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Whipping from the boardwalk to the beach and back again, Mad Mouse , like Tilt A Whirl , keeps zigging and zagging at a breakneck pace, all the way to the surprising finish.

Chris Grabenstein

Read the first chapter! Check out the Reading Group Discussion Questions! Highly recommended. Likable good guys, plausible bad guys, a sensile plot and a supple prose style that moves from breezy to poignant.

With agile humor, neat plotting, unexpected sweetness, and an irresistible duo, Grabenstein offers a hip new form of cozy. And like that ride, Mad Mouse moves briskly, slowing down occasionally to allow readers to catch their breath before speeding up again with heart-stopping action We hope there's an endless supply of amusement rides that Grabenstein can draw on for his titles. He's a writer born to run with the good thing he has created. Bernadette — I remember your positive review of Tilt a Whirl. It sounds as though this one was at least as good. Like Like. Thanks again! Reactions to Reading.

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I found the case the author made against bullying was a little too blatant; could have been more subtle for sure, but it was effective. The way the shooter's father treated him was also effective in establishing how the kid had been set up as a target from an early age. You know what you're getting with Grabenstein and it's pretty good. De : Chris Grabenstein. Lu par : Jeff Woodman. Description It's almost Labor Day, and the end of summer could mean the end of someone's life in this exciting sequel to Chris Grabenstein's Tilt-a-Whirl.

Critiques "With agile humor, neat plotting, unexpected sweetness, and an irresistible duo, Grabenstein offers a hip new form of cozy. Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade.

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Review: Mad Mouse by Chris Grabenstein | Reactions to Reading

Whack a Mole Laughed my butt off while at the same time being strung along by the Author's, Chris Grabenstein, plot at a crisp pace. MadMouse Really fun read. This book will crack you up! Very Enjoyable!

Seapack is back Danny, a fledgling police officer, and Seapack, a former MP and now a veteran detective, are on a mission to stop a sniper in their sleepy little town of Sea Haven. Really fun murder mystery? Good 2 I'm liking this series so far. The Delayed Effects of Bullying Even a mad mouse can be dangerous when he chooses to attack.

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