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Unlike the other characters influenced by Jason, Big Red retains some level of his humanity, showing hesitation and unease about his actions several times. Eric Morse, the author of Friday the 13th: Jason's Curse , has stated that Big Red "came about because I wanted to explore the world of the abused child getting revenge on those who hurt him".

He also views Big Red as the opposite of Jason; whereas Jason grew up with loving parents, Big Red was raised by abusive and apathetic ones. A champion ultimate cage fighter , Butch, after being framed for a double homicide, is put on death row and disowned by his mentor and adoptive father. While in prison, Butch is approached by media mogul Caleb Carson, who convinces him to compete as one of twelve contestants on his death sport reality show Extreme Elimination 2 , promising Butch that if he wins the game Caleb will help him prove he was innocent of the murders he was imprisoned for.

While on the Costa Rican island where Extreme Elimination 2 is set, Butch befriends fellow contestants Alexandra Coyle and Valkyrie Randall and together, the trio escape the island with a group of soldiers after a zombie plague spread by Jason Voorhees, a "special guest" on Extreme Elimination 2 who, after being exposed to an artificial virus, begins to emit a reanimating plague that causes his victims to come back as the undead.

After Valkyrie and the soldiers are killed either by zombies or Jason, who had reached mainland, Butch and Alex reach the compound of the soldiers' boss, Dr. Helen Cain, the person who accidentally created the "Jason Strain" virus while trying to artificially recreate Jason's apparent immortality. Using holographic technology developed by Dr. Cain's compound, where a cure for the Jason Strain which will not affect Jason, but will kill the infected and immunize the living is being released into the air. Upon reaching the compound, Butch and Alex find Dr. Cain dying, having been shot repeatedly by soldiers working for Caleb Carson, who still believes he can salvage what is left of Extreme Elimination 2.

Before being captured by Caleb's soldiers, Butch manages to obtain the dosage of the Jason Strain cure meant to rid Jason of his plague spreading abilities from Dr. Put on a plane set for America, Butch, after Jason breaks free of his restraints and begins to kill everyone on the plane, learns from Caleb that he was the one who actually ordered the double homicide Butch was imprisoned for. Giving Alex a recording of Caleb's confession, Butch has her jump out of the plane with a parachute while he stabs Jason in the eye with the syringe containing the cure for the Jason Strain before the plane crashes, removing Jason's ability to reanimate his victims.

With Butch dead, Alex honors his last request, giving the tape containing Caleb's confession to Butch's adoptive father. After the death of her father when she was a toddler, Carly is left alone with her overprotective mother, who shelters her constantly.

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Going on a trip with her friends and her boyfriend Billy Boone to Camp Crystal Lake on a Friday the 13th, Carly and her friends are at first oblivious to the legends surrounding the place, only being told about the Voorhees family en route to the camp. It is there that Carly encounters Joe Travers, a hunter who kills all her friends while under the influence of Jason Voorhees' hockey mask and the reanimated head of Pamela Voorhees.

After several attempts to flee from Joe and Pamela fail, Carly fights back, stabbing Joe to death before using his own shotgun to blast Pamela's head apart. After killing Joe and Pamela, Carly tears Jason's mask from his face and tosses it into a stream. A minor mention of Carly is made in the novel Friday the 13th: Jason's Curse , which reveals that after her experience at Camp Crystal Lake, she has managed to get her life back on track, having gotten into Harvard University. Caroline is a character in the six-issue comic miniseries Freddy vs.

Ash by Wildstorm. When Ash Williams is transferred to the S-Mart, Caroline who Ash refers to as "Carrie" , unlike her fellow employees, believes the stories he tells about having fought evil entities. After Ash tells Caroline about his various adventures, Caroline tells him about Jason Voorhees, who Ash surmises is a Deadite, an old enemy of his.

When citizens of Crystal Lake begin to be murdered by Jason, who has been sent out by Freddy Krueger to find the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis , Ash travels to the old Voorhees house, believing the Necronomicon could be there, not knowing Caroline is following him. When Ash, who finds the Necronomicon in the Voorhees's basement, he and a girl named Bree are attacked by Jason, Caroline saves the two, ramming Jason with her car and taking Ash and Bree to the S-Mart.

Shortly after reaching the S-Mart, Jason, who had followed the trio, enters the store and, after killing several shoppers and store employees, knocks Ash unconscious and murders Bree, taking the Necronomicon from her; Jason brings the book to Freddy, who uses it not only to free himself from Jason's mind and increase Jason's intelligence, but also give himself reality warping powers. After Ash regains consciousness, Caroline helps him reclaim the Necronomicon , after narrowly escaping both Freddy and Jason on several occasions.

Together, Ash and Caroline open a portal to the Deadites' dimension and send both Freddy and the Necronomicon there, also trapping Jason under the ice of Crystal Lake. In Freddy vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors , set six months after the events of the first miniseries, Caroline has gone steady with Ash and the two have lived together in Franklin, Michigan ever since defeating Freddy and Jason.

While preparing for a backyard barbecue in June with family and friends Caroline is killed by Jason while Ash is at the store getting refreshments. When Ash returns home he finds Caroline's body pinned to the wall and her severed head burning on the grill. Lazarus; a ship bound for New York City for a senior class trip.

Much to his chagrin, his coworker Colleen Van Deusen brings his niece Rennie along, who has a strong fear of water. He ignores a deckhand's warning that Jason Voorhees is on board killing his students, stating that "Walking corpses don't exist" and he thinks the deckhand is responsible for the murders, until he discovers him dead from an axe to his back. After arriving, Rennie remembers that McCulloch was responsible for her fear of the water, by forcing her into Camp Crystal Lake to learn how to swim.

