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Absolute dating methods (ANT)

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The software computes age based on three uranium absorption models linear, early uptake and a combination of both. Table 1 shows the soil analysis results. The present work did not determine U, Th and K concentration in enamel and dentine as their percentages have been negligible for calculating age in previous work, especially in dates for the Holocene period Kinoshita et al.

Typical soil density, enamel and dentine values were used for calculating age 2. Using these values and the radioisotope concentrations listed in Table 1 , ROSY software was used for obtaining the alpha, beta and gamma radiation dose rate contribution for each radioisotope in sediment the results are listed in Table 2.

These results were the same for any uranium absorption model. It should be noted that ROSY software calculates these ages using three uranium accumulation models: linear, early and a combination of both Ikeya, ; Grun, ; Fattibene et al. The way that uranium accumulates in a tooth is established by these models; accumulation increases at the same rate as time in the linear model and accumulation occurs in a short period of time in the early model, relative to a tooth's age and then remains constant after this short period of time.

The tooth's age was the same when calculated by these three methods; this result was consistent if taken into account that the accumulation of radioactive elements inside the tooth was negligible. Age determined at many countries' archaeological sites is the result of radiocarbon 14 C analysis of particular items found around the burials and not direct dating of individuals found there. The results regarding either physical or geological phenomena may not be chronologically equal, hence the importance of having techniques like ESR which can directly and absolutely determine the age of individuals of interest.

This result agreed with stratigraphic analysis at sites providing soil ages ranging from 2, to 3,y BP for 50 and 80 cm depths Correal, ESR dating accuracy was obtained relatively straightforwardly, using just a few grams of tooth enamel, thereby highlighting some of the advantages and characteristics of the ESR dating method. The results so obtained have contributed towards joining links in the long chain of Colombian and American history where there is still much to do, due to the rich pre-Hispanic and colonial past. This paper thus represents a pioneering effort aimed at promoting the dating of our ancestors.

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Rodriguez, for providing facilities and allowing the use of his samples, as well as AM Groot archaeologist for her support during this research. Borgonovea, A.

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