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I really liked the father daughter bond , that Lynnie and John Russo share. I am yet to see a teenager I know do that. And part of me still blamed him just because he was the one who said it. Because if you show something it will be real, not just for you but for him. I started taking care of him right that moment. I had to let it go. He had been through enough and I was all he had. Firstly , it did grow monotonous somewhere half way through, got a little philosophical for a YA.

It went back to fast and interesting within 4 to 5 of pages. Secondly , the cover. Come on , they could have done better than that. If not for these 2 little glitches , the book is a wonderful read. Highly recommended for teens and adults alike May 10, Jennifer Wardrip rated it really liked it Shelves: trt-posted-reviews , read-by-other-reviewers. I knew she had also written some books, but I hadn't read any.

Lynnie Russo doesn't remember much about her mom, but she's about to learn way more than she Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadToo. Lynnie Russo doesn't remember much about her mom, but she's about to learn way more than she ever thought there was to know. Her mom died in what everyone refers to as a "bad car wreck. Everyone there is known for something, and this is Lynnie's "something. Lynnie's expectations are not necessarily new, maybe a modest used VW, but definitely a car.

Her dad hands her a small box. Car keys? Nope, just a cheap looking charm bracelet with birds on it. You've got to be kidding. Where's the car? Dad says there isn't one. There is something else though. Lynnie's dad also gives her a manuscript. It is a letter written by her mother back when she was fifteen, almost sixteen. It is supposed to explain her mother's life.

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All Lynnie knows as she begins to read the lengthy letter to some mysterious Noah person; it is not a car. Barbara Hall takes readers on a journey with Lynnie as she discovers a huge secret about her mother's life. Imagine thinking you know the people who have surrounded you for your entire life only to discover a whole other world full of secrets. Apr 25, Debbie rated it liked it. Oh please.

Confessions and Revelations of a Cartographer

Nice twist to the story. Would never have read it without the recommendation of the librarian. Definitely for 8th grade and older readers. Feb 04, Casle rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This started slow and confusing. But the story is compelling. But no one believes! Mar 13, Sasha Singh rated it it was amazing. But fate had something else for her, she gets a bracelet. An ugly bracelet, with deformed birds on it. Like all teenagers, it seems like the world is ending, and to teach her dad a lesson she decides to ditch school.

But an outstanding student can't ever do something rowdy wit "Your mother wanted you to have this when it seemed like you were losing perspective. But an outstanding student can't ever do something rowdy without feeling guilt. During this time, she has the chance to realize her family is different. Different from all of her friends. Her parents didn't grow up here, they didn't live a Southern California life. And most importantly, she doesn't know anything about her dead mother.

Barbara Hall's "The Noah Confessions" is a great example of a frame narrative.

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When her dad realizes, she is old enough to know the truth; he gives her a Manila envelope. She starts to read and is intrigued, because it is a series of letters her mom wrote to some guy named Noah. Thus creating this story inside of a story, her moms life inside of her dads life inside of Lynnie's life. Another great thing about this book is the symbolism.

The cemetery is a great part of the protagonist life.

Mac’s bad beer behaviour and other tales…

She can't seemed to understand why she keeps going back there everyday, almost as if there is something her mom hasn't told her and she'll get the answers in the cemetery. By the end of the book, when she knows the truth about her family, she doesn't need to go there everyday. She knows it's time to let go. The suspense in this book is absolutely thrilling. One can't wait to find out what is wrong with her family. What kind of things her mom has done! How she is different from everyone else.

This book is one of those books that is hard to come by, so it will be definitely enjoyed people who wonder about human behavior and the brain. Mar 10, Melissa rated it liked it. She rebels by cutting school to go surfing. He hands Lynnie a journal, written by her mother. The more Lynnie reads, the more intrigued she gets. Who is this mysterious Noah her mother is writing to? The secrets contained inside shock Lynnie to the core.

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Is she mature enough to deal with the truth about her mother? The Noah Confessions is an intriguing novel with a lot of life lessons thrown in. Teens should be able to identify with Lynnie and the things she goes through. The things she finds out about her mother help her to put her own life into perspective and to realize what is really important. The story moves along slowly at times; more than once I grew a little bored waiting for something more interesting to happen. One complaint I always have with journal-style novels is the same in this one—the journal writing is totally unrealistic.

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People cannot remember long, involved conversations enough to write them down as a pages-long narrative in their journal. It always throws me when I see journal entries like that and causes me to pause.

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Otherwise, The Noah Confessions will appeal to teens looking for a story with heart and a message about the choices we make and how it affects our lives. Dec 07, Makayla Books Galore rated it it was amazing. The cover is was drawed me to this book. I want to know how the ocean and the fire played a part in this book, and who the girl is on the cover.

In the end i looked at the cover again and i could tell you what the cover was telling you. I won't tell you what it means, you will just have to read the book yourself, you will not regreat it. I even have my sister reading the book, and she is not a book reader. Throughout the book you learn about Lynnies dark family's past, and what they did for true love. It was a heart warming book, that had you feeling strongly for her mom, though all the pain she went though in her life.

I hope that you all give this amazing book a try. Barbara Hall has a way with her words, with the letter within, that tell you about things that you can't beleive. I rated this book a well earned 5 out of 5.

Oct 13, Greg rated it really liked it. Lynnie learns from her mothers mistakes and she learns about her mother. She was just a normal girl. Who wanted a car for her birthday. Instead she receives a letter, written by her mother that Lynnie did not know for long. The intricacies of each story is fascinating and has the reader desperately reading. The Noah Confessions is a wonderful novel--I know I am not giving it justice by throwing words such as "suspenseful" and "wonderful" but trust me--you don't want to miss out on this story. I fell in love with every character. Barbara Hall wrote a fascinating story about understanding your past--and understanding yourself.

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