Disgusted, the remaining students leave him behind before Jason appears. McCulloch tries to run but he is thrown from a window like a rag doll. Jason then stuffs McCulloch into a toxic filled barrel and drowns him. Chelsea is a character in Friday the 13th , played by Willa Ford. She joins her friends for a fun filled weekend at Trent's summer home on Crystal Lake.

After passing the time playing games and drinking, she and Nolan go down to the lake to do some wakeboarding. As Nolan drives the boat, Chelsea loses her balance and falls into the lake. As Nolan turns the boat around, he is shot in the head with an arrow, causing his body to fall onto the throttle, increasing the boats speed. Chelsea who is oblivious to what just happened watches as the boat comes towards her, realizing too late as the boat runs over her, suffering a head injury. As she comes to, her eyes find Jason standing on the banks of the lake, watching her. A terrified Chelsea gets under the dock at the shoreline, but Jason appears and walks out onto the dock.

Jason is shown walking off the dock and out of Chelsea's sight. As she starts to relax, a machete bursts through the top of Chelsea's head, killing her. In a deleted scene, her body is shown lying on the shoreline when Clay and Jenna stumble across her. In an interview, the writers revealed that originally after spotting Jason on the shoreline, the character would end up treading water for hours and hours, afraid of heading to shore. She eventually would tire and drown, which was something that the writers had not seen in this genre.

Ultimately they decided to make the death more quick and "visceral". Chewie is a character in Friday the 13th , played by Aaron Yoo. He joins his friends for a fun filled weekend at Trent's summer home on Crystal Lake. Chewie passes the time getting stoned and playing games. After breaking a chair, he is directed to the tool shed by Trent to get some tools. In the shed, he bumps into Jason, who stabs him under the chin with a screwdriver.

Driving the screwdriver deeper into his skull, Jason hangs Chewie's body from the ceiling after killing him. Chili and her boyfriend Chuck David Katims are hippy living stoners. On the way to Higgins Haven the police begin following Chris Higgins' van. Chuck and Chili are smoking marijuana in the back and panic. Chuck and Chili get Andy, Shelly and Vera to eat the "evidence". The gang is annoyed when the police pass them. Later that evening, Chuck and Chili make popcorn when the power goes out. Chuck goes to investigate and is killed by Jason. Chili finds Shelly on the doorstep with his throat slit.

Chili thinks it's another prank so she ignores him. She tells Shelly to stop but realizes he's actually dead. As Chili runs through the house shouting for her friends, Jason stabs her through the stomach with a hot poker. He carries her body away. A teenage girl who lives in the Crystal Lake area, Chris returns to her home three years after a traumatic experience. It is later revealed through flashback that Chris survived an attack by a disfigured man who turns out to be Jason Voorhees.

Jason, who is still living in the forest, attacks her again at her summer home and murders her friends. Chris manages to hit Jason in the head with an axe, before suffering a hallucination of Jason's mother dragging her into the lake, similar to the ending of the first Friday the 13th. She is then taken away by the police, severely traumatized. In the opening sequence of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter which takes place the day after Part III , a mother is seen consoling her daughter in a hospital waiting room.

Since the daughter is only seen from behind, the probable implication is that she is Chris. In an alternate ending of Friday the 13th Part III , Chris' fate is changed; after hearing her boyfriend Rick's voice while canoeing to safety, Chris follows it to a cabin, only to be decapitated by an unmasked Jason, who is waiting inside. In the novelization of the film, Chris, instead of striking Jason with an axe, decapitates him with a sickle, later falling unconscious and awakening in her own bed, with it being implicated by an attending doctor and police officer that the events of the previous night were simply delusions.

Sneaking out of her room and to her barn after being left alone, Chris discovers both the place completely cleaned up and the bodies of her friends and the trio of bikers Jason had killed. After discovering the bodies, Chris is killed by Jason. The scene then shifts to the police officer who was guarding Chris who, after waking from a nap, enters Chris's room and finds her sleeping peacefully; after checking in on Chris, the officer listens to a radio broadcast that mentions the shopkeepers Jason had murdered earlier in the book, but makes no reference to any events having transpired at Higgins Haven.

Dana Kimmell has said that she only took the role of Chris due to the paycheck, stating she felt uncomfortable working on the movie, persuading executive producer Frank Mancuso to alter or remove several scenes involving gratuitous sexual or violent material. Chuck and his girlfriend Chili Rachel Howard are hippy stoners, always high when given the chance. Chuck is unhappy when he realizes the police weren't following them. Chuck and Chili make popcorn that night and Chuck goes outside when the power goes out.

As he checks the fuse box, Jason appears behind him and throws him into the fuse box electrocuting him to death. Claudette Debra S. Hayes is a character in the original Friday the 13th film. She was a counselor working at Camp Crystal Lake during the summer of and was Barry's girlfriend. After having sung a camp fire song with the other counselors, she snuck away with her boyfriend to have sex privately in a cabin that was used for storage. Unbeknownst to them at the time, Pamela Voorhees was lurking and watching.

She eventually interrupted the two teens and killed Barry first. Claudette was left alone, screaming and pleading for her life. Despite attempts to defend herself with a few items and run away from her assailant, she was ultimately cornered and killed off-screen by Pamela. Little else is known about her, except that she is the second murder victim of the entire series. Clay Miller is the male protagonist in Friday the 13th , played by Jared Padalecki.

