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NOOK Book. With this practical book, interaction and product designer Skip Allums provides UX best practices and recommendations to help you create familiar, friendly, and trustworthy experiences. Consumers want mobile transactions to be as fast and reliable as cash or bank cards. This book shows designers, developers, and product managers—from startups to financial institutions—how to design mobile payments that not only safeguard identity and financial data, but also provide value-added features that exceed customer expectations.

A former library scientist, Skip entered the payments world as a trueconsumer advocate, challenged with designing elegant user experiencesfor technologically complex mobile transactions.

This book is aproduct of four years of groundbreaking work in the mobile paymentsspace. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

Swipe, Dip or Tap? Designing trustworthy mobile payment experiences

In the majority of cases, it is the first visual and emotional touch to the website. Certainly, design is one of the core ways to make this touch gentle, smart and helpful. Making it accessible, noticeable and clear, designers grow the chances of positive user experience. In general, home page can include the following data:. The solution which of the mentioned points are going to be included and how they are going to be spread on the layout should depend on the goals set for the website and the research of target audience.

Images take a big part in usability: as the vast majority of users are visually driven, images become the hook points of getting basic data about the website or app. They present the part of the content which is both informative and emotionally appealing.

7 UI/UX Best Practices you Need to Know!

The level of detail and functionality allow classifying the images in user interfaces into types, among which:. There are several common types of promotional videos :. All the mentioned types can serve efficiently for marketing goals and increase brand awareness. A video activates several channels of perception — audio, visual, sound — simultaneously and usually do it in a way of telling a story.

In these conditions, video can become the way of communication which is dynamic, informative and attractive. The most popular placement for contact information is footer , the bottom part of the page. For example, on an e-commerce website, presents the online shop, users may want to call more frequently and this ability will have a direct impact on conversion rate. Anyway, the contact data should be available at any point users may need it. Among others, it is one of the factors influencing the level of trust to the website. Contacts can be presented in various formats.

They can reveal the data such as a phone number and location, emails, links to messengers, contact forms and instant chat window.

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Making the phone numbers clickable is supportive as many users now browse from their smartphones and may want to call right from there. The address can be also clickable opening the screenshot or map showing how to find the location. For instance, if your target audience is teenagers, just giving the phone number may be not effective as they really stick to messengers and social networks. At the same time, if your users are elderly people, social networks may not work in comparison to a phone number.

So, challenges, leaderboards, rewards for loyalty and big orders, discounts, badges, coupons, stickers and all the other stuff of that kind can become great stimuli for users to not only start interaction with a website or app but also stay there and buy regularly. The offered e-commerce UI design examples and strategies, for sure, do not cover the whole scope of issues to consider in this fields.

However, they can serve as a useful checklist or a source of UI design inspiration for those who aim at creating user-friendly platforms supporting business goals. No doubt, best UI design for e-commerce website is the one which leaves a buyer happy and brings profits to the stakeholders. Business-Oriented Design. Know Your Target. Short but Vital.

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Key Abbreviations in Design for Business. Business Terms in Design for E-Commerce.

How will mobile payments have an impact on your company?

Sales Basics. Feel Homey. Handy Tips for Home Page Design. Landing Page. Direct Flight to High Conversion. Originally written for tubikstudio.

The Anatomy of The Perfect Mobile E-Commerce Checkout Page

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