6 and Series 63 financial designations and attempted to sell Life Insurance.

      Having been so long in the Navy, I never knew what a Recession does to disposable income. So I found another job. I realized that the determination, fortitude and optimism to which I was exposed at USNA gave me an understanding that I could do anything. An initial lack of success in my early civilian career choices So, nowadays, I still fold my laundry neat in the drawer. Why, you say? Beat Army!! We had a Westpac tour in Japan, where second son was born.

      I retired in , struggled a bit to find a profession to provide for family and future. Later, I was schooled and certified to sell Insurance and Mutual Funds, but I had no experience with employment during a Recession The great battle against cancer my wife, Chris, fought and ultimately lost in July, We were all shocked when the Second Classmen came strolling down the passageway and caught us.

      Nobody checked to make sure they were in their room before we executed our plan. I decided I also wanted to be a pilot, but in the Navy, not the Marines. I deter I was not disappointed. The Academy experience very definitely met my expectations. It provided me with the background and discipline needed to succeed at the Naval Postgraduate School. None of that would have been possible without the USNA experience. I was a mission commander with my own crew and aircraft and subsequently got orders to NPS in the Operations Research Curriculum. We have two happily married sons and four grandkids.

      All these Operations Analysis jobs involved using modeling and simulation to evaluate the operational effectiveness of various Navy, Marine Corps, and Army weapon systems and sensors. Tell us about your wife, children and grandchildren Married 46 years. And grandkids. Enjoyed the camel races in Bahrain. Shifted focus in to a tight vertical market in security electronics for the detention industry, taking on responsibility for the western states for a national detention contractor.

      Family life began in with marriage to childhood next door neighbor, Juanita. Two families are local, one in Colorado. Lots of good family time. Re tained on active duty in a retired status. Conducted customer satisfaction surveys in fast food restaurants and movie theatres. Performed mystery shopper duties in fast food restaurants and auto repair and tire centers.

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      Participated in medical studies for testing of potential new drugs. Atlantic and Pacific and various military, industrial and shore activities; conducting periodic complete warehouse inventory; performing daily quality assurance and accountability checks of received and processed inventory items; drawing from inventory, processing the associated paperwork, packing and packaging items to be shipped to other commands. Atlantic Fleet. Logistics Analyst conducting configuration status accounting for General Purpose Electronic Test Equipment and Calibration Standards by physically inspecting each equipment, printing and affixing bar codes and recording same data in work file format.

      Atlantic Fleet and at designated other commands and activities within the region. Interesting, Unusual, or Memorable Life Events: As a midshipman and later as a naval officer my duties and assignments enabled me to visit many domestic and foreign cities, countries and locations which I probably would not have had the opportunity to do so as a civilian.

      Summer cruises and activities. Various food in the mess hall. I received an outstanding education, a commission in the Navy, and six months later, a draft notice from the Draft Board. I then attended U. I married Evleen M. We have 3 sons—Steven, Michael and David—who live in the Tidewater area. Left the Navy, a bit short on long range plans. Thus began travels that were supposed to last a couple of years max and wound up lasting 15, or so.

      I spent a year or two in LA helping a friend with a film project. Moved to Vegas and dealt blackjack for 2 or 3 years…fun for a while then not so much. Engineer Mar. She had caught mine earlier. I met ship in small boat transfer with the inspection team on the same boat several days later. We passed. One daughter lives in CT, where she runs an Episcopal church in Windsor. She provides a grandson, Max, born in Pleasantly retired for the final time and living with Sandy in Southeastern, Connecticut.

      As Home of the Submarine force, I was stationed here repeatedly, and it had certainly become Homeport, and a logical place to stay. Spend time refitting and overhauling our year old home, and serious hobbies in photography and. But the Air Force did not have nuclear powered aircraft, sooooooo…. Yes, USNA completely satisfied my expectations. We learned much in the classroom, and we experienced much whilst on summer cruises and additional practical training. I was disappointed at the reliance placed on hazing, and am convinced that to the extent it was rampant all Plebe year it was out of control.

      Current methods bear this out as unnecessary. Summary Yearbook write-up for Dave Candler: As a nuclear. Married Sandy after she graduated from Univ. So we retired from the Navy and stayed in Southeastern CT where we completed raising our two daughters. Sandy had a career in nursing, and primary hobby of horseback riding.

      Diesing, Jr. CWS, Inc. Participated in NCAA golf championship. At the time, I had no idea what to expect! My parents were right! It took me awhile, but I have come to realize that attending USNA was most definitely an honor and an accomplishment of which I am quite proud! Summary Yearbook write-up for Jack Diesing:. Returning to my hometown of Omaha, I started my civilian career. I have been married to my wife Terri for 38 years. We have three grown children and four grandchildren — all residing in Omaha. Retired at 56 to go sailing.

