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ARC funded projects come and go and usually a few key papers result from such endeavours. In a few instances, the project aims are ambitious and the project results innovative and insightful. This volume falls into the latter category.

A O Spriggs

It focuses largely on the empirical results of the first archeological survey and excavation program carried out on the remote Aru Islands of eastern Indonesia over three fieldwork seasons Following in the famous footsteps of Alfred Russell Wallace who visited the islands in , the Australian archaeology team headed by Sue O'Connor, Matthew Spriggs and Peter Veth articulate in Chapter 1 the cultural and environmental importance of the islands in bridging Asia, Melanesia and Australia.

The Torresian Plain, flanked by coastal mountains, was flooded by the marine transgression leaving the Aru Islands in the west around 11,, years ago followed by the Torres Strait Islands in the east around years ago. Strategically located on the edges of the continental shelf and the Pleistocene coastlines of Sahul, both archipelagoes have the potential Author: Ian McNiven. Date: July 1, So how did features become shared across Papuan groups at the peripheries of Wallacea, when they are broken up by intervening Austronesian groups?

The problem with this is it does not accord with the conventional understanding of the prehistory of the region which, according to Bellwood , , and traditionally adopted by others was home only to sparse populations of simple hunter-gatherers prior to their being overwhelmed by expanding groups of farming Austronesians. The Wallacean linguistic area extends over a large archipelago of islands and thus can only have come into existence in the presence of a pre-Austronesian maritime culture connecting disparate speaker groups.

That means that if Wallacea did exist as a pre-Austronesian maritime culture, we should also find it reflected in the archaeological record. And indeed, whilst the traditional large-scale models of Island Southeast Asia have not been sensitive to it, archaeological work within Wallacea has increasingly eschewed the pre-Austronesian stereotype; the Papuan late Pleistocene is no longer viewed as necessarily a time of stasis in which economically simple hunter-gatherers were sparsely spread in contrast to the Austronesian Holocene as the time of rapid agriculturalization and technological change.

Instead archaeology is progressively bearing out the conclusions we have drawn from the histories embedded in the languages of Wallacea. Long-distance connections in the pre-Austronesian period are also strongly indicated by shared rock art designs across Wallacea. Obsidian transfers beginning from BP into Timor from elsewhere in Island Southeast Asia further witness the existence of inter-island trading networks before the Austronesian arrival in the region Ambrose et al.

In Timor there are signs of domesticated taro Colocasia esculenta cultivation from BP Oliveira In linguistic terms as in biogeography, Wallacea lies at the crossroads of the Austronesian and Melanesian worlds, with its languages showing progressively more Melanesian features the closer to New Guinea they are spoken. However, the occurrence of Papuan features in Austronesian languages is not in itself limited to Wallacea.

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WAOW Indonesia - The Forgotten Islands

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    Peter Hiscock

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