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Muppets Most Wanted is gleefully entertaining from start to finish, the kind of film that'll quickly put a grin on your face that won't subside until long after the credits roll. Director Bobin is able to carry over the feeling of warmth and cosy familiarity from the previous film into a fast and funny Muppets-led adventure.

The Forgotten: Tarzan Versus IBM

McKenzie's songs aren't quite as good as last time, but the film is so fleet-footed and fun it hardly matters. If you're amused by the idea of Christoph Waltz dancing the waltz, Swedish chef re-enacting The Seventh Seal and Miss Piggy performing a duet with Celine Dion, then this is a sequel that won't disappoint.

The rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire - Leonora Neville

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I Spy - the Constantinople Caper by Graham Marks

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Well that's how it starts for Greg. In the park, he sees it lying there; a smooth, black oblong of glass. But as soon as he touches it, his life is altered. Now there's a voice in his head, and everywhere Greg looks someone is ready to die This title is published by Franklin Watts EDGE, which produces a range of books to get children reading with confidence.