Clay comes to Crystal Lake searching for his missing sister, Whitney , who is attacked by Jason Voorhees early in the movie. The Crystal Lake locals have given up searching for Whitney, who has not been seen for six weeks, and advise Clay to look for her somewhere else. Undeterred, Clay eventually meets a group of college students vacationing in the woods, and befriends one of them, a girl named Jenna.

Jenna decides to aid Clay in his investigation of Camp Crystal Lake, but while searching the camp grounds, they witness Jason Voorhees hauling a dead body. The pair escape to warn Jenna's friends, but Jason follows them and kills the other students. Clay and Jenna eventually wind up back at the camp, where they discover Whitney alive in Jason's underground lair.

As the three make their way through the tunnels, Jason murders Jenna, leaving only Clay and his sister alive. The siblings take refuge in a barn, where Jason catches up with them. Whitney uses her resemblance to Jason's mother to distract the killer long enough to stab him with his own machete. She and Clay then dispose of his body in the lake, only to be attacked once more. Jared Padalecki describes his character as a real hero, because when his sister goes missing he sets out "to do the right thing", and tends to go about it as this "lone wolf" who wants to take on this responsibility of finding his sister himself.

A man who lives in the Crystal Lake area, Ralph rides around on his bicycle telling people to stay away from Camp Crystal Lake which he refers to as Camp Blood or they will be killed, claiming he was a messenger sent by God to warn people of the campground's "death curse", always saying "Doomed. You're all doomed! Two other characters have had a Crazy Ralph-type role.

Abel carries around an eyeball which he views as an "omen" and warns the group to "Go back from whence ye came! The deck hand is later killed by Jason with a fire axe to the back. In the novel Jason X: Death Moon , a character named Tobe Cunningham is hired to portray Ralph on Moon Camp Americana, a job which entails warning new arrivals to the Moon Camp about Jason and telling them to stay away from the woods and lake. Tobe is murdered by Jason in a manner almost identical to Ralph's death, being strangled with barbed wire, which is later used to decapitate him.

Victor Miller claims that "the function of Crazy Ralph is to set the tone for this horrible geographic area. Most people think people like Ralphie are nuts, but they are closer to reality in some ways than the 'normies'. Ralph is featured in the third installment of IGN's Obscure Character of the Day feature, which has him referred to as the "unsung hero of the slasher movie genre". An anti-heroic bounty hunter who styles himself like a cowboy, Creighton witnesses Jason Voorhees being blown apart by the FBI , but remains unconvinced that Jason is truly dead.

After several murders are committed in a style similar to Jason's, Creighton is hired by talk show host Robert Campbell to hunt down and kill Jason. Before going to search for Jason, Creighton attempts to warn Jason's half-sister Diana that Jason will be searching for her, but is arrested by Diana's boyfriend, the sheriff, for harassing her.

While in jail, Creighton meets Steven Freeman, the ex-boyfriend of Diana's daughter Jessica who has been blamed for Jason's murder of Diana. Creighton tells Steven that Jason will be looking for Jessica because; if he manages to possess her he can recreate his body.

Creighton later escapes his jail cell when a Jason-possessed Robert Campbell goes on a rampage at the police station while looking for Jessica. Going to the diner where Diana worked, Creighton abducts Stephanie, Steven and Jessica's infant daughter, and brings her to Pamela Voorhees 's old house, leaving a note for Steven and Jessica telling them to meet him there. When Jessica and Steven arrive, Creighton gives Jessica a dagger, which he claims can kill Jason if it is used against him by someone of Voorhees descent. When Jason who has possessed a local deputy arrives at the Voorhees house, he finds and possesses Diana's body, which had earlier been moved to the house by Robert Campbell.

Attempting to fight the newly resurrected Jason, Creighton is incapacitated when Jason crushes his back in a bear hug. Creighton makes a cameo appearance in the novelization of Freddy vs. While in Hell, Jason, after impaling a girl to a tree with his machete, watches as she shifts into several mocking former victims of his, Creighton among them. Creighton's original name was Anderson Duke. Adam Marcus, the director of Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday , has said that he believes Creighton to be, after Jason, the best character in the Friday the 13th series, also stating Creighton "is the flip side of the Jason coin.

A sadistic psychotic who happens to be sort of a hero or at least an enemy of Jason" [38]. Colleen is Rennie Wickham's teacher who accompanies her on the Lazarus for the students' graduation trip. Her and Rennie are very close much to the chagrin of Charles McCulloch who disapproves of her bond with Rennie. When the group arrive in New York, Colleen is forced to watch as Rennie is kidnapped by two thugs.

Colleen dies in an explosion when the police car Rennie commandeered and drove at Jason crashes and blows up, killing her instantly. Cort is a scruffy, work shy layabout who arrives with Megan, Paula and Sissy to teach the boys coming to the summer camp. He instantly gets on the wrong side of Sheriff Garris who disapproves of his dress sense and manners. Cort meets up with his girlfriend Nikki in her RV to have sex whilst listening to loud music, suddenly, the power goes off. Cort goes to investigate and finds the wire cut.

Spooked, Cort decides to leave and starts driving the RV recklessly sending Nikki flying. She is pulled into the bathroom and killed by Jason via having her face forced into a mirror.

A Look at Six Car Design Specialties, Part 1: The Stylist - Core77

Cort continues to drive while listening to Alice Cooper 's " Teenage Frankenstein " on high volume; he spots Jason in the rear view mirror as Jason grabs his head and stabs him in the temple, killing him and causing the mobile home to crash. A year-old boy suffering from a disfiguring bone disorder called craniodiaphyseal dysplasia , Davie is sent to the Camp Crystal Lake-adjacent Camp Piney Woods by his mother, despite his objections, in an attempt to have him interact with other children. While at the camp, Davie is relentlessly bullied by the other children.

