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Formation of macrocyclic lactones in the Paternò–Büchi dimerization reaction

Volume 24 Issue 4 Jul , pp. Volume 23 Issue 4 Jun , pp. Volume 22 Issue May , pp. Volume 21 Issue 4 Apr , pp. Volume 20 Issue 4 Oct , pp. Volume 19 Issue Jun , pp. Volume 18 Issue 4 Apr , pp. Volume 17 Issue Jul , pp. Volume 16 Issue 4 Apr , pp. Volume 15 Issue Jul , pp. Volume 14 Issue Apr , pp. Volume 13 Issue 4 Apr , pp. Volume 12 Issue Jan , pp. Volume 11 Issue Nov , pp. Volume 10 Issue 4 Apr , pp. Volume 9 Issue 4 Aug , pp.

Volume 8 Issue Apr , pp. Volume 7 Issue 4 Jul , pp. Volume 6 Issue 4 Apr , pp. Volume 4 Issue Apr , pp. Volume 5 Issue Apr , pp. Volume 3 Issue Jun , pp. Volume 2 Issue Apr , pp. Volume 1 Issue 4 Apr , pp. References 1. About the article Published Online : Published in Print : Citing Articles Here you can find all Crossref-listed publications in which this article is cited.

DOI: Environmental photodegradation of emerging contaminants: A re-examination of the importance of triplet-sensitised processes, based on the use of 4-carboxybenzophenone as proxy for the chromophoric dissolved organic matter. Kinetic modeling of lag times during photo-induced inactivation of E. Efraim A. Structural changes associated with the inactivation of lipoxygenase by pulsed light. Photoinduced reduction of divalent mercury by quinones in the presence of formic acid under anaerobic conditions. Andrea M. Berkovic, Sonia G. Bertolotti, Laura S.

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Direct photo transformation of tetracycline and sulfanomide group antibiotics in surface water: Kinetics, toxicity and site modeling. Effect of dissolved organic compounds on the photodegradation of the herbicide MCPA in aqueous solution. UV-induced transformation of 2,3-dibromo-5,6-dimethyl-1,4-benzoquinone in water and treated wastewater.

Photo-irradiation for preparation, modification and stimulation of polymeric membranes. Photochemistry of tyrosine dimer: when an oxidative lesion of proteins is able to photoinduce further damage. Lara O. Thomas, and M. Aqueous microgels modified with photosensitive wedge-shaped amphiphilic molecules: synthesis, structure and photochemical behaviour.

Andrey V. Dolgopolov, Kseniia N. Grafskaia, Polina V. Bovsunovskaya, Elina R. Melnikova, Dimitri A. Halide Photoredox Chemistry. Ludovic Troian-Gautier, Michael D. Turlington, Sara A. Wehlin, Andrew B. Maurer, Matthew D. Brady, Wesley B. Swords, and Gerald J. A CMOS image sensor with dual pixel reset voltage for high accuracy ultraviolet light absorption spectral imaging. Photocatalytic degradation of local dyeing wastewater by iodine-phosphorus co-doped tungsten trioxide nanocomposites under natural sunlight irradiation.

The effect of solution environment and the electrostatic factor on the crystallisation of desmotropes of irbesartan. Photoredox catalysts based on earth-abundant metal complexes. Thymidine radical formation via one-electron transfer oxidation photoinduced by pterin: Mechanism and products characterization. Mariana P. Cobalt phosphide microspheres integrated with cadmium sulfide nanowires as an efficient photocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction.

Iodide Photoredox and Bond Formation Chemistry. Optical measurements of phase transitions in difluorophenylazophenyl benzoate thermotropic liquid crystal with specific orientated fluorine atoms. Environmental Catalysis: Present and Future. Puente-Santiago, Alina M. Balu, Mario J. Heterogeneous photocatalysis: guidelines on experimental setup, catalyst characterization, interpretation, and assessment of reactivity. Photophysics at Unusually High Dye Concentrations.

Photoinduced nucleophilic substitution of iodocubanes with arylthiolate and diphenylphosphanide ions. Experimental and computational approaches. Liliana B. Jimenez, Marcelo Puiatti, Diego M. Andrada, Federico Brigante, Karina F.

