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The "solution" to this problem was to fly at low altitudes, minimizing the radar line-of-sight and reducing exposure time. Because of dense air at low altitudes, the B could not fly at supersonic speeds and its moderate range was reduced further, negating the costly high-speed performance of the design. In late , Secretary McNamara ordered retirement of the B by Despite efforts of the Air Force to earn a reprieve, the phaseout proceeded on schedule.

The fleet survived until , when nearly all remaining aircraft were sold to Southwestern Alloys for disposal. This was designed for low-altitude attack, to be more flexible with the carriage of conventional weapons, and less expensive to produce and maintain. A total of Bs were produced: 30 trial aircraft and 86 production BA models. Most of the trial aircraft were later upgraded to operational standard. Eight were equipped as TBA training aircraft.

A number of Bs were used for special trials. One was specially modified to test the Hughes radar system intended for the Lockheed YF interceptor and the North American F Rapier , which had an extended nose to accommodate the radar and was nicknamed "Snoopy" see Aircraft on Display.

Several improved and usually enlarged variants, named BB and BC by the manufacturer, were proposed but never built.

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The B set 19 world speed records, including coast-to-coast records , and the longest supersonic flight in history. As of [update] , this record still stands. One of the goals of the flight was to push the limit of its new honeycomb construction technique. The speed of the flight was limited only by the speed at which they believed the honeycomb panels would delaminate, although one of the afterburners malfunctioned and the last hour of the flight was continued at subsonic speed.

This reduced the average speed to roughly Mach 1. Some of the record winning aerospace trophies the B won were the Bleriot trophy, the Thompson trophy, the Mackay trophy, the Bendix trophy and the Harmon trophy. Deutschendorf, Sr. In September , a B on training flight from Carswell Air Force Base suffered a fire and failure of the left main gear. A chase aircraft was sent to examine the aircraft in flight. Through the night, eight sessions of mid-air refuelling were conducted, using an improved technique, and once daylight broke a successful emergency landing was made at Edwards Air Force Base.

The Air Force made a training film about the incident, including film of the landing. Colonel Charles D. Tubbs was killed and two other crewmen injured when their B Hustler bomber crashed. The aircraft landed short of the runway, struck the instrument approach beacons and burst into flames. Today there are eight B survivors: [53] [54]. Data from Quest for Performance [66]. In the film, Stewart flew in the back seat of the B on a typical low-altitude attack.

In the film Fail Safe , the attack on Moscow is made by a squadron of "Vindicator" bombers, fictitious aircraft. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Home FAQ Contact. Convair B Hustler Wikipedia open wikipedia design. American supersonic bomber. Cutaway of an air start system of a General Electric J79 turbojet.

Convair B-58 Hustler: The World's First Supersonic Bomber (Aerofax Series) By Jay Miller

The small turbine and epicyclic gearing are clearly visible. Aviation portal.

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