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In Russia, South Korea’s Moon Eyes a Major Realignment for Northeast Asia

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Realignments Russian Foreign Policy

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Allison, Roy b. Angelis, Francesco de Averre, Derek Barry, Ellen BBC News BBC News a.

Berdymukhammedov, Gurbanguly Bhadrakumar, M. Blank, Stephen Blatov, Igor Blomfield, Adrian Chan, John Chernov, Oleg Chudinov, Igor Dubrovin, Sergey Felgenhauer, Pavel FPC The United States, distracted by the war in Viet Nam, postponed for too long serious consideration of the challenge of France and others in NATO who would like to reorganize the alliance to meet changed political conditions in Europe. Meanwhile, the leaders of the Soviet Union—stung by Red Chinese ideological attacks when they were trying to concentrate on political consolidation and economic growth at home—have found it difficult to cope with a growing spirit of independence among their former satellites.

In Russia, South Korea’s Moon Eyes a Major Realignment for Northeast Asia

The year-old French leader travels to the Soviet Union for a day visit beginning June The purpose of that journey has prompted intense speculation in Washington and European capitals. De Gaulle will be the first foreign dignitary in many years to be housed in the Kremlin itself, an unusual courtesy that may signify the importance the Eussians attach to the visit of the French President.

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The Variation in Russia’s Foreign Policy in Near Abroad After the Disintegration of the USSR

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Tsar and Sultan: Eurasia Between Russians and Turks - Michael Reynolds

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