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  • Hillslope morphology as an indicator of landscape evolution in tectonically active landscapes;
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Tectonic Landscapes: Africa and the Levant | DISPERSE Project

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Researching the Earth's Changing Landscape

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    Tectonically Active Landscapes

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    How hillslopes change over long timescales

    Kelin X. Abstract Whether or not steady-state topography and denudation are probable states depends on the timescale of system response to tectonic and climatic perturbations relative to the frequency of those perturbations. This Article doi: Services Email this article to a colleague Alert me when this article is cited Alert me if a correction is posted Similar articles in this journal Similar articles in Web of Science Download to citation manager.

    Google Scholar Articles by Whipple, K. Roering et al. These parameters are based on theoretical models that approximate how hillslopes transport sediment. In theory, if hillslopes are undergoing constant rate of change i. Figure 6. This is primarily driven by a lag in the hillslope response, since the hilltop can only respond once the entire hillslope is tightly coupled to erosion rates in the adjacent streams. Hillslope gradients increase rapidly, but hilltop curvature struggles to increase until much later. Conversely during relaxation of the landscape, slope gradients and hilltop curvature both wane simultaneously.

    The result is supported by application of a numerical model for the evolution of a hillslope, from which the history of channel incision can be back calculated by simulating the hillslope many thousands of times, whilst slightly changing the history the model experiences, and looking for the best match to the observed topography Figure 7. The model supports the occurrence of hysteresis in hillslope form and reproduces an incision history remarkably similar to that inferred from valley form by Hilley and Arrowsmith Figure 7.

    Results of hillslope modelling, note that parameters have been non dimensionalised see Hurst et al. Geology , 36 5 , , doi Science , , , doi Using hilltop curvature to derive the spatial distribution of erosion rates. Functional relationships between denudation and hillslope form and relief. Earth and Planetary Science Letters , , , doi Press Office. Online shops. Recent publications. Gateway to the Earth. Laboratories Fluid processes Geochemistry Geotechnics and geophysics Mineralogy and petrology.

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