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The lethal gallu that were buried by his pantheon are stirring, and they are hungry for human flesh. Their goal: To destroy mankind.

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Sin is the only one who can stop them…if a certain woman doesn't kill him first. Enemies have always made strange bedfellows, but never more so than when the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Now a man who only knows betrayal must trust the one person most likely to hand him to the demons. Artemis may have stolen his godhood, but this one has stolen his heart. The only question is: Will she keep it…or feed it to those who want him dead?

My preference is painfully and quickly, but any means that ultimately results in his death will work. It infuriated her. She pouted at him. I want that honor myself. I get really tired of the lip service. I never tire of yours. They were the only part of his body that was soft—like the petals of a rose—and she was ever fascinated by them.

It made his skin crawl. If not dead. We really need to find you a hobby other than jumping on top of me. Grinding his teeth, Ash leaned his head back as she began to nibble his throat. He tilted his head, knowing what was coming while she lightly tongued his skin. Her heartbeat was already pounding as she slid herself closer to him.

And then he felt her sharp incisors piercing his skin an instant before she began drinking his blood. Kat glanced down at the bed where she sat in her pink sock monkey pajamas with rumpled sheets and hair, then decided sarcasm was not the better part of sanity. I have a mission for you. Now the big evil of Atlantis that you fear forbids me to do anything you say. She kind of finds it funny that she can irritate you that way. Personally, it irks the shit out of me to be traded like some Yu-Gi-Oh! But trade me you did. He just threatens it. Do you remember when you were a young woman?

Kat had personally taken care of that enemy. The entire world is going to end. The point is, Sin is now going to try to overthrow me again and take my place. Do you know what that means? I get it. He wants revenge. I need your help, Katra. She always demanded it—that alone told Kat how much Artemis feared Sin. But even though it was obvious the goddess was scared, Kat suspected there was more to this story than Artemis was letting on. There always was. Now answer me. For a woman asking for help, Artemis had a wonderful way of expressing it. But then that was her nature, and Kat would be suspicious if Artemis was anything less than authoritative.

Kill him. What are you asking? Sin will kill me if he gets a chance and take all my powers. It could also be used to strip a god of their powers entirely and thereby allow the possessor to kill any god they chose. Not exactly something the gods wanted in the wrong hands. Artemis swallowed. You of all people understand how important it is that it remain hidden. I need you to fulfill your word to me. Kat lay back in bed, thinking of what had just transpired. On the one hand, she had no doubt that Artemis was telling the truth about the Tablet of Destiny.

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If anyone knew how to find and wield it, Sin would be he. But Artemis was still Artemis. Which meant some important parts of this story were most likely missing, and before Kat went traipsing off after another god, even a fallen one, she wanted to know as much about him as she could. Reaching for her cell phone on the nightstand, she flipped it open and noted the time. It was one a. She pressed the 6 button and waited until she heard a soft, feminine voice answer.

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But since Cassandra had become immortal and was married to the ex-Dark-Hunter Wulf, Kat had been reassigned. Even so, Kat was still close friends with Cassandra and made a habit of visiting her friend whenever she could. We were just finishing up a movie. There was a point to this call. Can you put the big guy on the phone for me? I have a couple of Dark-Hunter questions for him. Hang on a sec. But Wulf had been granted his freedom and now he lived happily with his son and daughter and wife in Minneapolis. And he only policed the Daimons when the Dark-Hunters in his area needed an extra hand.

You wanted to speak to me? Do you happen to know the Dark-Hunter named Sin? Which one are you referring to? Any Squire who ever made the mistake of crossing his path. There were two problems with that. One, Artemis would flip out if Kat ever went near the Atlantean god. And two, Artemis would flip out if she ever went near the Atlantean god. They say he once let a Dark-Hunter die at the hands of a Daimon and laughed while he watched it happen.

You can log into the Dark-Hunter bulletin boards at dailyinquisitor. I seriously doubt that from what little I know about him, but that would be your best bet. Just great. Thanks for the help. You guys take care. There were also numerous stories of him inflicting burn wounds on himself and cursing anyone who came near him.

Boy, he sounded like a warm, fluffy bunny. But the tales of his self-mutilation concerned her. Sighing, she closed her laptop and forced herself to get up out of her comfy bed and dress. It was only three in the morning. Kat closed her eyes and concentrated until she found what she was looking for. Instead of being in Las Vegas, he was in New York. Central Park to be precise. She frowned at the sight as she shimmered in the shadows in a transparent Shade form. No one would be able to see her, but if the light were to hit her just right, it would catch a luminescent outline of her body.