      Crewed for 4 years on other boats then bought my own 48 ft. Still have a few sea miles to log. Tell us about your wife, children and grandchildren: Married twice first one is Sally, my cousin, who most might remember years and two daughters; Sara, an MD in Santa Barbara, CA and Anna, a school teacher in Maine she has a 12 year old daughter, Emma.

      Second wife is Lori years happily married, no children. Went sailing, lost Lori, still looking forward. Retired life is a blast on a sailboat-nothing much to do but hang out on the sea or in a lagoon, visit various countries, surf, dive and read. An easy life free of bills, car, telephone or time demands. What, me wear a watch? Not on your life. Freedom was precious! Final Yearbook write-up for Rich Dill: My experience in the Navy provided me with the inner fortitude to carry on when others quit.

      Looking back, this military experience gave me a strong sense of self and an attitude that never comes from fear. When I was shot in the back in RVN and survived, I realized that there is a higher power in charge of my life. Emphasizing this freedom is my chosen lifestyle. Principal Occupation Nuclear power utility industry, in retirement a Port Commissioner Interesting, Unusual, or Memorable Life Events: Underway navy operational situations and keeping a ship running with no support.

      Conception and establishment of an operations directorate for commercial nuclear power plants. Running for office and dealing with the world of an election campaign. Writing and enacting state legislation. Being in the cursillo movement. Ocean racing in storms.

      She earned a doctorate in adult education and now develops interactive, computer-based training for corporate clients. She also set up a Park District to run the campus and was elected to be a park commissioner. Daughter Kriss lives in Mt. Vernon, Ohio with her husband and our granddaughter Katie. Living the dream in the Pacific Northwest with lots of volunteer work. I own and work on several sail boats. I also illustrate, and draw cartoons for a column I write in our local paper. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: 'I served in the United States Navy.

      This is especially memorable as he was assassinated four months later. Racing the yawls was an opportunity unique in the world. Awards Received Thompson Award for public relations Numerous local for community service.

      PDF User Manual for Device and Web Application

      Academic Achievement Masters in Engineering Management. The ships I was privileged to drive, and their crews, were a gift. My thirty Navy years included seven submarines, starting with a diesel boat and ending with a Trident. I was on the civilian start-up team for the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations. Utility leadership shopped the concept and INPO was formed. For fun I sail, illustrate and draw cartoons for a monthly column I also write. After a career as a management accountant at GE and as a consultant, Bobbie got her education doctorate.

      She develops interactive training for corporate clients. She also set up a park district to run it and is a park commissioner. Yeah I married up. I have a daughter and granddaughter in Ohio, and a dog at home, Bobbie and I and get inspiration through our church. I was Gunnery Officer and Navigator for two combat tours in Vietnam.

      Naval Reserves In , I began my career in the Aerospace industry. I retired from Litton in as Senior Vice President responsible for engineers, analysts and technicians. Some of my best memories are from the Naval Academy as well as my time in the Navy. Looking back, I would not trade that experience at the Academy for any other educational institution I know of.

      I learned much more than what was to be gained from just academics, with values much more lasting. Our children have attended some great educational institutions, including Johns Hopkins U. My wife Suzanne and I have a total of 8 children and 7 grand children. We spend most of our time on the Savage River in Western Md. I still haven't quite retired. She was an Ensign in the Nurse Corps and stayed in the Reserves after active duty and retired as a Captain.

      Little did I know then that marrying a nurse was a very wise move. Two major incidents on first combat cruise with VA in '' First combat hop, experienced an aircraft fire which required an emergency landing in Da Nang on only the nose wheel and tailhook. On February 6, our A6 Intruder was shot down near Tchepone, Laos - the fourth combat loss of that cruise.

      My pilot and I were rescued the following day, and the only complete aircrew to be saved on that cruise. Lived through a massive air show before the helo picked us up and we got to play forward air control for bombing and strafing runs. Drury's book "My Secret War". He was the leader of our SAR effort. Recalled from retirement to work for NETC for an additional year. Jessica Fraser Hernandez - doctor of physical therapy married to Randy Hernandez, also a doctor of physical therapy produced two grandsons, Noah and Isaac.

      Retired life is good. Great travel experiences to Europe with '67 roommates and families. Fun and travel on three additional Youngster Cruises was great as a lieutenant. Those quarters were perfect for raising two young daughters and enjoying all the amenities of the Naval Academy. It was usually in a display case in Luce Hall. The ornate wooden sextant box was replete with Nazi eagle and swastika. Our cruise took us to Kiel, Germany and I was tasked to tour a group of German officers. Getting ready to step through a hatch, I remembered the sextant box would be in full view of our guests and could only imagine the international incident and career ending episode.