One night, after telling him about Jason Voorhees, a group of these bullies throw Davie into the lake. As Davie struggles to swim, Jason appears and proceeds to kill the other children, before spotting Davie. Instead of attacking Davie, Jason simply stares at him, only reacting when Davie flees from him along with two of the camp counselors. As Jason chases Davie and the counselors, the group runs into the local sheriff, Elroy P. Sheriff Tanneyhill, in a deranged state due having just used meth , opens fire on Davie and the counselors, killing the two adults. As the sheriff approaches Davie, planning on killing him as well, Davie is grabbed by Jason, who leaves the scene and the sheriff.

Unable to get away from Jason, Davie can only watch as he murders a group of police officers the two encounter before moving on, with Davie slung over Jason's shoulder. While held captive by Jason for nine days, Davie befriends him after realizing that Jason has not once tried to harm him and has, in fact, provided him with such things as food and shelter. Davie grows to admire Jason, relating to him due to their similar childhood and deformities. After following Jason into the woods and aiding him in killing a pair of soldiers sent to look for him, Davie is attacked by Sheriff Tanneyhill from a helicopter, the sheriff having tracked Davie down with the intent of killing him due to Davie being the only witness to the sheriff's murder of the two camp counselors.

Davie and Jason escape the sheriff and hide in a cave after Jason causes Tanneyhill's helicopter to crash. Spending the night in the cave, Davie wakes up to find Jason leaving, and attempts to stop him, only to find himself ignored. When Jason exits the cave, Davie is grabbed by Sheriff Tanneyhill, who tries to slash Davie's throat with a switchblade. Davie manages to knock Tanneyhill backwards into a hole after stabbing the sheriff in the leg with a knife he had earlier taken from one of Jason's victims.

Rushing outside the cave, Davie witnesses Jason being shot and seemingly killed by a group of soldiers. As Davie mourns for Jason, Sheriff Tanneyhill, having climbed out of the pit, grabs the boy and loudly declares his intent to kill him, an announcement clearly heard by all the soldiers present.

As Sheriff Tanneyhill yells at the soldiers to drop their weapons, he is attacked by a recovered Jason. Despite Davie warning him to be careful, Jason falls off a cliff while fighting with Tanneyhill, taking the sheriff with him. With Sheriff Tanneyhill dead due to the fall and Jason having disappeared, Davie is taken back home by two soldiers. He tells himself that his time with Jason was exciting and taught him a lot, believing that all of the people Jason killed during their time together were "assholes" and deserved to die, rationalizing that Jason was merely defending both of them, and simply doing what he had to do in order to survive.

Debbie is Andy's girlfriend and a good friend of Chris Higgins. In the summer of , she goes along with her friends to Higgins Haven with Andy's roommate Shelly and his blind date Vera Sanchez. At Higgins Haven, she watches Andy and Shelly have a juggling contest before walking over to Andy and telling him he can do better things with his hands.

Later, she and Andy go upstairs to have sex. As she takes a shower, Andy walks in doing a handstand, asking her if she wants a beer. At first she says yes, but soon calls out to Andy to tell him she has changed her mind, but there is no answer. Debbie lays down on the hammock to read a Fangoria magazine and soon notices blood dripping down. She looks up and sees Andy's mutilated corpse wedged in the rafters above her. Before she can react, Jason, who had concealed himself beneath the hammock, grabs her head and stabs her through the chest, killing both Debbie and her unborn child.

Deborah, her boyfriend Luke, and Alexis hitchhiked to Crystal Lake to celebrate Jason's death, getting a ride from Steven. After skinny dipping, Deborah and Luke have sex in the tent. When Deborah reaches an orgasm, a Jason-possessed Phil impales her on a pole, and bisects her with it. Diane Cavanaugh is a character in the two-issue comic miniseries Friday the 13th: Bad Land by Wildstorm. An experienced camper and hiker, Diane, while out hiking with friends Phil and Jeremy in early April, becomes stuck in a blizzard.

Seeking shelter, the trio discovers an abandoned cabin located in Camp Crystal Lake and, breaking in, proceed to make themselves at home. While waiting out the blizzard, Diane and Jeremy have sex. While with Jeremy, Diane notices Jason Voorhees glaring in a window at her. Shocked by the sight of Jason, Diane accidentally wakes Phil up, who walks in on her and Jeremy together. Angered and hurt at the sight of Jeremy and Diane, the latter who he has a crush on, Phil storms off outside, dismissing Diane's sighting of someone out there as a trick of the snow.

Worried that Phil could freeze to death in the blizzard, Diane convinces Jeremy to go look for him. While Diane waits for Jeremy to return, Phil enters the cabin, telling Diana to barricade the entrances, as he had just found Jeremy in the woods, decapitated. While Phil pushes a couch in front of the cabin door, he is killed when Jason forces a ski pole through the door and his head.

Despite Diane's attempts to keep him out, Jason bursts into the cabin and knocks her to the floor. Before Jason can attack her, Diane, tearing the ski pole out of Phil's head, impales Jason with it before fleeing outside. While running from the cabin, Diane trips on a rock, allowing Jason to catch up with her. As Jason readies himself to kill her, Diane begins to beg for her life and ask why he is doing this, before falling into a rant about how she should not have come here and how it's "a bad place". As Diane mumbles this over and over again, Jason strikes her in the head with his machete, killing her instantly, and proceeds to drag her body to Crystal Lake.

