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Vrain Innovation Center. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! September 17, August 9, Phone Fax Contact us: info gettingsmart. Services Interested in working with us? Accommodates ELLs through differentiated instruction and accelerated learning.

English across the curriculum

Further supports language growth with a standards-aligned custom curriculum that integrates phonics and fluency practice. Used in a mainstream classroom, this is often used in a flex rotation model, where teachers can work with small groups of students. Students take initial Lexile reading tests to determine groupings. DreamBox Learning Math combines Pre-K-8 math curriculum in English and Spanish with a game-like learning environment and real-time feedback for each student. Typical use is as part of a blended learning model, but schools see increased learning outcomes across all implementation models.

Math curriculum that spans 14 grade levels and is fully aligned to the Common Core State Standards.


Eureka Math is a complete and coherent curriculum that can be used as a primary curriculum across all grade levels. The specific ELL tools emphasize strong language, literacy and communication development through engaging and empowering lessons and activities. Lexia Reading Core5. An adaptive, personalized reading program designed for students of all abilities.

Core5 is designed to support ELL users through a scope and sequence with adaptive branching in all of the lessons that includes direct instruction if the student struggles with an activity. Vocabulary strategies are emphasized and include picture and verbal supports as well as off-line instructional resources.

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An adaptive reading platform with access to over 80, literary titles. ELL students access an embedded dictionary with Spanish and Mandarin translations, hundreds of Spanish language texts, and text-to-speech functionality.


My Math by McGraw-Hill. The program provides techniques for differentiating instruction to accomodate all learners, including ELL students. Ideally, students use both online and in-person instruction with tools. An online collection of daily news articles from media sources. The platform and content allows ELLs to access relevant non-fiction content in both English and Spanish and at 5 different reading levels. ELLs can toggle between different levels in English and Spanish.

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Content is accompanied by standards- aligned quizzes. To be used daily in the classroom to build reading comprehension and literacy while providing an engaging way for students to learn about the world around them. English grammar activities for K students covering 42 language standards. Quill offers verb tense activities targeted at ELLs.

They are about to launch a text to speech feature so that students can listen to the text while reading. A comprehensive blended learning solution that provides strategic reading intervention in three stages, each with age-appropriate content. Read has solutions for ELLs through inclusion of explicit academic language instruction, opportunities for structured academic discussion, scaffolded writing techniques and added teacher support.

5 Succsessful ESL Speaking Activites

A flexible rotation model designed to help teachers address students at all levels of intervention. Districts can successfully implement READ in a single, extended or double period with up to 27 students per class. Free, research-based content, teacher guidance and integrated tools for teaching reading comprehension. Some specific ELL adaptations include: images that accompany passages; images that support specific academic vocabulary words at the lowest reading levels; images that are incorporated into the lowest level question sets; graphic organizers associated with lessons and units; Spanish cognates where applicable in vocabulary support offering; questions focusing on signal words and syntax as part of most recent question set template; audio versions of texts currently in development ; and a growing number of visual and multimedia supports.

Allows for an incredible amount of flexibility in use. Can be used as a supplement or main resource for reading comprehension materials and curriculum. Article metrics information Disclaimer for citing articles. Login options Log in.

What the Research Says on Instruction for English Learners Across Subject Areas

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6. Look out for culturally unique vocabulary.

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