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Psalm XII. Psalm XIV. Psalm CXXX. Translation in part by R. The first stanza an ancient German Christmas Hymn. Six stanzas added by Luther. Translation chiefly by R. The irregularities of the German versification may be explained in part by the two-fold authorship, in this and other hymns.

The first stanza from an ancient German hymn. The other stanzas added by Luther. The German Sanctus. Psalm XLVI. The genuine text is here given, and the English version is conformed to it. A Christmas Song. Luke, ii. Quoted in the Christian Examiner, , p. This much-quoted phrase is from Richter. This interesting and characteristic document was printed first in the Syntagma Musicum of Michael Praetorius, many of whose harmonies are to be found in this volume.

It has been repeatedly copied since. Hamburg, Edition: current; Page: [ i ] The Hymns of Luther. First Melody, Harmony by H. Schein, Harmony by A. Haupt, Harmony by Haupt, This is the tune in common use with this psalm in northern Germany. Edition: current; Page: [ vi ] III. Translation from R. Harmony by John Sebastian Bach, about Edition: current; Page: [ vii ] VII.

Melody that of the Latin hymn. Ancient German Church Melody. Harmony by Bennett and Goldschmidt, Melody of the eighth century. Harmony by John Sebastian Bach. Harmony after John Sebastian Bach. Translation chiefly that of Arthur Tozer Russell. Original Latin Melody. Harmony after Erythraeus, Melody in Walter, Harmony in von Tucher, Melody derived from some older one, Harmony, A.

First Melody, of Harmony by Gesius, Second Melody, of Harmony by Landgraf Moritz, Harmony by Erythraeus, Melody, Ancient German Melody. Harmony from an ancient source. Melody, ? Melody derived from the Latin. Harmony by W. Sterndale Bennett, Harmony in von Tucher, 18—. Edition: current; Page: [ xiv ] Concerning the hymns of Luther the words of several notable writers are on record, and are worthy to be prefixed to the volume of them. Autore Ioanne Walthero. To the Hymn-book printed at Wittenberg by Joseph Klug, By Dr. Lady Musick Speaketh. Of all the joys that are on earth Is none more dear nor higher worth, Than what in my sweet songs is found And instruments of various sound.

Where friends and comrades sing in tune, All evil passions vanish soon; Hate, anger, envy, cannot stay, All gloom and heartache melt away; The lust of wealth, the cares that cling, Are all forgotten while we sing. But yet more thanks are due from us To the dear Lord who made her thus, A singer apt to touch the heart, Mistress of all my dearest art.

To God she sings by night and day, Unwearied, praising Him alway; Him I, too, laud in every song, To whom all thanks and praise belong.

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Translation by Catharine Winkworth. A Warning by Dr. Viel falscher Meister itzt Lieder tichten Sihe dich fuer und lern sie recht richten Wo Gott hin bawet sein Kirch und sein wort Da will der Tenfel sein mit trug und mord. Wittenberg, ; Leipzig, Edition: current; Page: [ 2 ] I. Dear Christians, One and All rejoice.

Samuel Scheidt

Deeper and deeper still I fell, Life was become a living hell, So firmly sin possessed me. Grief drove me to despair, and I Had nothing left me but to die, To hell I fast was sinking. Edition: current; Page: [ 4 ] Edition: current; Page: [ 5 ] Bacon: 6 The Son delighted to obey, And born of Virgin mother, Awhile on this low earth did stay That he might be my brother. The foe Shall never more divide us. My life from death the day shall win, My righteousness shall bear thy sin, So art thou blest forever. He shall in trouble comfort thee, Teach thee to know and follow me, And to the truth conduct thee.

Take heed lest men with base alloy The heavenly treasure should destroy. This counsel I bequeath thee. Look down, O Lord, from Heaven behold. Wir haben Recht und Macht allein, Was wir setzen das gilt gemein, Wer ist der uns soll meistern? How few the flock within thy fold, Neglected and forsaken! The Mouth of Fools doth God confess. Corrupt are they, and every one Abominable deeds hath done; There is not one well-doer. Edition: current; Page: [ 9 ] Bacon: 2 The Lord looked down from his high tower On all mankind below him, To see if any owned his power, And truly sought to know him; Who all their understanding bent To search his holy Word, intent To do his will in earnest.

So fierce are ye, and greedy! In God they put no trust at all, Nor will on him in trouble call, But be their own providers. God will himself at length show grace, And loose the captive nation; That will he do by Christ their King; Let Jacob then be glad and sing, And Israel be joyful.

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Out of the Deep I Cry to Thee. Es ist doch unser Thun umsonst, Auch in dem besten Leben. Out of the Deep I Gry to Thee. For if thou fix thy searching eye On all sin and iniquity, Who, Lord, can stand before thee? Before thee none can boast him clear; Therefore must each thy judgment fear, And live on thy compassion.

His precious word assureth me; My solace, my sure rock is he, Whereon my soul abideth. Supreme his mercy reigneth; No limit can his hand withhold, Where evil most obtaineth. He the good Shepherd is alone, Who Israel will redeem and own, Forgiving all transgression. By Help of God I fain would tell. Ein neues Lied wir heben an. At Brussels in the Netherlands He hath his banner lifted, To show his wonders by the hands Of two youths, highly gifted With rich and heavenly graces.

They could not but be losers. The enemy waxed fierce in hate, And for their life-blood thirsted; He fumed and chafed that one so great Should by two babes be worsted, And straightway sought to burn them. Edition: current; Page: [ 14 ] Bacon: 5 Their monkish garb from them they take, And gown of ordination; The youths a cheerful Amen spake, And showed no hesitation.

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Now mark their heresy! The voices which with cruel hands They put to silence living, Are heard, though dead, throughout all lands Their testimony giving, And loud hosannas singing.

J.S. Bach - BWV 748 - Gott der Vater wohn' uns gyqacyxaja.cf

Summer is even at our door, The winter now has vanished, The tender flowerets spring once more, And he, who winter banished, Will send a happy summer. Saviour of the Heathen, known. Edition: current; Page: [ 17 ] Bacon: 4 Lo! Now praise we Christ, the Holy One. The angels sing As the glad news to earth they bring. Disguised in our poor flesh and blood See now the everlasting Good. Therefore let us joyful be Praising God right thankfully With loud songs of Hallelujah!

Ruined all his right and claim Left him nothing but the name, For his sting is lost forever. Holy Scripture plainly saith, Death is swallowed up of Death, Put to scorn and led in triumph. On our door the blood-mark;—Faith Holds it in the face of Death. The Destroyer can not harm us. On our hearts, with heavenly grace, Beams the brightness of his face, And the night of sin has vanished. Christ alone our souls will feed; He is meat and drink indeed. Faith no other life desireth.

Come, God Creator, Holy Ghost. Jesus Christ, who came to save. A Song of Praise for Easter. Kyrie eleison! Holy Spirit, be our stay Luther, ; R. Contact us Advertisements. Skip to main content. Home Page. God the Father, Be Our Stay. Psalm Isaiah Ephesians Page Scans.

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