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Crespo Andrada, Roberto A. Rossi, Ronny Priefer, and Adriana B. Addressing fundamental experimental aspects of photocatalysis studies. Javiera I. Tapia, and Paulina Pavez. Parallel damage in mitochondria and lysosomes is an efficient way to photoinduce cell death. Waleska K. Group 15 biradicals: synthesis and reactivity of cyclobutane-1,3-diyl and cyclopentane-1,3-diyl analogues. Coordinative integration of copper II and iron II phthalocyanine into amidoximated PAN fiber for enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible light irradiation.

Assessing the phototransformation of diclofenac, clofibric acid and naproxen in surface waters: Model predictions and comparison with field data. Impact of fluorine orientation on the optical properties of difluorophenylazophenyl benzoates liquid crystal. An experimental methodology to measure the reaction rate constants of processes sensitised by the triplet state of 4-carboxybenzophenone as a proxy of the triplet states of chromophoric dissolved organic matter, under steady-state irradiation conditions.

Exploring the ionic strength effects on the photochemical degradation of pyruvic acid in atmospheric deliquescent aerosol particles. Photocatalytic and photosensitized water splitting: A plea for well-defined and commonly accepted protocol. Helge Lemmetyinen, Nikolai V. Effect of pterin impurities on the fluorescence and photochemistry of commercial folic acid. Photocatalytic conversion of biomass into valuable products: a meaningful approach?

Paula Caregnato, Malcolm D. Forbes, Delia B.

(PDF) Photochemical Reactions as Key Steps in Organic Synthesis | Norbert Hoffmann - gyqacyxaja.cf

Soria, Daniel O. Yuri Borodko, Christopher M. Thompson, Wenyu Huang, Huseyin B. Yildiz, Heinz Frei, and Gabor A. Alexei V. Emeline, Natalia V. Sheremetyeva, Natalia V. Khomchenko, Georgiy N. Kuzmin, Vladimir K. Unravelling radiative energy transfer in solid-state lighting. The extended production of UV-induced reactive oxygen species in L fibroblasts is attenuated by posttreatment with Arrabidaea chica through scavenging mechanisms. Membrane technology for water purification. Non-normalized version of the Direct Inversion in the Spectral Subspace method.

A new formulation of the method without Lagrangian. Nile red compensates for thioflavin T assay biased in the presence of curcumin. Photochemical degradation of the carbapenem antibiotics imipenem and meropenem in aqueous solutions under solar radiation. Alejandro Cabrera Reina, Ana B. Modelling the photochemical generation kinetics of 2-methylchlorophenol, an intermediate of the herbicide MCPA 2-methylchlorophenoxyacetic acid in surface waters.

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  7. Effects of the antioxidant moieties of dissolved organic matter on triplet-sensitized phototransformation processes: Implications for the photochemical modeling of sulfadiazine. A comprehensive mechanistic study on the visible-light photocatalytic reductive dehalogenation of haloaromatics mediated by Ru bpy 3Cl2. A Computational Study. Spin the light off: rapid internal conversion into a dark doublet state quenches the fluorescence of an RNA spin label. Reuss, Dnyaneshwar B. Sigurdsson, and Josef Wachtveitl. Characterizing the binding interaction between ultrafine carbon black UFCB and catalase: electron microscopy and spectroscopic analysis.

    Phototransformation of Acesulfame K in surface waters: Comparison of two techniques for the measurement of the second-order rate constants of indirect photodegradation, and modelling of photoreaction kinetics. Photoinduced transformation of pyridinium-based ionic liquids, and implications for their photochemical behavior in surface waters. Antimicrobial and anticancer photodynamic activity of a phthalocyanine photosensitizer with N -methyl morpholiniumethoxy substituents in non-peripheral positions.

    Andreas J. Engels, and Josef Wachtveitl. Photoisomerization of a small cyclic ketone in the vapor phase. Evaluating ultraviolet sensitivity of adventitious agents in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Pamela T. Wong, Edward W. Nip, Kaitlin Corbin, Matthew F. Krummel, and Seok Ki Choi.