In the film, she is targeted by Jason after his body is destroyed by the FBI, forcing him to possess other people; however, his hosts eventually decay, forcing him to find a surviving member of his family in order to be reborn. After possessing a police officer named Josh, Jason goes to his sister's house interrupting a phone call with her daughter. Seeing Jason's reflection in a mirror, Diane realizes her half brother has possessed Josh and grabs a handgun from a drawer, shooting him in the head.

Believing she had killed him, she steps over Josh's body only for Jason to grab her and tries to transfer his soul into her. However the father of her granddaughter, Steven Freeman ends the house and seeing Diane being attacked, attacks Josh unaware that he is actually Jason. During the ensuing struggle, Diane is killed and Jason escapes.

Steven is blamed for her murder and arrested. Her daughter's current boyfriend, American Casefiles host Robert Campbell, later steals her body from the morgue and places it in Voorhees house to have it found by the police to spice up his shows ratings, only for Jason to transfer his soul from Josh's body to Roberts. During the film's climax, after his latest host is killed, Jason escapes in the form of a demonic fetus. He eventually ends up inside the cellar were Diane's body ended up and uses her body to completely resurrect himself, as he only requires the body of a Voorhees to be resurrected.

An infamous scientist, Dr. Castillo has little regard for human life, his experiments often resulting in the mutilation and death of his subjects; a necrophile , cyborg and sadomasochist , Dr. Castillo is a lifelong admirer of Dr. Wimmer a minor character in Jason X.

After Jason is captured by the government, he is in the custody of Dr. Castillo, who has the government convert one of their bases on the moon into a laboratory; to cover up the unexpected reopening of the Moon Base, the government rechristens it Moon Camp Americana, a camp for delinquent girls and the set for a reality TV show hosted by pornographic and exploitation filmmaker Roger Bordeaux. Wanting to replicate Jason, Dr. Castillo keeps him in suspended animation, as he begins to murder the campers in Moon Camp Americana to use as test subjects for his experiments.

After Jason escapes and goes on a rampage, Dr. Castillo, after armed soldiers prove unable to defeat Jason, resorts to blasting Jason apart with a weapon referred to as The Berzerker. With Jason apparently dead, Dr. Castillo begins the process of rebuilding him. After Jason is reconstructed, he once more breaks free and goes on a rampage. Tracking down Dr. Castillo, who had just finished having a session with his robotic mistress , Jason murders him, stabbing his face with shards of a mirror before tearing him apart and stomping his head into the ground.

Despite Dr. Castillo's existence was wiped out. A well-known scientist working for the government, Dr. Stein is strict and has little regard for human life, traits which have caused some of her employees to privately refer to her as "Dr. Stein, who makes plans to replicate Jason's abilities to create an army of supersoldiers. After having four staff members at her research facility killed for breaking into her office, Dr. Stein begins experimenting with their corpses, hoping to somehow imbue them with Jason's powers. After several failed experiments, Dr. Stein's attempts at replicating Jason bear fruit, as a clone of Jason, one formed when some of Jason's nano ants which Dr.

Stein had been keeping immobilized, thus paralyzing Jason manage to migrate from Jason's body to the cadavers of three of the staff members she had killed. Shortly after her discovery of the clone, Dr. Stein is killed by it and Jason who grows immune to the devices Dr. Stein had been keeping him captive with when the two tear her arms off, though not before Dr.

Stein has a chance to press the panic button in her lab, signaling the military to come and " sterilize " the research facility. The Jason clone, after Dr. Stein is disposed of, absorbs her body into itself, the clone being in a constant state of needing to absorb living tissue to survive. Later on the novel, when two interns named Lynne and Fredo encounter Jason's clone, they discover it now has Dr.

Stein's mind and voice. Before the clone can attack, Lynne and Fredo blast it apart with laser weaponry, only to notice moments later, while leaving the scene, that it has begun to regenerate. The book ends with it being stated that the clone, as well another research facility member who was mutated by exposure to Jason's cells, have been captured by the government. Stein's who for an unknown reason is referred to as being male work was both "extremely brilliant, and primitive".

Doug is a character in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter played by Peter Barton Doug is a very popular guy amongst the gang of friends that stay opposite the Jarvis house. He and his girlfriend Sara are a devoted couple and Sara has saved herself for him, that night she tells him she's ready, so they have sex in the shower. Sara then goes into the bedroom to blow dry her hair, leaving Doug singing in the shower. Jason then enters the bathroom, and Doug, seeing only a vague form through the shower's steamed-up door, mistakes him for his friend, Paul, before asking if Sara has returned.

Jason smashes through the shower door and slams Doug's head against the tiled wall, crushing his skull. Doug's body is seen a short while later, when Trish finds him impaled to the wall through the back of the neck. Drayton "Cook" Sawyer is a character in the comic book mini-series Jason vs.

When Duke and Roy attend the murder of Joey, a resident at Pinehurst Halfway House, Roy appears distracted by Joey's corpse, Duke snaps him out of it, mocking the grief of the other residents seemingly angering Roy. Pam later finds Duke dead with his throat slashed. Eddie is a promiscuous teenager who is often getting trouble for being caught with girlfriend Tina on private property.

The Domino Event

He and Tina sneak into the woods and have sex. Eddie goes to freshen up at a nearby lake, as he is gone Tina is killed. When Eddie returns he discovers her dead. As he backs away in horror against a tree a strap is thrown over his eyes and Roy Burns, masquerading as Jason, tightens it by twisting a branch attached to the strap eventually crushing Eddie's skull.

