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Hoyt Hopewell Hudson, Princeton, N.

Humanism in Literature

Flower, Annette C. Richard Howard, New York: Vintage. James Strachey, ed.

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Hayles, N. Hoeniger, F. Grierson and G.

Kantorowicz, Ernst H. Alan Sheridan, London: Tavistock, pp. Ben Fowkes, 3 vols, Harmondsworth: Penguin. Miola, Robert S. Shakespeare, William Coriolanus , ed.

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Shakespeare, William Pericles , ed. Anthony B. Dawson and Gretchen E. Slights, William W. Personalised recommendations. Cite chapter How to cite? Such true humanism and true universalism would be the only apt reply to the philosophic anti-humanism of the past and to the anti-human, unjust, and oppressive politics of the present.

Humanism (The New Critical Idiom)

It would be a timely philosophy and belief for the twenty-first century. One indication ofthe importance ofhumanism as a subject that cannot be evaded which at the same time is also symptomatic of the inadequacy of many such discussions is its recent appearance as a title in the New Critical Idiom series Davies. This study, while clearly establishing early modern i.

Renaissance humanism and contemporary and late modern i.

Renaissance Self-Unfashioning: Shakespeare’s Late Plays as Exercises in Unravelling the Human

Such total neglect, surprisingly but just as symptomatically, also marks the Cambridge Companion to Renaissance Humanism that appeared in and has been reprinted twice since, and Davies's "Forum on the Renaissance," recently published in The American Historical Review. It is the contention ofthis paper,1 which is based not so much on new research as on a broad synthesis of a persistent trend in scholarship that in true comparative spirit seeks to counter the flattering assumption that the West developed in "splendid isolation" from other cultures, most notably its Islamic neighbor to the east and south, that an important Vol.

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  8. For, in spite of fashionable talk about the "clash of civilizations," recent scholarship has demonstrated at length the existence of a wide, humanist movement at the heart of classical Islamic civilization that preceded early European modernism by three to four centuries. This movement, aptly termed the Renaissance of Islam, was a clear harbinger, and a major force behind the rise, ofthe European Renaissance. Among the main features of this new humanism, e.

    In other words, early modern humanism has clear roots in high Islamic culture and civilization eighth to tenth centuries particularly that laid the foundation for the twelfth-century European Renaissance Haskins and its subsequent stages, culminating in the wide European Renaissance with a capital "R" ofthe fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

    The classic study in this field defines the principal expression of this Islamic Renaissance as "a philosophical humanism that embraced the scientific and philosophical heritage of antiquity as a cultural and educational ideal" and elaborates that "along with this philosophical humanism , a literary humanism epitomized in the word adab, equivalent in many of Access options available:. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.