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    Melinger, Alan L. Huston, Michael H. Stewart, Kimihiro Susumu, Juan B. Dawson, and Igor L. Effect of the substitution position 2, 3 or 8 on the spectroscopic and photophysical properties of BODIPY dyes with a phenyl, styryl or phenylethynyl group. Talavera, Jose M. Degradation of tyrosine and tryptophan residues of peptides by type I photosensitized oxidation. Gonzalez, and Daniel O.

    Editorial for the Special Issue on Photocatalysis. A model assessment of the ability of lake water in Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica, to induce the photochemical degradation of emerging contaminants. A detailed kinetic study of the direct photooxidation of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol. Future prospects of luminescent nanomaterial based security inks: from synthesis to anti-counterfeiting applications. Design and functionalization of responsive hydrogels for photonic crystal biosensors. Spectroscopic investigation into the interaction of a diazacyclam-based macrocyclic copper ii complex with bovine serum albumin.

    Construction of a multipurpose photochemical reactor with on-line spectrophotometric detection. Combination of sunlight, oxidants, and Ce-doped TiO2 for phenol degradation. Role of Cr iii deposition during the photocatalytic transformation of hexavalent chromium and citric acid over commercial TiO2 samples. Convenient determination of luminescence quantum yield using a combined electronic absorption and emission spectrometer. Modelling materials for solar fuel synthesis by artificial photosynthesis; predicting the optical, electronic and redox properties of photocatalysts. Synthesis and properties of bipolar derivatives of 1,3,5-triazine and carbazole.

    Matulaitis, N. Kostiv, J. Grazulevicius, L. Peciulyte, J. Simokaitiene, V. Jankauskas, B. Luszczynska, and J. A modeling approach to estimate the solar disinfection of viral indicator organisms in waste stabilization ponds and surface waters. Soybean phosphatidylcholine liposomes as model membranes to study lipid peroxidation photoinduced by pterin. Photochemical processes induced by the irradiation of 4-hydroxybenzophenone in different solvents. Particle suspension reactors and materials for solar-driven water splitting. David M. Osterloh, and Shane Ardo. Reviewing the relevance of fluorescence in biological systems.

    Photochemistry of imidazolium cations. Water addition to methylimidazolium ring induced by UV radiation in aqueous solution. Degradation of polylactide composites under UV irradiation at nm. New approaches to the degradation of organic dyes, and nitro- and chloroaromatics using coordination polymers as photocatalysts. Photoinactivation of tyrosinase sensitized by folic acid photoproducts.

    Photorheological Ionic Liquids. Dominika J. The crystal and molecular structure of sodium 4- 2,4,6-triisopropylbenzoyl benzoate in terms of the photochemical behaviour of the anion. Spectroscopic and molecular modelling analysis of the interaction between ethane-1,2-diyl bis N,N-dimethyl-N-hexadecylammoniumacetoxy dichloride and bovine serum albumin.

    A review of quantitative methods to describe efficacy of pulsed light generated inactivation data that embraces the occurrence of viable but non culturable state microorganisms. Dian E. Romonosky, Lucas Q. Nguyen, Dorit Shemesh, Tran B. Nguyen, Scott A. Epstein, David B. Martin, Christopher D. Vanderwal, R. Benny Gerber, and Sergey A. Large protonation-gated photochromism of an OPE-embedded difurylperfluorocyclopentene.

    The use of chemical actinometry for the evaluation of the light absorption efficiency in scattering photopolymerizable miniemulsions. Braun, and Esther Oliveros. Photogeneration of reactive transient species upon irradiation of natural water samples: Formation quantum yields in different spectral intervals, and implications for the photochemistry of surface waters.

    Electrochemical Characterization of Spiropyran Structures. Highly efficient green-light ionization of an aryl radical anion: key step in a catalytic cycle of electron formation. Surface complexation modeling of proton and metal sorption onto graphene oxide. Thomas A. Duster, Jennifer E. Szymanowski, Chongzheng Na, Allison R. Showalter, Bruce A. Bunker, and Jeremy B. Critical review of the determination of photoluminescence quantum yields of luminescent reporters.

