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Such factors make the mobile database systems operational for end-users. Server quality is important to mobile database systems and their users due to the retrieval of information anywhere at any given time and that processing units and their users are immobile at the time of data processing.

Mobile Databases

Sybase has supported the mobile device market in the development of server 3 products. Mobile networks and devices are also necessary components, much like the servers. Connectivity is usually is done through user commands sent to the server for data accessing. Connectivity is significant for the exchange of data from the server to the device; users at this point can do whatever they desire with the data upon connecting to the server. Mobile database systems have made major strides in the last five years in order to achieve an information management mobile platform; much in part to the new and latest technology in mobile devices and server development.

The speeds and rate at which a mobile device connects has increased over time to reflect the progress the mobile technology industry has seen in database system management. With the advent of smartphones and 3G networks, mobile database system management has made its mark into a data driven society. Home Papers Mobile Database Systems. They are small-footprint databases, which use special replication and synchronization algorithms for the communication up and download with a centralized, consolidated and hard-wired database.


In this project the different architecture and implementation aspects of mobile database systems, replication and synchronization methods, location based services and mobile applications are analysed and extended. Mobile Database Systems. Consultation Hours. Are you sure you want to Yes No.

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Mobile Database Systems

Mobile databases 1. Mahara 1 2. Why Mobile Databases? Mobile Computing Architecture Fig: A general architecture of a mobile platform 11 This can be a laptop, a palmtop, or a cell phone, or any other mobile device.

For example, users can obtain information on the location of doctors or emergency centers within a cell or parking availability data at an airport cell. The horizontal application market is massive; two types of applications most mentioned are mail-enabled applications and information services to mobile users.