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Published Date: 8th May Page Count: Free Shipping Free global shipping No minimum order. Coverage of computer-guided surgery from treatment planning to recovery includes a combination of actual 3-D computed imagery and clinical photos to clearly demonstrate implant surgeries.

Bone grafting protocols address 3-D evaluation of bone density and the use of bone grafts to augment bone volume prior to dental implant surgery.

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Over 1, full-color images include pre-, intra-, and post-operative photographs, showing pathologies, procedures, and outcomes. Expert, authoritative authors provide guidance based upon extensive experience with current techniques as well as the latest technological advances in guided-implant surgery.

A companion website includes 10 video clips that are linked to selected clinical cases in the text. Digital book formats supplement the print book, making this reference easy to access on iPads, tablets, e-readers, and smart phones. Due to soft tissue tension it often results in the displacement or complete resorbtion of the graft, dehiscence of the overlying soft tissue and subsequent loss of the graft.

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This case report describes a new approach to vertical alveolar ridge augmentation using a titanium mesh scaffold, Bio-GIde collagen membrane, and an admixture of cortico-cancellous anterior iliac crest bone and Bio-Oss xenograft material. The titanium mesh scaffold was used to establish and contain the desired height and bulk of the graft. The collagen membrane which was laid over the titanium mesh was used to isolate and seal the graft from the oral cavity as well and to prevent infiltration of granulation tissue into the hard tissue matrix.

There was a small area of membrane perforation over the titanium mesh during the healing period. This area was noted to have some soft tissue infiltration and a small loss of graft material.

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  • Bone Grafting Techniques for Maxillary Implants;

The overall bulk and height of the graft under the mesh was maintained, and significant alveolar ridge height and bulk was achieved. The titanium scaffold technique showed promising initial results for vertical ridge height and bulk augmentation. It is a tool that can be used to augment large defects where other techniques may be less predictable. Our hypothesis is that if there were not a membrane perforation complete retention of the graft would have been achievable.

This may be rectified in using a dual membrane or a thicker material. More cases and further study are needed to establish predictability and long-term retention of the graft. A guided bone regeneration technique for vertical bony augmentation in the maxilla.

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J Dent Implant ; Case report. Figure 1: Post debridement panorex Click here to view. Figure 2: Cone beam volumetric tomography scan showing a three-dimensional defect Click here to view. Figure 3: Pre-operative photo Click here to view.

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  7. Figure 5: Mesh and Putty Click here to view. Figure 6: Intra-operative graft harvesting Click here to view. Figure 7: Installation of titanium mesh and graft injection Click here to view.

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    Figure 8: Use of a collagen membrane to contain the graft Click here to view. Figure 9: Flap advancement and closure Click here to view. Figure Cone beam volumetric tomography before and after Click here to view. Figure Simplant rendering of gained bone volume, before and after Click here to view. Figure Simplant treatment planning Click here to view.