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Yes, absolutely.

There are a lot of changes in our next generation system that make living in and working within the cloud easier. We introduce scriptable builds making container deployments easier. We introduce more modularity, letting us drop unneeded components. We introduce additional abstractions for many common system requirements, such as the database, making it easier to swap in the best fit technology for individual use cases.

In a word, Linux. When you are a primary component in traditional server, container, IOT device and mobile markets worldwide, it stops being a fringe element, and becomes mainstream. A lot of wonderful Open Source software goes along with this, especially the GNU tools, to make it viable.

Top 10 Open Source Social Network Development Platforms- Create Your Social Media

One thing people seem to assume is that the enterprise use of Open Source is a recent development. It has been growing internally for years, with each positive experience opening the way for more adoption. Recently, Open Source usage has become visible enough that it is impossible to deny it any longer and retain any image of respectability. It is fashionable now, and the business benefits are enormous.

This pattern has a lot of similarity to the natural cycle of adaptation, as described by Geoffrey Moore in his book "Crossing the Chasm". Enough enterprise solutions went with Open Source to assure others that the risks and benefits were well defined and manageable. Then, the holdouts and doubters could join the party with minimal risk. Now that it is proven, strategies to maximize the benefit abound. While in many cases, some of the changes were driven by the desire for "cost saving", we're also in the middle of "Innovation" movement happening around the world, with even the city governments looking to become a "Smart City" or "Intelligent community".

More and more companies are looking for the cutting edge new and innovative ideas, and they've realized that Open Source is also "Open Innovation" and if they don't use Open Source, they will fall behind their competitors. Clearly, embracing and effectively using Open Source became a source of competitive advantage. Time and remuneration can be a significant problem. While open source is exciting work, there are other responsibilities and daily activities that, in some cases, make it difficult to dedicate the time needed to make progress in open source development. Solid communication is essential to good team collaboration.

In XOOPS, as in most Open Source projects, there are developers from all over the world, with various personalities, different cultural backgrounds, using different languages or having different level of English proficiency, and finally, different ages. This can lead to a variety of problems such as disagreements, or even major communication breakdowns and animosities. Staying focused in a world of constant advancement is another concern. Technology keeps advancing, which is great, but tracking that change becomes a very consuming activity.

With so many different exciting developments around the world, it's always easy to want to try to incorporate the latest shiny new technology or gadget in the project, but as a consequence, slowing down the overall development, or adding too many features that have negative impact on performance.

What makes the FastCloud Awesome

The changes, like PHP 7 and standards such those advanced by PHP FIG, are making wonderful things possible — interoperability that would never have been practical before are now common, making the sharing of open source libraries more effective than ever. Combine that change with technologies up and down the stack.

Does this Bootstrap work with this version of jQuery? Does this work in Nginx? BTW, yes. Can version X of Y work with version A of B? I have a module written in , can you make it work? There is so much change, that the learning, tracking and deploying efforts sometime consume more time than new development, but we love the challenges and to make our users happy! There were not really two years. XOOPS 2. But a release cycle is a delicate balance to maintain. But, any users, or potential users, need a system today, not just out in the future, so we also need to maintain the current series of XOOPS 2.

He decided to pursue further studies in the computer sciences by entering into the first year of university at the University of Kent in Canterbury, England. He then immigrated to Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, and started his second year of university at the University of Waterloo a hot bed of talent for Microsoft. He graduated with an honours degree in computer science in After graduating from university, Steve had one interview at the Toronto Dominion Bank at their head office in Toronto and was immediately accepted before he had finished his interview.

Steve worked as a mainframe software engineer for six years in Toronto, for several large well known financial companies like Royal Bank, before moving to Vancouver, Canada. He then moved away from the mainframe world and into the client server and desktop world, where he worked as a consultant for five years for many companies in Vancouver, such as the Vancouver Stock Exchange. Since , Steve has been helping the University of British Columbia improve the information technology infrastructure for two large departments. To this end, he has been developing IT policies and procedures, capacity planning, chairing and participating in various committees for IT initiatives, preparing for disaster recovery using virtualization technologies, and ensuring that high security of all servers, desktops, and networks is enforced.

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Here is the list of top 10 open-source platforms to create a social network:

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