Elias Voorhees or simply Mr. Virtually nothing is known about the character, making him one of few mysteries surrounding Jason in the series. The nature of Elias is much debated among fans largely due to what little information is given in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives , which is the first installment to touch upon the character in any way. Though the scenes involving and mentioning Elias were edited out of the theatrical cut but preserved in the novelization it nevertheless is, to date, the most information given on the character.

According to Tom McLoughlin 's treatment, the red-haired Elias is depicted as being silent, but quite intimidating. The caretaker of Jason's grave makes sure not to touch Elias' hand when taking his payment and is careful not to look into his eyes. There is a general belief that Elias is quite aware of what Jason is. This evidence stems from the fact that Elias paid for burials of Jason and Pamela rather than a cremation , which would have prevented Jason's resurrection. Additionally, at the end of the film and novel, Elias is seemingly aware of the fact that Jason's body is no longer in his grave in the deleted scene, he peers into the camera; in the novel, he looks in the direction of the lake where he was left defeated in the film.

The reason for abandoning his family also remains unknown and left up to fan speculation, but the closest thing to an answer is given in and with the writer of the first film, Victor Miller. When he was asked about the background of the father, Miller says that there was no time allowed for a proper backstory when they made the film, including that of Jason's father.

The only idea Miller had was that Mr. Voorhees simply ran off at least in part because he could not handle Mrs. Voorhees' slightly unbalanced obsession with their child. Miller's wording does not make it clear if it was due to how Jason came out, though it is of note that Miller did not envision Jason with deformities. However, as this is only Miller's admitted assumption, the issue of discrepancies is moot. Because the information regarding Elias does not derive from what made it to film, its canonicity is unknown.

In the Jason vs. Leatherface comic miniseries by Topps Comics , Elias never referred to by name and seen only in flashbacks caused by Jason witnessing Hitchiker's abuse of his brother Leatherface is depicted as stereotypical " white trash " and is highly abusive towards a young Jason, beating him and calling him a freak and monster; Elias is killed by his wife, Doris a renamed Pamela with a machete while trying to beat Jason once again. Here, Elias is described as being little more than a hillbilly , whose great-great-great-grandfather Jebediah Voorhees was a warlock who lived in Salem, Massachusetts and possessed the Necronomicon.

In the year on Samhain , the townsfolk living near Jebediah, believing him to be responsible for the disappearance of several local girls, burned his mansion to the ground with him inside, though after the fire no body was ever found. After Jebediah was supposedly killed the Necronomicon was passed down to Elias, who uncovered it one day while searching for kindling. After accidentally using the Necronomicon to summon a demon, which proceeded to possess the then unborn Jason, Elias attempted to use the book to become a warlock himself, with minimal success.

The authenticity of this story remains in doubt, as the character who tells the story admits that "that's just one version of what happened". A version of Elias similar to the one presented in Jason vs. Leatherface , both in appearance and demeanor, appears in the two-issue comic miniseries Friday the 13th: Pamela's Tale by Wildstorm.

Here, Elias is shown to be a worker in a mine and abusive towards Pamela. After a particularly brutal beating and possible sexual assault at Elias' hands, Pamela, driven by a voice she believes to be the unborn Jason, murders Elias with an axe blow to the head before entering a manic state and proceeding to hack his body to pieces. Afterwards, Pamela disposes of Elias's remains by dumping them in Crystal Lake, after blowing up the trailer the two of them lived in using gasoline.

Pope is Phil's assistant. After he returns from getting snacks, Pope tells Phil, who had just been possessed by Jason, that they could say whatever they wanted about Jason. Pope began insulting Jason, and Phil promptly stabbed Pope with a surgical probe and mangling his face on a grater.

Enos is a friendly gentleman encountered by teenager Annie Phillips in Friday the 13th. He agrees to drive her part of the way to Camp Crystal Lake and, during the drive, he informs Annie about the murders of camp counselors Barry and Claudette, as well as the mysterious fires and water contamination. Unfortunately, his warnings are dismissed by Annie. He is played the late Rex Everhart who later became known as the voice of Belle's father, Maurice, from Disney's Beauty and the Beast film.

Ethan is a character in the two-issue comic miniseries Friday the 13th: Bad Land by Wildstorm. A fur trapper living in the 19th century, Ethan, while hunting with fellow fur trappers Ben and Joseph, becomes stranded in a blizzard near Crystal Lake. While Ethan is content to simply wait out the storm and leave the occupants of the hut, a woman and her child, alone, Ben grows restless and, with help from Joseph, rapes the woman, threatening Ethan with violence if he interferes. After raping the woman, Joseph and Ben rest, while Ethan voices his disgust at what they have done.

As Ethan talks, Joseph notices the woman reaching for something and, believing it to be a weapon, shoots her and her baby dead, only to learn to afterwards that what she was reaching for was a rattle. Enraged by what Joseph has done, Ethan begins to yell at him, only to be interrupted in his speech when the husband of the dead woman enters, having been out fishing.

Seeing his family dead, the man lunges at Ethan, only to be shot in the face by Ben and sent running. Soon after the woman's husband is shot, Joseph begins acting erratic before fleeing from the hut, manically claiming that this is "a bad place". Believing Joseph could freeze to death outside; Ethan prepares to go after him, attempting to convince Ben to do so as well.

When Ben refuses to go outside, not caring about what happens to Joseph; Ethan threatens him, but gives up on attempting to convince him to go searching and leaves, cursing Ben as he does so. While searching, Ethan, unaware that Ben has been killed by the Native from earlier, finds Joseph impaled on a tree, barely alive.

