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Tres Mts. The biggest differences are the lack of harmonies and the more screaming guitar solos. And yet it also sounds a lot like a Pearl Jam record—Ament writes most of the songs and his Pearl Jam instincts are in full force. Overall the disc plays with different sounds—some hard fast rockers a few slow soulful numbers and some big choruses.

In this case, this is a story about a Cree man trapping animals in the snow. Xavier, who has only one leg! Xavier has had a hard life. His wife died giving birth two his twin boys, and he has to work very hard during the winter to have sustenance for the year. Before this journey his Aunt Niska came and told him she would use her shake tent and offer prayers. He knows that she is trying to tell him something from far away—possibly that something bad is coming.

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He can just tell, from the way something seems to be watching him. He hopes to find a fisher I had never even heard of this animal which is like a giant weasel, whose pelt will give them enough money for the rest of the year. He knows there is a fisher around, and he is trying his best to catch it, only to find that something has taken his bait and destroyed the traps. When his sons come to see him they were much older than I suspected from the way the story began , they are old enough to help him hunt. Languages: - English.

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Niska is a traditional medicine woman, a mix of Cree and Ojibway. She's been taught divining and traditional medicine by her mother and father, has seizures and sees visions. She's also the destroyer of windago, an evil presence that sometimes takes possession of humans, a role she has inherited thr