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Available at the Greensburg Campus Library.

Wizards, Aliens, and Starships: Physics and Math in Fantasy and Science Fiction

ISBN: This book is available at Hillman Library. This is an e-book. There are also print copies of this title at both Hillman and Greensburg.

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Visions of Mars: essays on the red planet in fiction and science by Hendrix, Howard V. Print copy available at the Greensburg Campus.

Publication: Alien Constructions: Science Fiction and Feminist Thought

In this publication, Suvin defines and explores the theoretical possibilities of sf. This book is available at several Pitt libraries. A print copy of is available at Hillman Library. Science fiction SF has existed as a popular genre for around years.

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This book offers a survey of the genre from 19th-century pioneers to contemporary authors, introducing the plural versions of early SF across the world, before examining the emergence of the "scientific romance" in the s and s. The "Golden Age" of writers' expansive SF pulp was concentrated in the s, consolidated by best-selling writers like Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein. The contributors to this volume also track the increasingly diverse forms SF took from the s onwards.

Leading international scholars, writing in an accessible style, consider SF as a world literature, referencing works from diverse traditions in Latin America, Europe, Russia and the Far East. This book combines discussion of central figures of the tradition with a new global reach.

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The fifteen essays collected in Hard Reading argue, first, that science fiction has its own internal rhetoric, relying on devices such as neologism, dialogism, semantic shifts, the use of unreliable narrators. It is a "high-information" genre which does not follow the Flaubertian ideal of lemot juste, "the right word", preferring le mot imprevisible, "the unpredictable word".

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Both ideals shun the facilior lectio, the "easy reading", but for different reasons and with different effects. Writer, educator, and administrator. An assistant professor and director of Women's Studies at Temple University, Patricia Melzer is an academic whose work focuses on feminist thought as represented in science fiction and on how transgender theory has influenced feminist theory and politics, noted a biographer on the Temple University Web site.

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She considers the role of a number of different types of nonhuman constructions, such as cyborgs, and how they represent feminist perspectives on personal and cultural concepts such as otherness, sexuality, power, identity, and science itself. Melzer offers a detailed discussion of how "women's issues, from gender stereotypes to sexuality have been treated through the lens of science fiction, as well as how science fiction writing can be used as a platform from which to experiment with alternative societal organizations," observed reviewer Sheldon Ztvordokov on the Frustrated Writer Web site.

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