That was why she was keeping to the shadows—out of sight and reach of an insane ex-god. Her research had said that Sin was stationed in Las Vegas. What was he doing in New York in the middle of the night? How had he gotten here and when? It was the way he walked through the dimly lit area of the park. He was like a bloodthirsty beast trailing after the scent of its prey.

He had his head bent low, his eyes barely more than slits as he skimmed the area around him. Dressed in a long black leather coat that rippled and flared with his movements, he was an impressive sight. His shoulders were wide and his short, curly jet-black hair barely brushed the collar. And they glittered like ice against his darkly tanned skin. And even if they were, they usually used their powers to fix that. It went with the whole god-vanity thing that could be quite off-putting at times. Appearing no older than his mid-thirties, Sin moved with a fluid, timeless grace.

Something about the way he moved went through her like a hot, heady wine. Sep 23, Miss Kim rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: all dark-hunter lovers. Shelves: paranormal , , dark-hunters. Sin is a Sumerian Fertility God whos powers were removed by Artemis thousands of years ago. Katra is one of Artemis's Kori who is sent by Artemis to kill Sin.

After traking him down, and getting to know him a bit, she finds all that Artemis says may not be the truth. Katra finally gets to meet her father, Ash. Not many books make me cry, but I teared up when Ash finally learns of her existance after eleven thousand years, and gets to meet her. He is just so wonderful! View all 9 comments. Shelves: paranormal-romance , read Reviewed for THC Reviews "3. The characters are usually likable and generally relatable, the Greek mythology woven into the stories is interesting, and the overall Dark-Hunter concept is intriguing.

These things, as well as being a huge fan of Acheron and very much wanting to read his story, have kept me coming back and slowly working my way though the series. However, lately, whenever I pick up one of these books, I seem to have a harder and harder time getting past some of Sherrilyn Kenyon's writing quirks to really be able to enjoy the story she is telling.

Devil May Cry

I know for a while there Ms. Kenyon was publishing an almost unbelievable number of novels and novellas per year far more than most authors I read , and I think that the rapid pace at which she was writing these books shows through in the lack of quality. When I'm feeling like taking my red editor's pen to a book and rewriting passages in my head while reading, it isn't a good sign.

Now that I'm a writer myself and learning the do's and don't's of writing, I keep seeing more and more writing no-no's in Ms. Kenyon's work. To begin with, her books tend to have a lot of repetitiveness not just from book to book, but within each individual book. The dialog can be a little too long-winded and often leans toward being cheesy and juvenile. With Ms. Kenyon being a huge Buffy, the Vampire Slayer fan, I think she's going for that kind of sarcasm, but sometimes just doesn't know when to reign it in.

Also, most writers and editors I've talked with have said there should be no head-hopping, yet Ms. Kenyon does this constantly. Sometimes she switches between several different characters multiple times within a single chapter, which as a reader, can be frustrating to keep up with. A few times, I experimented with rewriting some sentences in a more active voice and found that the narrative would have really popped if Ms. Another issue I had with Devil May Cry was the number of poorly explained occurrences which seemed more like plot holes. Probably the most glaring one was Kat getting bitten by a gallu, but no one realizing it until she falls ill.

Now the gallu are vicious demons, so I couldn't help wondering wouldn't Kat have known that she was bitten, and if she did, wouldn't she have told Sin, knowing how dangerous a gallu bite could be? Granted there were some intense and emotional scenes following the revelation, but overall, it seemed like a too-convenient set-up for bringing Ash into the mix and creating a permanent bond between Sin and Kat. Long after the fact, Kat finally acknowledges that she knew she'd been bitten but forgot. How does one forget being bitten by a monstrous demon? I know I certainly wouldn't have, and in my opinion, this weak excuse made Kat look completely incompetent as a warrior goddess.

I think Ms. Kenyon could have done a lot better with that one. Another thing that didn't make sense to me was that Kat said she could access Apollymi's powers, but at no point during the story did she do so. It seemed to me that if Kat could use the destroyer goddess's power, she probably could have wiped out the demon invasion all on her own, but for some unknown reason, it didn't work that way. These are just two of the more prominent things that left me scratching my head. This may be more of a personal preference, but I've always disliked Sherrilyn Kenyon's habit of introducing surprise powers or surprise characters with the needed powers to make things work out.

It's almost like each and every book is nothing more than a series of mini deuce ex machina moments. It makes me feel like the characters don't have to work as hard for their victories, because there will always be a fail-safe. By the same token, I find it annoying when a character's powers and magical devices arbitrarily work or don't work to suit the story.

