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This is the salvation from samsara. For religious rituals, followers gather in a temple or in their own homes. Temples are used during religious festivals and joyous occasions, but not always in marriages and funerals. Ahimsa — do no harm 2.

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Satya — do not lie 3. Asteya — do not steal 4. Brahmacharya — do not overindulge 5.


Aparigraha — do not be greedy 6. Saucha — be clean 7. Santosha — be content 8.

What Are the Legally Accepted Features of a Hindu?

Tapas — be self-disciplined 9. Svadhyaya — study Ishvara Pranidhana — surrender to God. The Vedas are the oldest, about years old. They are a collection of hymns, prayers, and magic spells.

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The Upanishads are stories and parables told by gurus teachers to their students. The Mahabharata is a story of a war between two royal families. The Bhagavad Gita is a very popular part of this text. The Ramayana is a story of the god Rama and the rescue of his wife Sita from Ravana, the evil demon king. Hindus hold strong beliefs about non-violence, integrity, celibacy outside of marriage, cleanliness, purity, prayer, meditation and perseverance. In Hinduism, yoga is a form of puja, a means of meditating to connect with the Divine, and a way to develop the multi-faceted self mind, body and spirit.

What is the origin of Yoga and Hinduism?

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Definition - What does Hinduism mean? The Yogapedia Podcast is back! Listen to the newest episode now!

Yogapedia explains Hinduism Full of rituals and various observations, Hinduism is thought to be the oldest religion in the world that is still practiced today. Share this:. Related Terms. Related Articles. A Guide to Hinduism's Leading Goddesses.

Core Beliefs of Hindus

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