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Using the. Note that this bug will also affect any other in-page links your site may be using, rendering them useless for keyboard users. Currently, some of the default color combinations available in Bootstrap such as the various styled button classes, some of the code highlighting colors used for basic code blocks , the. This can cause problems to users with low vision or who are color blind.

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Installing Grunt To install Grunt, you must first download and install node. Then, from the command line: Install grunt-cli globally with npm install -g grunt-cli. When completed, you'll be able to run the various Grunt commands provided from the command line. Examples Build on the basic template above with Bootstrap's many components. Bootstrap theme Load the optional Bootstrap theme for a visually enhanced experience. Grids Multiple examples of grid layouts with all four tiers, nesting, and more.

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Find inspiring examples of people building with Bootstrap at the Bootstrap Expo. Disabling responsiveness Bootstrap automatically adapts your pages for various screen sizes. You can optionally avoid the! If using navbars, remove all navbar collapsing and expanding behavior. For grid layouts, use.

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Supported browsers Specifically, we support the latest versions of the following browsers and platforms. Mobile devices Generally speaking, Bootstrap supports the latest versions of each major platform's default browsers. Feature Internet Explorer 8 Internet Explorer 9 border-radius Not supported Supported box-shadow Not supported Supported transform Not supported Supported, with -ms prefix transition Not supported placeholder Not supported.

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That phrase has turned into a little bit of a joke now. Or in my case, hold my animal hostage to make me happy. Back in December I committed to riding more, riding with more intention. To strengthen our connection.

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In fact, my efforts to help us actually drained my confidence and degraded our riding. Gangster has always been stiff to the left at the lope. Now he was short striding, nose in the air, grunting when I brought him into frame and got his nose back down. I thought maybe he was in pain. I buted him, and lunged him, and scheduled chiro.

He was fine on the lunge line. Then when I got on, he was stiff, his head up caused my guard to go up. So the negative feedback loop of body language did what it does and spun us both up. See top photo as reference. I stopped riding him. I kept him exercised and let him run with other horses, but I stayed off of him. I guess at least I know when to quit. The trainer picked him up last Saturday. Of course not.

Amazing Deal on Not Rated Women's Sass It Up Riding Boot

But me, I want that tight performance all the time. Whether I put in the time or not. No little twitches here or there from my mount. My back straight, my hands low. But my mind overthinks what my body knows. And so my minds tells my muscles to hold tighter and tighter to that position again, reference top photo. I wish I could tell him, nope, just your rider good buddy. Just an adult amateur battling nerves, dreams of perfection gotta stop that , and fear.

Fear of a spook that might unseat me. Fear of failing. Fear of disappointing people. Doug Stewart, of Stewart Performance Horses, doing his thing one chilly spring morning a few years ago. Gangster is in training for four months. Because at least I can control me. But then that also means, most of my improvement in riding is up to me. I was drawn to her Instagram posts of ranching and hiking in Arizona. She writes, and rides, and is a reminder to us all that we should follow our passions and engage with the life around us.

Enter by commenting at the bottom of this post. I found this piece I had written a few years ago and never posted. The gamers throwing their poles into metal barrels, the sound of the ropers thundering down the arena, the owls swooping low. Both complaints are followed up with how the riders will not ride their horses on such a surface. A few summers ago at a barrel race I was helping with, a horse and rider went down around a barrel.

The rider was 5 th in the order of go after a water and deep drag. Many people said they were glad she was okay, which everyone is glad for, as there was a brief moment where her foot was caught in the stirrup and she was dragged for a few feet. She indicated that those riders went wider around the barrel, that she came closer in to the barrel. I watched the video a few times. To me, in my honest to goodness opinion, she looked to be on the same tracks as the other riders.

To be clear, this is not the rider in question who had a fall. In addition to publicly posting her discontent with the facility, she desired a re-ride. There was some debate about if it was fair for her to have a re-ride. Literally and figuratively. I have always been mystified by the dirt whiners at the facility. And work with your facility to improve the dirt or any number of other variables that you believe can be fixed. I once had a reining class in which Gangster came into the center, we paused to nod at the judge, and for some reason in that moment, the judge and scribes sitting in the arena became giant scary monsters at which my horse spooked.

You get what you get. You can only control what goes on between you and your horse. And sometimes, shit happens. I would say that fall around the barrel counts as shit happening. What do you think? Do you disagree? Are you a dirt debater? Follow me on Facebook. I promise to never complain about the dirt. And if I do, you can push me down in it. Sometimes I have trouble picking titles for my blog posts. The brother next up in age from me is 9 years older.

Like two decades. He flew out for a visit a while ago and said he wanted to go for a ride. I just happened to be taking care of a pony built like a tank at the time, so I figured I could ride the pony and he could ride my gelding, Gangster. Yes, you should be feeling a sense of foreboding from his name. Step One: Work high strung horse every day leading up to the actual ride. The day before, overcommit yourself and decide turn out will have to stand in for actual cardiovascular exercise for the horse.

Unscrew Chicago screws and bit on correctly. Have a heart to heart with him about being a good equine citizen and a kindly representative of horses in general. Ignore his eye rolls.

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They mean nothing. Step Four: Have brother sign extensive release. With a third-party witness. Step Five: Get brother in saddle. Walk next to Drama Queen Gelding and brother. Repeatedly tell brother to lower reins. Thank your lucky stars you switched out bits or the horse would have backed all the way to the next state by now. Step Six: Once brother is good and relaxed and feeling comfortable, take him out in the back 80 acres.

Installing, Setup and Nesting - Starting with Sass

Step Nine: Buy brother a drink to lower his blood pressure after ride. Do you have stories of trying to share your passion ponies with friends or family and having them be a little too exuberant for the ride? Gangster is a good horse, and has given pony rides to many a youngin, but he likes to add a little too much flare to the adult rides. To each her own. Or maybe you want to try the latest and greatest trainer to breeze into your barn.

Whatever the reason, you want to quit the current trainer. So how do you go about doing it? Change your phone number. Deactivate all social media. Move towns. Seriously consider going into witness protection. Feelings are probably going to get hurt. Breaking up is hard to do. Yes, you should give a reason. But make the feedback about your personal experience. Which brings me to my next tip. So keep your message focused on whatever the real issue is.

In fact, when people are feeling defensive they tend to strike back, or point out the flaws in your logic. So you might end up getting return fire in the form of your flaws listed off like a horse show pack list. Or you could end up tongue tied as the trainer out-maneuvers your reasons for departure and leaves you feeling like you actually have no business leaving. Or both. The best defense against ending up down a road of personal attacks or debates about the merits of your critique is just to keep that spotlight on yourself.

But I would steer clear of character assassinations. Keep the relationship positive. The horse world is small.

See a Problem?

The horse show world is even smaller, microscopic really. Not only will the info probably make it back to the trainer you just left, but your new trainer and everyone else around you for that matter is going to wonder what you say about them behind their backs. Talking crap about people is like eating Taco Bell. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot. Paying clients mean lights on in the barn, food on the table, and the newest Tom Balding bit in the mail.

For trainers, the threat of failure lies on the other side of one too many clients leaving all at the same time. If you understand and respect that, you might be able to forgive a slip of the professional demeanor when you announce your departure.

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Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Boot task to compile Sass. Clojure Branch: master New pull request. Find File. Download ZIP. Sign in Sign up. Launching GitHub Desktop