With his last breaths, Joseph continues his rant to Ethan about how the surrounding land is cursed before dying. Convinced that Joseph is right, Ethan is about to run when he is attacked by the Native man with a tomahawk, getting an ear chopped off and being knocked to the ground. Attempting to fight back, Ethan tries to shoot the Native with his gun, but misses and hits a nearby tree, and resorts to clubbing the Native in the face with his gun.

After doing this, Ethan tries to run away, only to be tripped by the Native. As the Native readies to kill him with a rock, Ethan mutters "I am so sorry Centuries later, in the year , Diane Cavanaugh, while fleeing from Jason Voorhees, unknowingly passes the tree accidentally shot by Ethan, which still has the bullet lodged in it; she also trips on the very rock used to kill him. Eva is a female student of Ms.

The Clue of the New Shoe by Arthur W. Upfield

She is shown to be friends with Tamara Mason, and tries her best to emulate Tamara in small ways. When the pair sneak off to do cocaine, they are chanced upon by fellow student, Rennie Wickham, who declines Tamara's offer of a 'hit'. After almost being caught moments later by chaperone Charles McCulloch, Tamara assumes that Rennie 'narced' on them, and, in revenge, intentionally knocks Rennie overboard. Disgusted at her friend's actions, Eva makes her excuses and leaves Tamara to her own devices.

Later, after Jason's murderous activities endanger the ship, an announcement goes out for all students to gather on the bridge. Eva goes in search of Tamara, only to find her friend's mutilated body in her cabin. Horrified, Eva runs out of the room only to come face-to-face with Jason. After a brief chase, she finds herself on the ship's dance floor. Realizing that Jason has followed her, and already terrified, the strobe lighting and pounding music only serve to disorient her further as Jason appears to somehow be in several places at once.

Suddenly, he appears right in front of her. He grabs her around the neck, hoists her into the air and throttles the life from her. Played by Robert Englund , he appears in several crossovers with the Friday the 13th series. In life, Freddy Krueger was a sadistic child murderer responsible for the deaths of some twenty children from the Elm Street area. Spared from prison due to a legal technicality, the enraged parents of the innocent children he butchered sought their own vengeance: they cornered him in the boiler room of the abandoned factory where Krueger had once worked, and where he would take his young victims, doused the place in gasoline, and set it ablaze, burning Krueger to death.

In doing so, they unwittingly created a new reign of terror which their own children would be forced to suffer. Despite his fiery death, Krueger was somehow able to use the fear he induced to allow him to invade the dreams of his killers' children. In a nightmare world which he could seemingly manipulate at will, he used his supernatural powers to slaughter his teenage victims as they slept.

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His signature weapon, a home-made killing glove with four razor-sharp blades extending from each finger, made a cameo at the climax of Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, and Freddy himself appeared fully in Freddy vs. In that film, Freddy has grown weak, unable to invade the dreams of potential victims as the people of Springwood, his home town, have managed to suppress their fear of him.

Freddy, by impersonating Pamela Voorhees, manipulates Jason Ken Kirzinger into going to Springwood, knowing that Jason's brutal murders will be attributed to him, causing panic and fear. It does not take Jason long to accomplish Freddy's goals, but when he refuses to stop killing, a ferocious battle ensues between the two iconic mass murderers, spanning both the dream-world and the campgrounds of Crystal Lake. The ultimate victor is left ambiguous, as Jason surfaces from the lake holding Freddy's severed head, which winks and laughs.

Freddy and Jason reunited in the comic book miniseries Freddy vs. Ash , which reveals that since his death in Freddy vs. Jason , Freddy has been trapped in Jason's mind for five years. After searching the bowels of Jason's mind, Freddy discovers the existence of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and has Jason seek it out, having Pamela Voorhees tell him in dream that the book can be used to turn him into "a real boy". Despite the interference of Ash Williams and several local teenagers, Jason does gain the Necronomicon and brings it Freddy's severed head, which is in his shack.

Reading the magic words in the Necronomcon , Freddy resurrects himself, gains reality warping powers and also increases Jason's intelligence as a reward for his aid. Despite his newfound abilities, Freddy is defeated when Jason turns on him and Ash, having taken the Necronomicon from Freddy, uses it send him to the Deadites' dimension. The comic miniseries ends with it being stated that the Necronomicon , having foreseen that Freddy would want to harness its powers, had manipulated events so that Ash came to Crystal Lake, with the book realizing that Freddy having access to all its secrets would end disastrously.

Fox is part of a biker gang, and attempts to steal Shelly's wallet, harassing Vera when she tries to get it back. After Shelly destroys their bikes, Fox reluctantly joins the others in stealing gas from Chris's van. Fox then walks into the barn and starts fooling around, before being stabbed in the throat by Jason with a pitchfork. A year-old cybertechnician, Free is the son of London Jefferson and Jason Voorhees, conceived when his mother was artificially inseminated with Jason's sperm in the novel Jason X: Planet of the Beast.

As a child, Free spent the bulk of his life with his mother on a satellite owned by one of the richest men in the universe, Jackson Mansfield, who had rescued London when she was lost in space. In order to prepare Free for the real world, Jackson Mansfield places him in charge of a project dedicated to creating the perfect cyborg, giving him and his team one of Earth II's moons, Elysium, to work on. While working on Elysium, Free enters a relationship with fellow scientist Skye Fellows and learns his true parentage from some logs Skye, the daughter of Jason obsessed scientist Dr. Castillo, has.

When the prisoners being held in a prison on Elysium escape due to the machine being used to transport them to another moon malfunctions, Free, Skye and their companions are captured by the prisoners. Escaping captivity, Free, Skye and JJ travel to the prison, believing that they can use the transport there to escape Elysium. While in the prison, Free, Skye and JJ encounter a clone of Jason and, after JJ is killed, Free and Skye escape back to their laboratory, finding all the prisoners and their fellow scientists dead.

