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  1. Michel Rangie;
  2. The Rise of Pacific Cultures | Boundless Art History?
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Arts of the Pacific Islands

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    Sofia Tekela-Smith

    Easby, Elizabeth Kennedy, and John F. Easby, Elizabeth Kennedy. Hecht, Johanna. Howe, Ellen G. No one knows exactly how the people of Nan Madol created this royal capital made of giant stones. Making do with local materials, the I-Kiribati tailored armor from coconut fiber and wore porcupine-fish helmets. These giant statues embody the ancients who first voyaged to Rapa Nui. Many were toppled; all lost their coral eyes. This photograph commemorates a historic royal visit and captures the practice of Fijian gift exchange. Master sailors fashioned these maps from sticks and cowrie shells, registering relationships between land and sea.

    These intricate wooden carvings have confused anthropologists and confounded art historians for over a century. This virtuosic carving represents a creator god. It is one of the finest pieces of Polynesian sculpture in the West. Islanders grew fruit trees and used the wood to carve figures.