      As I stepped through the hatch, my chief just looked at me and said, "I got it L-T". Yet another career salvaged by a wise Navy Chief and mind reader. Watching "Victory at Sea" combined with a visit to USNA as a high school junior solidified my desire to become a naval officer. A lot of USNA is about "image" and the reality doesn't always live up to the image. Also, once caught several Mids in my class cheating on a Navigation final.

      One was tossed, others were not, based on some new concept of a sliding scale of honor, where a youngster couldn't be expected to fully understand the Honor Concept. Sports, especially football, are over emphasized. Nevertheless, lifelong friends among '67 classmates and company mates are a highlight of attendance at this federal institution. Summary Yearbook write-up for Don Fraser: Fifty years CAN be covered in words, but that only amounts to 6 words per year - so a lot will be skipped and is probably superfluous anyway.

      Navy flight training gave me the keys to the sky and provided many of my most terrifying moments in these elapsed 50 years. Flying as a bombardier navigator in the Grumman A6 Intruder fulfilled a lifelong dream of blowing things up, but getting shot down in combat over Laos and camping out overnight before rescue, followed by three months in various hospitals more than evened any scores in my book. Came home to the new residence and met my future wife whose family was our next-door neighbors. Tell us about your wife, children and grandchildren Sherry and I were married in and have three children.

      She and her husband also a Navy Civil Servant-Community Planner and are the parents of a girl and a boy. They have been transferred to DC area from Norfolk. I look forward to retired life…. Except for the European river cruises that my Bride and I really enjoy, I have yet to sample retirement.

      Unfortunately for him, his new tennis shoes stuck to the waxed floor, so every step that he took made a "Wheepa" sound. Everyone was laughing by the time he rounded the corner and he really couldn't fry us all Awards Received. I believed that my family had unfinished business. Did the academy experience satisfy your expectations: Yes, my expectations were met. I doubt that I would have graduated from a civilian college where there was no discipline.

      In return for those four years, I have gained lifelong friends with whom I still visit, travel, and hoist a few. Many notorious adventures later, we arrived back home and commenced flight training. Rapidly realizing that learning to fly was going to be tough without continuous encouragement, at Christmas , I married Sherry, the girl who lived next door. That was the beginning of a great marriage that got me through 26 years of Naval Aviation, produced three wonderful kids, and enhanced 22 years thus far of a civilian career.

      I made a Vietnam cruise with that East Coast squadron, and later made an East Coast cruise with a West Coast squadron, so it all evened-out. Dunleavy's staff a fantastic leader! That has been my career ever since; same customers and support team, transitioning seven different companies.

      I haven't determined how to retire yet, but my Bride and I travel through Europe twice a year already so we are practicing. We have three great kids ; Rusty got his dream job as a Sr. Wonderful career, wonderful wife, three super kids and four little grand kids. Lucky guy. Interesting, Unusual, or Memorable Life Events: 5, combat flight hours, combat missions, 20 years hazardous duty involving flying, 16 million books donated to disadvantaged children in the Philippines.

      Time spent fighting poverty and promoting peace through public education development work throughout the Philippines. Catching flights home at Christmas and Summer Leave. I started flying Navy fighters while still in high school. I expected to be assured assignment to flight school upon graduation from Navy. My military training helped me survive and Return to: Table of Contents. United States Naval Academy - Class of - 50th Anniversary succeed in intensive combat challenges aboard ship and in aviation battlespace.

      USNA leadership training gave me the confidence and intelligence to create and lead a major international education aid program in the Philippines for 34 years. Twenty years and 5, singleseat, single-engine light attack combat flight hours later, I retired to become an airline pilot for the following eighteen years. I served in three destroyers and two aircraft carriers on sea duty all over the world facing the enemies of the United States. My best move was to marry my lovely wife, Nancy, who taught me the joys of public service. USNA prepared me to make decisions without fear and to initiate action without hesitation; a valuable initiation to a career of life-anddeath responsibility.

      Tell us about your wife, children and grandchildren Married Pamela Dietz in June Our only grandchild, Asher, born in , lives in Santa Barbara. I still play tennis and golf on a regular basis. My wife and I travel extensively. And finally, developing lifelong friendships with classmates! I wanted a quality education and a chance to fly.

      I was unsure of what to expect and wound up enjoying almost every minute of the experience. After my aviation career, I flew a very small desk at the Joint Staff in the Pentagon. Staying in D. Other activities have included serving as president of my homeowners association for 8 years, being a scout leader, and involvement in youth soccer.

      Pam and I have been married for 48 years and have three grown children born in Maine, Texas, and California. Our two daughters now live in Santa Barbara — our son in D. We have one grandchild — so far — a seven year-old grandson. I sought a college education and a commission.