In order to combat the Jason clone, Free and Skye create another clone of Jason. After briefly joining forces, the two Jason clones fight each other, with the second clone winning the battle and absorbing the first clone, adding to its own power. After Skye is killed by the Jason clone, Free manages to launch the clone into space, and is left alone on Elysium to wait for rescue. George is the cook and maintenance man at Pinehurst Halfway House, he is Reggie's grandfather and shares a strong bond with him despite chastising him for his behaviour.

He warns Reggie to behave when he goes to visit his brother, Demon. George is not seen again until his dead body is thrown through a window, his eyes gouged out. A friend of Paul Holt, she arrives at Crystal Lake to partake in his counselor training camp. Familiar with the legend of "Camp Blood", she initially feels sorry for Jason Voorhees, sympathizing with his lonely childhood and the traumatic death of his mother. However, when Jason enters the camp and murders all the counselors, Ginny is forced to fight for her life.

She eventually discovers Jason's shack in the woods, and dons Pamela Voorhees' old sweater in effort to convince him she is his mother. Jason falls for her plan, and she manages to calm him down before driving a machete into his shoulder. One of the final scenes in the movie is of Ginny being carried away in a stretcher, crying out for Paul, whose fate is unknown. She can be seen on a news report detailing the events of the last film.

Ginny is referenced to in the novel Friday the 13th: Carnival of Maniacs , which states that her claims of finding Jason's shack in the woods went ignored, due to the authorities doubting her sanity. A nineteen-year-old woman trapped in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Trey, Halo's father left her family before she was born and her mother died of cancer shortly afterward, leaving Halo to be raised by her older sister Shelley.

While returning home one day after discovering she is pregnant, Halo encounters a psychic named Denzela, who tells Halo that "a storm is coming Halo is contemplating leaving Trey after the trip is over, but the decision is taken out of her hands when Jason Voorhees attacks their camp, killing Trey and the others and leaving Halo on the run. Although she manages to trap Jason under a fallen tree at one point, she is unable to kill him, fleeing from him only to encounter serial killers Norwood and Penelope Thawn, strict moralists attempting to make contact with Jason due to their belief that he shares their 'moral code'.

Having escaped the Thawns while Jason attacks Norwood and murders Penelope, Halo makes her way to the Phoenix Heights Hotel, a comment of Norwood's having led her to believe that her sister has been murdered. With the aid of Tom Sheridan, a marketing executive becoming disillusioned with his life, Halo manages to fight off Jason and Norwood, Jason killing Norwood shortly before Halo throws Jason off the top of the burning hotel, causing him to be impaled on the sharp wing-tips of the metal phoenix fountain in the park.

Although she has lost the baby during her struggle, the novel ends on an encouraging note for Halo, when it is implied that she and Tom will enter into a relationship. Jack Burrell is a character in Friday the 13th played by Kevin Bacon. Jack and his girlfriend Marcie Cunningham Jeannine Taylor arrive at Camp Crystal Lake to help Steve Christy re-open it, however they are more interested in sneaking off for fun. During a walk Jack listens as Marcie relays a story about a terrifying recurring dream. A storm breaks and Jack and Marcie take refuge in an old cabin and have sex.

Marcie goes to freshen up in the camp bathrooms while Jack relaxes on the bed, suddenly, an arrow pierces Jack's throat from underneath the bed killing him. She is first seen aboard the SS Lazarus, playing her guitar while being filmed by her young friend, aspiring film school student, Wayne. After giving him some advice about women, she heads down into the lower decks of the ship in order to take advantage of the superior guitar acoustics the cavernous interior will offer. Upon seeing him, she panics and runs deeper into the bowels of the ship.

After running down a flight of steps, she suddenly stops and lets out a blood-curdling scream, just as Jason, who has gotten in front of her and is wielding her guitar, swings the heavy instrument at her head, smashing her skull. Her body is shown later when Wayne literally falls over her whilst fleeing from Jason. He is a shy awkward teenager who often stutters when nervous or anxious, he is attracted to fellow Pinehurst resident Robin.

Jake is upset when Robin spurns his sexual advances, humiliated he storms upstairs to talk to Violet who is too busy dancing. Jake leaves Violet's room and sees a meat cleaver raised in the air, he tries to scream but stutters as the meat cleaver slams into his face. Al Towert. Black Bart. Royce - React Quotes Former Mayor Clarence V. Royce credit only. Mayor Clarence V. Show all 22 episodes. Earl James. Like Hell! Young - Infected Roy Hines. Phil Cherot. Bobby Davis. Sub Captain. Ted Olsen. Sheriff Ernie Guthrie. Wade Beecher. Achilles Thompson. Joshua 'Joyu' Judges Ruth.

James Glen. Colonel Brad Taylor. Colonel Brad Taylor credit only. Show all 68 episodes. Redman - Life Sentence Earl Browder. Stan Lassiter. Ben Coleman. Starbuck TV Series Lt. Caspersons - Pilot Roger Donnely. Dennis Orlando. Lloyd Lyman. Rod Tyler. Billy Kinetta segment "Paladin of the Lost Hour". LaRue Hawkes. Tyrone Diamond. I Love You Mitch Simpson. Norman Powell. Joe Wilson. Ty Earl. Ben Pettit. Captain Le Clerc. TV Series C. Freeman - The Old Sister Ron Taylor. Nate Person. Raymond Livingston. Lenny Johnson. Edwin Beall.

Jimmy Webster. Harley Dartson.

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