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Everybody's Story: Wising Up to the Epic of Evolution (Suny Series in Philosophy and Biology)

Editorial team. State University of New York Press This exhilarating tale of natural history illuminates the evolution of matter, life, and consciousness. Evolutionary Biology in Philosophy of Biology. Edit this record.

Everybody's Story: Wising Up to the Epic of Evolution by Loyal Rue

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Peters - - Zygon 50 2 Willem B. Drees - - Zygon 39 2 Peters - - Zygon 47 4 Robert M. Schaible - - Zygon 38 2 Mythic Religious Naturalism. As you can see here , listen to here and here , or read here and here , I regularly share with religious audiences of all kinds my appreciation for, and tremendous debt of gratitude to, the New Atheists.

Here they are:. Haidt is a professor in the psychology department at the University of Virginia. He is the author of The Happiness Hypothesis. Description: A groundbreaking investigation into the origins of morality, which turns out to be the basis for religion and politics. This elegantly written book has far-reaching implications for anyone interested in politics, religion, or the many controversies that divide modern societies. If you want to know why you hold your moral beliefs, and why many people disagree with you, read this book.

But I shall endeavor to prove that such long necks do not in fact exist. Can we go to the giraffe house now? Human beings are the giraffes of altruism. Yes, most of human nature was shaped by natural selection operating at the level of the individual.

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Most, but not all. We humans have a dual nature—we are selfish primates who long to be a part of something larger and nobler than ourselves. If you take that claim metaphorically not literally , then many of the groupish and hivish things that people devote their lives to doing will make a lot more sense.


Wilson publication date: April 9, Description: Where did we come from? What are we? Where are we going? Refashioning the story of human evolution in a work that is certain to generate headlines, Wilson draws on his remarkable knowledge of biology and social behavior to show that group selection, not kin selection, is the primary driving force of human evolution.

He proves that history makes no sense without prehistory, and prehistory makes no sense without biology. No one but E. On the basis of this theoretical framework, Wilber is able to make some timely suggestions. Because the world's religions have such a tremendous influence on the worldview of the majority of the earth's population, they are in a privileged position to address some of the biggest conflicts we face. Evolution's Arrow by John Stewart Evolution's Arrow argues that evolution is directional and progressive, and that this has major consequences for humanity.

Everybody's Story - Wising up to the Epic of Evolution (Hardcover)

Without resort to teleology, the book demonstrates that evolution moves in the direction of producing cooperative organisations of greater scale and evolvability - evolution has organised molecular processes into cells, cells into organisms, and organisms into societies. The book founds this position on a new theory of the evolution of cooperation.

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It shows that self-interest at the level of the genes does not prevent cooperation from increasing as evolution unfolds. Evolution progresses by discovering ways to build cooperative organisations out of self-interested individuals. The book also shows that evolution itself has evolved.

Evolution has progressively improved the ability of evolutionary mechanisms to discover effective adaptations. And it has produced new and better mechanisms. Evolution's Arrow uses this understanding of the direction of evolution to identify the next great steps in the evolution of life on earth - the steps that humanity must take if we are to continue to be successful in evolutionary terms.

A key step for humanity is to increase the scale and evolvability of our societies, eventually forming a unified and cooperative society on the scale of the planet. We must also transform ourselves psychologically to become self-evolving organisms - organisms that are able to escape their biological and cultural past by adapting in whatever directions are necessary to achieve future evolutionary success.

Rue, Edward Osborne Wilson In a compelling read for anyone interested in where we came from and where we're going, Everybody's Story offers an exhilarating tour of natural history that illuminates the evolution of matter, life, and consciousness. As old myths, religious stories, and other shared narratives of humankind are increasingly viewed as intellectually implausible and morally irrelevant, they become less likely to fulfill their original purpose-to give people answers and provide a sense of stability and peace in daily life.

Loyal Rue restores that imbalance with a new story based on fact. Earthdance by Elisabet Sahtouris, James E. Lovelock An evolution biologist's story of planet Earth and its people from origins to a sustainable future. Past patterns of biological evolution offers clues to the natural process of globalization.