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Reflecting prisms are pieces of glass bounded by plane surfaces set at carefully specified angles. Some of these surfaces transmit light,….

Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Some of these surfaces transmit light, some reflect light, while some serve both functions in succession. A prism is thus an assembly of plane reflectors at relatively fixed angles,….

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The path of a light ray bends refracts when it passes from one transparent medium to another—e. See that plugin's documentation for configuration details. If you want to use Prism on the server or through the command line, Prism can be used with Node. Requiring prismjs will load the default languages: markup , css , clike and javascript.


You can load more languages with the loadLanguages utility, which will automatically handle any required dependencies. Note : Do not use loadLanguages with Webpack or another bundler, as this will cause Webpack to include all languages and plugins. Use the babel plugin described above. This is the list of all languages currently supported by Prism, with their corresponding alias, to use in place of xxxx in the language-xxxx or lang-xxxx class:.

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Prism The latest news and comment on Prism the national security electronic surveillance program operated by the United States National Security Agency. James Clapper pressed for number of citizens US collects data on.

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Eight Democrats and six Republicans made the request in a letter, reflecting the continued bipartisan concerns over the scope of US data espionage. Published: 23 Apr Published: 8 Dec More than 17, sign up to Austrian student's Facebook privacy class action. Published: 5 Aug Intelligence services 'creating vast databases' of intercepted emails.

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Published: 18 Jul GCHQ surveillance hearing to begin. Published: 14 Jul Egypt's police seek ability to monitor social media for signs of dissent. IT companies asked to provide system which scans Facebook and Twitter for profanity, insults and incitements to protest. Published: 2 Jun