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The Genetics of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (Hannes Schroeder)

CHB Exam Prep. The book then offers explorations, via the application of the economics of adaptation in both law and economics relating to how parties manage relationships within the firm, within the context of long-term contracts, and, most vividly, within the context of antitrust conspiracy.

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Consisting of 30 concise chapters written by top scholars, this Research Agenda probes the knowledge frontiers of issues long at the forefront of New Institutional Economics NIE , including government, contracts and property rights. It examines pressing research questions surrounding norms, culture, and beliefs.

It is designed to inform and inspire students and those starting their careers in economics, law and political science. Well-established scholars will also find the book invaluable in updating their understanding of crucial research questions and seeking new areas to explore.

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The Elgar Companion to Ronald H. Ronald H. Coase was one of the most innovative and provocative economists of the twentieth century.

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In this comprehensive Companion, 31 leading economists, social scientists and legal scholars assess the impact of his work with particular reference to the research programs initiated, the influence on policymakers, and the challenge to conventional perspectives. Market Building through Antitrust investigates the role of antitrust policy in the building of competitive energy markets in Europe. By looking at the specific problem of long-term supply and access contracts in the electricity sector, the book questions the suitability of antitrust policy as a market building tool.

It shows that the institutional infrastructure that pre-dated competitive reform and the politics of liberalization have largely shaped the current dynamics at work in European energy regulatory practice. In particular, antitrust law has increasingly been used as a quasi-ex ante regulatory tool, thereby raising problems in terms of economic efficiency, legal certainty and political legitimacy. The Coase Theorem.

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The diverse array of authors and topics reviewed makes this research review an indispensable tool to study one of the most cited economic theories of the 20th century. This book fills a gap in the existing literature by dealing with several issues linked to long-term contracts and the efficiency of electricity markets.

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These include the impact of long-term contracts and vertical integration on effective competition, generation investment in risky markets, and the challenges for competition policy principles. Handbook of Research in Trans-Atlantic Antitrust. This comprehensive research Handbook brings together cutting-edge legal and economic analysis into antitrust issues by leading experts from Europe, the USA, Canada, Mexico and South America.