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Di Carli 1. Aims Coronary microvascular ischaemia, cardiomyocyte injury and stiffness may play an important role in the pathophysiology of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction HFpEF.

To date, the relationship between coronary flow reserve CFR , myocardial injury, diastolic dysfunction, and future HFpEF risk is unknown. Patients were followed up median 4. The presence of both coronary microvascular and diastolic dysfunctions was associated with a markedly increased risk of HFpEF events.

Take home figure Conceptual model of the pathophysiology linking coronary microvascular ischaemia, low-level cardiomyocyte injury, and myocardial stiffness to major adverse cardiovascular outcomes MACE , especially heart failure with preserved ejection fraction HFpEF. This process may occur even in the absence of obstructive coronary artery or overt structural heart disease. Heart image is adapted from Servier Medical Art.

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Cover image Cover image. Coronary microvascular dysfunction and future risk of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction Viviany R. ISSN X. Close mobile search navigation Issue navigation. And an angry Southern California man who threated to kill his co-workers at a hotel and its guests. But a concerned colleague intervened, alerting authorities who arrested year-old Rodolfo Montoya, a cook at the Long Beach Marriott hotel, the next day and discovered the arsenal where he lived in a rundown motor home parked near industrial buildings.

How Big is a Blue Whale’s Heart? – National Geographic Education Blog

In the weeks after three high-profile shootings in three states took the lives of more than two dozen people in one week in August, law enforcement authorities nationwide reported a spike in tips from concerned relatives, friends and co-workers about people who appear bent on carrying out the next mass shooting. Some of those would-be shooters sent text messages to friends or posted on social media that they hoped to one-up previous mass shootings by killing more people.

The reasons for the increase in tips and heightened awareness of thwarted mass shootings vary, law enforcement officials said. In some cases, it's the so-called "contagion effect" in which intense media coverage of mass shootings leads to more people seeking to become copycat killers. In other cases, it's a reflection of the general public being more aware of warning signs when a friend or relative or co-worker is in an emotional crisis — and more willing to tip off police.

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On average, the Federal Bureau of Investigation receives about 22, tips about potential threats of violence weekly. That volume increased by about 15, following the high-profile shootings during the first week of August in Gilroy, California; El Paso, Texas; and Dayton, Ohio that killed 34 people and wounded nearly Mass shootings tend to plant the idea of carrying out a rampage or at least encourage the idea in potential mass shooters, each seeking notoriety or striving to "out-do" others with higher death tolls, said sociologist James Densley, a criminal justice professor at Metropolitan State University in St.

Paul, Minnesota, who studies mass shootings and the people who perpetrate them. And the general public in turn becomes more aware of the possibility of mass shootings, heightening people's willingness to speak out if a friend, relative or co-worker appears to be in the midst of a crisis and plotting carnage, Densley said. In addition, the media focuses not only on the actual shootings, but also on those that are foiled.

But identifying and predicting who the next shooter will be is challenging for authorities, he said. The reason?

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Mass shootings remain rare events and there's no one basic profile for the attackers. The demographics of school shooters and their motivations are vastly different from someone who carries out carnage in a place of worship. The same holds true for those who carry out workplace shootings.

How Big is a Blue Whale’s Heart?

But the one common thread is that there are usually warning signs in the days and weeks leading up to the shootings, with many shooters taking to social media to vent outrage at whatever is troubling them. Greg Shaffer, a retired FBI agent who now is a private security consultant specializing in active shooters and terrorism, said in an interview that the challenge for law enforcement is the juggling act of trying to balance the public's safety while not trampling on Americans' constitutional rights. For example, at what point does a troubling social media post constitute an illegal threat versus simple venting that's protected by the First Amendment?