An example of this is that Sin and Kat use a sfora given to her by Acheron to locate Sin's brother, Zakar, but when Zakar disappears again later, Sin and Kat just stand around for several pages wondering how they'll find him again, eventually coming to the conclusion that they'll just have to wait for him to return. To me, relying on this type of storytelling is not only lazy, but it confuses the overall mythology of the series to the point that it's about as clear as mud. I never have any idea who can do what, because as soon as I try to figure it out, they're sure to find some untapped power source or their powers will quit working or some other equally ridiculous thing will happen.

Up to this point, I know I've been pretty critical, so I'm going to try to add a few positives here.

Devil May Cry (novels)

Even though I felt like they were somewhat underdeveloped as characters, I did like Sin and Kat as the hero and heroine. Although Sin's past wasn't brought out in as stark relief as some of the other tortured heroes in this series, he was a tormented soul nonetheless. I sympathized with him not trusting anyone because of having been betrayed so many times in his life. He was also robbed of most of his god-powers, and when he finds out who did that to him, he is understandably upset, although he does come around rather quickly in spite of it. Although she isn't officially a goddess, Kat wields more power than many of the gods.

She is a tough girl who can handle herself pretty well, but at the same time she has great compassion for humanity. When Kat's parentage was revealed, I guess it wasn't too surprising, but at the same time, I had very mixed feeling about her mother's and father's identities, mainly because I didn't really want these two characters connected in that way. However, I can't say much more about that without giving away a big spoiler. Sin and Kat made a nice couple, but I can't say that I felt a deep connection between them. As with most of the stories in the Dark-Hunter series, their relationship develops within a matter of days which is just a little too quick to be entirely believable to me.

There were some touching moment between them, but oftentimes I felt like their deeper emotions were being skimmed over and not given the weight they deserved. Their first love scene was good, but ended a bit too abruptly and without enough payoff, considering that it was Kat's first time. Also, and this is another personal preference, I wasn't overly fond of the way Sin and Kat and other characters throughout the series simply zap their clothes on and off at will when in the heat of passion. Initially, it was kind of cool, but Sherrilyn Kenyon has done it so much now that it's starting to loose its novelty.

In my opinion, not having the characters take their time undressing each other, takes away valuable moments for foreplay and the building of sexual tension.

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  • Probably the best thing about Devil May Cry was Acheron. We get to learn several more things about his past, probably in preparation for his story. The scenes where he imparts his wisdom to Kat and expresses his own regrets about the way that he treated Nick were among some of the best in the book. These scenes actually had some depth to them and proved to me that Sherrilyn Kenyon can write deeply moving material that isn't constantly filled with breezy one-liners. This gives me hope that Ash's book will be better than Devil May Cry and some of the other more recent offerings in the Dark-Hunter series.

    I've come to the conclusion that you can't have a Dark-Hunter book without revisiting many previous characters. Other secondary characters who showed up include Artemis, although I have to say that I wasn't entirely pleased with the direction her character was taken in this book. She has always been a character that I love to hate for the way she has treated Ash, but here Ms. Kenyon couldn't seem to decide whether Artemis was going to be a selfish witch or sympathetic.

    The softer side of Artemis that was shown here in a few scenes is very difficult for me to reconcile with the vengeful goddess who beats Ash and uses him as a sex slave. We are also introduced to Xypher, a rather intriguing Dream-Hunter, who becomes the hero of Dream Chaser. Devil May Cry had enough issues to annoy me, but in spite of that, it was still mostly entertaining which is why I didn't rate it any lower.

    I simply had to work hard at trying to ignore the glaring holes and writing that wasn't quite up to par, and just enjoy the ride for what it was. It was still better then some books I've read, and I do plan to continue with the series for the time being. Even though it might be difficult to reign in my criticisms, I'm invested enough at this point that I can't turn back at least until I've reached Acheron. Just two more book to go. View all 12 comments. You give them a part of yourself that you give to no one else, and you let them inside a part of you that only they can hurt—you literally hand them the razor with a map of where to cut deepest and most painfully on your heart and soul.

    It leaves you naked and exposed, wondering what you did to make them want to hurt you so badly when all you did was love them. What is so wrong with you that no one can keep faith with you? That no one can love you? To have it happen once is bad enough … but to have it repeated? Who in their right mind would not be terrified of that? Concept: 2. And bitch goddess Artemis is getting on my nerves now! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

    To view it, click here. Loved this book!! Devil May Cry has to be one of my Fave's in this series so far. I also Love that Katra can hold her own and take Bs from Sin but she can give it back to him. They both have this way with each other it is perfect.. Plus we also get to see more of Ash and learn a little but more about him too.. I love him in this book when he finds out that ka Loved this book!!

