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Smurfette tells the Genie it was a mean thing to do. Not wanting to leave anyone out, the genie conjures up more cakes and sends them flying into the faces of the other Smurfs.

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The genie uses his magic to make Hefty wallop himself in the face. Gargamel is rifling through his book shelf, trying to find a particular book. Inside, he finds the magic words that will grant him three wishes from Genie Meanie. The Smurfs are fed up with the genie and tell him to leave the village. He refuses to leave, so the Smurfs charge towards him.

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The genie snaps his fingers and the Smurfs are sent running backwards, all the way into a river. Some forest animals get scared away by the sound of Gargamel yelling through a megaphone-like object. The genie hears him and appears. He informs Gargamel that he only has 10 minutes in which to make his wishes, because sundown is fast approaching.

The Smurfs run for their lives as Gargamel plucks them up one by one. Meanwhile, a carrot-faced Papa Smurf is in his lab with Brainy, frantically searching for the magic words. The Smurfs fight back by pelting their foes with smurfberries. Gargamel uses his last two wishes in an effort to get all the Smurfs in his basket. Only Brainy and Papa Smurf remain free. They escape the lab and run away. Gargamel orders the genie to stop them, but he refuses because Gargamel has no more wishes left.

Azrael has the two Smurfs cornered, but Papa Smurf finds the magic words in the nick of time. Gargamel and the genie are aghast. The genie grants the wish and the two shrunken villains run away to the riverbank and board a raft. Gargamel and Azrael change back to normal size and sink their tiny raft.

They go over a waterfall and Gargamel vows to get the Smurfs. The genie is about to retire back to his bottle, but Papa Smurf uses the remaining few seconds to make his last wish. His wish is that Genie Meanie stays in his bottle until he stops being mean. The genie cries foul and says he likes being mean. The Smurfs toss the bottle into the river. Grouchy says he hates wishes! Elsewhere, a creepy castle sits atop an isolated mountain. An ugly, bald, snorting witch named Hogatha is inside the castle, admiring herself in front of a mirror. She mounts a large vulture and flies off. The vulture gets struck by lightning and crashes to the ground.

Back in the Smurf village, Greedy is in bed with a massive stomach ache. They try to help him feel better by vigorously fluffing his pillow while his head is still on it , feeding him medicine which tastes terrible , and cranking up his bed which sends him crashing onto the floor. Smurfette gathers flowers in the forest in the hopes they will cheer up Greedy. She finds the locket and decides to keep it.

Hogatha suddenly senses that her locket is gone and that someone else has put it on. She runs through the forest in a panic and stumbles upon a house, which belongs to none other than Gargamel. He kicks her out of the house. They roam the forest and eventually come to the spot where Hogatha lost the locket.

They find little footprints, which Gargamel identifies as Smurf footprints, meaning the Smurfs must have taken the locket! Gargamel offers to lead Hogatha to the Smurf village, but only if he gets to keep the Smurfs. They make a deal and shake on it.

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Strange things begin to happen after Smurfette finds the locket. Next, Jokey gives a present to Smurfette. It explodes in her face. Jokey runs away. Are Smurfs alone in the universe? He throws magic dust onto the three stricken Smurfs, but it has no effect. About this product. Stock photo.

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Visit Genieland! Genie was asked to leave her school there because of all her mixed-up magic.

And now she's broken a major rule by not protecting her special genie watch. Will Ali and Genie be able to get the hourglass repairedor will Ali stay the size of a pencil forever?