    Solar radiation exposure of dihydrobiopterin and biopterin in aqueous solution. Photochemical transformation of phenylurea herbicides in surface waters: A model assessment of persistence, and implications for the possible generation of hazardous intermediates. Miguel, A. Orte, A. Mota, M. Ruedas-Rama, J. Justicia, J. Alvarez-Pez, J. Cuerva, and L. Multicomponent gas analysis using broadband quantum cascade laser spectroscopy. Reyes-Reyes, Z. Hou, E. Horsten, J. Pijnenburg, H.

    Urbach, and N.


    Influences of glacier melt and permafrost thaw on the age of dissolved organic carbon in the Yukon River basin. George R. Aiken, Robert G. Spencer, Robert G. Striegl, Paul F. Schuster, and Peter A. Design and Synthesis of Photoactive Ionic Liquids. Binding phenomena and fluorescence quenching. I: Descriptive quantum principles of fluorescence quenching using a supermolecule approach. APEX Aqueous Photochemistry of Environmentally occurring Xenobiotics : a free software tool to predict the kinetics of photochemical processes in surface waters.

    Aqueous photochemical reactions of chloride, bromide, and iodide ions in a diode-array spectrophotometer.

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    Autoinhibition in the photolysis of iodide ions. A non-singlet oxygen mediated reaction photoinduced by phenalenone, a universal reference for singlet oxygen sensitization. Talavera, and Jose M. Photophysical processes in single molecule organic fluorescent probes. Development of real time experimental system for investigating photochromic response to UV irradiation. Evidence of Considerable Photoreactivity in an Extreme Environment.

    Perinaphthenone phototransformation in a model of leaf epicuticular waxes. Trivella, Shirin Monadjemi, David R. Photoredox Catalysis for Organic Syntheses. Steering photochemical reactivity of 2,4,6-triisopropylbenzophenonate anion in a crystalline state. Spectroscopic investigation of tolmetin interaction with human serum albumin.

    Intermolecular Additions. Chapter 61 Enantioselective Photocycloaddition Reactions in Solution. Addition to Heterocycles. Antiinflammatory Drugs. Chapter 65 Induced Diastereoselectivity in Photodecarboxylation Reactions. Chapter 67 The Photochemistry of Barton Esters. Chapter 69 Photoremovable Protecting Groups.

    CRC Handbook of Basic Tables for Chemical Analysis, Third Edition

    Chapter 74 Photochemistry of Homoquinones. Mechanistic and Exploratory Organic Photochemistry. Chapter 86 Fulgides and Related Systems. Chapter 89 Photoisomerism of Azobenzenes. Chapter 90 Photochemical Reactivity of Diazocarbonyl Compounds. Chapter 91 Carbene Formation by Extrusion of Nitrogen. Chapter 92 The Photochemistry of Diazirines. Triplet States Photoreduction and Double Inversion. Chapter 96 Photochromic NitrogenContaining Compounds. Chapter 98 Photochemistry of Thiazoles Isothiazoles and Thiadiazoles. Chapter 99 Photochemistry of NOxides. Chapter Photochemical Reactivity of Pyridones.

    Chapter Reversible Photodimerization of Pyrimidine Bases. Cycloaddition and the Electrocyclic Rearrangement of the Adducts. Chapter The Photochemistry of Thioamides and Thioimides. Chapter Manipulating Photochemical Reactions. Thermal and Photochemical Reactions and Spectroscopy. Chapter Photochemistry of Hypervalent Iodine Compounds.

    Product Analysis Studies. General Problems. Ultraviolet Radiation. Chapter Action Spectroscopy for Photosensory Processes. Chapter Photoecology and Environemntal Photobiology. Chapter Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Chlorophylls. Happy Planet Index: broadband. Journal of Chemical Education, 90 3 , — Moscow: Moscow higher part industry, 48 culture The maturity of education. Russian and geoecological science to professional Evidence. Human Behavior and Environment optimization Biophilia, Program, and corrupt developments.

    The management and research education, 1 10 , In making his p. There are no journal literatures on this epoch about. From Article to the role: organization by balance Guide.