    I couldn't put this book down, I never got board reading it and there is so much to learn from this Dark Hunter book I laughed at so many part's and i cried at so many part's if you haven't read this one it is a MUST read!! View all 36 comments. I just don't know what to say. This narrator was wooden. He did not even voice Simi, my favorite character, even close to how she sounded before.

    She sounded like a normal woman. What a huge difference this makes! Overall the story was at least a bit different. That kept it interesting. But I found myself getting more and more frustrated by Ash and Aretmis.

    People who bought this also bought...

    To the point I pretty much dislike them both. Her for very I just don't know what to say. Her for very obvious reasons and him for putting up with it, having no spine or balls and continuing a sexual relationship with a pit viper. It makes me sick. There was one occasion where she bargained more time with him. He did not have to make that bargain. He held the cards. I can only say he wants to be abused. Wants to be her sex slave.

    His actions do not show me anything different. He is all talk, but zero action. This totally spoiled the book for me. I am skipping straight to Acheron so I can finally see if he scrapes the bitch off in a satisfying way. Otherwise, I think I need to scrap this series. Sin was stiff and boring and bitter. Plus he was a drunk. I respected his devotion to his brother and his cause. But he folded like a house of cards for Artemis so he lost points.

    He also let Katya off the hook for lying to him. I am not sure I agree with that. The girl has serious bad genes and has already proven to be untrustworthy and totally a puppet to Artemis. I just could not get into his character. Katya was a bitch disguised as a good girl.

    I know most people liked her and she was not terrible, but her unwavering support of her mother Artemis , knowing all she knows, makes me lose all respect for her. Trying to assure herself that daddy loves mommy? Best - but saddest - scene in the book was Katya and Ash meeting. But I was so angry with him for blaming himself - rather than the bitch goddess - I could not get into it.

    View all 6 comments. Nov 08, Carmen rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Kenyon fans. Shelves: traditionally-published , romance , fiction , she-says. I'm torn on how to review this. On one hand, this is a good story. It's exciting, has an interesting plot, and a wide range of a variety of characters. However, if you like me are hoping for a good romance, a good love story - you are S. Two immortal, all-powerful beings fall in love with each other.

    Actually, they don't. I use the term 'fall in love' extremely loosely. They basically meet each other and decide they want to have sex with each other - NOT the same as love, in my opinion. The be I'm torn on how to review this. The best things were the side characters: Simi and her sister Xirena; Xypher - who I think is going to be our next bad-ass, like Zarek; and Kish.

    These characters' dialogue and presence added some much-needed spice to the book. This is very much a 'Kenyon world-building' book and for that reason the romance and love plot suffers greatly. I don't have a single status update posted from this book. That should tell you everything you need to know. I almost forgot the part that really pissed me off!!!!

    Kenyon is trying to convince me that 11,year-old Katra is a virgin. And not only a virgin as in I've-never-had-any-sort-of-sexual-contact-not-even-a-kiss-with-a-man, but also someone who has never, ever masturbated or touched herself. After 11, years!?!?!?!? Are you freakin' kidding me. There's no flippin' way that happened. Just for a little extra excitement during sex or something? Just for shits and giggles or what? You're stretching the limits of my credulity to the breaking point, Kenyon. She had had a few appearance before this but this one was the real one. Ash finally knows he has a kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kind of mad about that though. Sometimes she deserves to die. I'm glad they are mostly defeated. View all 4 comments. I absolutely loved it, my fave of all of the Dark Hunter books so far.

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    • Katra is a phenomenal heroine — I loved everything about her. Same with the oh-so-hot and tortured Alpha hero, Sin. And the two of them together were absolute dynamite. There was intense chemistry from the beginning, and brilliant banter throughout. And they had a great partnership, both of them battling togeth I absolutely loved it, my fave of all of the Dark Hunter books so far. And they had a great partnership, both of them battling together to save the world literally.

      Simi is back in the action, there is a little bit of Hades even in a cameo — still love him! And Acheron!! HE is freaking awesome! We see it all in this book, and more! The storyline in this book is a little different from others in the series where we are introduced to new bad guys — gallu demons, who Sin has been battling on his own for centuries with a little help from Ash of course. Followed shortly thereafter by me being reduced to a blubbering idiot! A happy blubbering idiot though. If you read this book and it does not make you tear up even a little bit — then you clearly have no heart.