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In this paper, we have selected a Bacillus subtilis gene tatAD and use the specific properties of silent mutations to obtain a biologically innocuous product.

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An adapted code for the message insertion in this gene is proposed. Published in: 9th International Conference on Signal Processing.

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    The second genetic change acts as a modifier—in effect, a genetic countermeasure against disease. The hunt for such genetic exceptions is one of the latest fads in drug development. Other companies, including Regeneron Pharmaceuticals , have also staked their futures on assembling private troves of DNA data and looking for outliers.

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    New tools also exist to search for modifiers in the lab. We present a lossless Deoxyribonucleic Acid DNA sequence hiding method that can be used for ensuring authenticity of DNA sequence in the context of Mobile Cloud based healthcare systems.

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    8. Therefore, providing DNA sequence authenticity using data hiding is challenging. Hence, current methods are not blind approaches and inappropriate for ensuring authenticity of DNA sequence in the Mobile Cloud. The proposed method hides authentication data within DNA sequence, extracts authentication data, and reconstructs the DNA sequence without any loss of information.