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India had them reduced to a system. The Persians expected Sosiosh, and the Jewish writers looked for a deliverer. Tacitus and Suetonius relate that the East was full of expectation of the Great Personage about the time of Octavius. The Logos is the oldest image of God, and he is the active Logos, says Philo. That of all the various nations of antiquity, there never was one which believed in a personal devil more than liberal Christians in the nineteenth century, seems hardly credible, and yet such is the sorrowful fact.

We may add at once that none of them, not even the ancient Jews, believed in hell or an eternal damnation any more than in the Devil, although our Christian churches are so liberal in dealing it out to the heathen. The Hebrews were ignorant of such an idea; but yet the gospels contain frequent examples of the same misunderstanding.

So, when Jesus is made to say Matthew xvi. Everything in the external worship of the Buddhists is allegorical and is never otherwise accepted or taught by the educated pungis pundits. The accusation that they allow, and tacitly agree to leave the poor people steeped in the most degrading superstitions, is not without foundation; but that they enforce such superstitions, we most vehemently deny.

And in this they appear to advantage beside our Christian clergy, who at least those who have not allowed their fanaticism to interfere with their brains , without believing a word of it, yet preach the existence of the Devil, as the personal enemy of a personal God, and the evil genius of mankind. The Logos triumphs once more over the great Dragon; Michael, the luminous archangel, chief of the AEons, conquers Satan.

Can it be that this old symbol has, like the rest of ancient philosophical conceptions, more than one allegorical and never-suspected meaning? The coincidences are too strange to be results of mere chance. In connection with several of the Pagan deities which are made after death, and before their resurrection to descend into Hell, it will be found useful to compare the pre-Christian with the post-Christian narratives.

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In the Credo of the Apostles, which is divided in twelve sentences or articles, each particular article having been inserted by each particular apostle, according to St. And it is he who was chosen as a model by the ingenious Fathers. Hercules — called Alexicacos — for he brought round the wicked and converted them to virtue; Soter, or Saviour, also called Neulos Eumelos — the Good Shepherd; Astrochiton, the star-clothed, and the Lord of Fire.

Like Christ he appeared as a substitute for the pangs of humanity, by offering himself in a self-sacrifice on a funereal-burning pile. Through the release of Prometheus, and the erection of altars, we behold in him the mediator between the old and new faiths. He abolished human sacrifice wherever he found it practiced. He descended into the sombre realm of Pluto, as a shade.

Saturn, El, Seth and Kiyun, or the biblical Chiun of Amos, are all one and the same deity, and may be all regarded in their worst aspect as Typhon the Destroyer. When the religious Pantheon assumed a more definite expression, Typhon was separated from his androgyne — the good deity, and fell into degradation as a brutal unintellectual power. Such reactions in the religious feelings of a nation were not unfrequent. Besides, to be identified with Siva is no small compliment, for the latter is God of wisdom.

Wilkinson depicts him as the most intellectual of the Hindu gods. He is three-eyed, and, like Jehovah, terrible in his resistless revenge and wrath. The question may be more than easily answered. The law of Moses, and the so-called monotheism of the Jews, can hardly be said to have been more than two or three centuries older than Christianity.

The Christian Fathers, in their eagerness to make their new system dovetail with Judaism, and so avoid Paganism, unconsciously shunned Scylla only to be caught in the whirlpool of Charybdis.

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Under the monotheistic stucco of Judaism was unearthed the same familiar mythology of Paganism. But we should not regard the Israelites with less favor for having had a Moloch and being like the natives. Nor should we compel the Jews to do penance for their fathers. They had their prophets and their law, and were satisfied with them.

How faithfully and nobly they have stood by their ancestral faith under the most diabolical persecutions, the present remains of a once-glorious people bear witness. The Christian world has been in a state of convulsion from the first to the present century; it has been cleft into thousands of sects; but the Jews remain substantially united. Even their differences of opinion do not destroy their unity. The boasted wide gap between Christianity and Judaism, that is claimed on the authority of Paul, exists but in the imagination of the pious.

We are nought but the inheritors of the intolerant Israelites of ancient days; not the Hebrews of the time of Herod and the Roman dominion, who, with all their faults, kept strictly orthodox and monotheistic, but the Jews who, under the name of Jehovah-Nissi, worshipped Bacchus-Osiris, Dio-Nysos, the multiform Jove of Nyssa, the Sinai of Moses. The kabalistic demons — allegories of the profoundest meaning — were adopted as objective entities, and a Satanic hierarchy carefully drawn by the orthodox demonologists. By such a degradation, the Fathers, whose pious zeal could only be surpassed by their ignorance, have unwittingly furnished evidence against themselves.

They have, with their own hands, paved the way for many a future solution, and greatly helped modern students of the science of religions.


The strange duality of Divine and mortal characteristics, so conspicuous in the Sinaitic Deity, begins to yield its mystery before the untiring inquiry of the age. One of the latest contributions we find in a short but highly-important paper in the Evolution, a periodical of New York, the closing paragraph of which throws a flood of light on Bacchus, the Jove of Nysa, who was worshipped by the Israelites as Jehovah of Sinai. Born of a human mother, he raised her from the world of death to the supernal air, to be revered and worshipped.

At once lord of all worlds, he was in them all alike the Saviour. The symbolical language of ancient art and mythology; an inquiry Essays on the sacred language, writings, and religion of the Parsis The origin of serpent — worship Influence of the phallic idea in the religions of antiquity A manual of Budhism, in its modern development The Worship of the Serpent Symbolism and mythology of the ancient peoples , particularly the Greeks The Gospel of Nicodemus , also known as the Acts of Pilate.

Your email address will not be published. Already a member, but forgot your password? Click HERE. A man comes into possession of creative power by uniting his own mind with the Universal Mind. September 23, Theme for Contemplation: Mental Quiescence There is a flame within me that has stood Unmoved, untroubled through a mist of years, Knowing nor love nor laughter, hope nor fears.

Om Tat Sat is a mantra in Sanskrit found in verse It is the threefold designation of the Hindu metaphysical concept called Brahman. It is more perfectly illustrated by considering life as a grand musical movement that is brought to a… [Read more]. This is the real CURSE from the physiological standpoint, almost the only one touched upon in the Kabalistic esotericism. Viewed from this aspect, the curse is undeniable, for it is evident.

The intellectual evolution, in its progress hand-in-hand with the physical, has certainly been a curse instead of a blessing — a gift q… [Read more]. Now, that the law of cycles does prevail in the world must be very evident if you will reflect for a few moments. The first cycle I would draw your attention to is the daily cycle, when the sun rises in the morning and sets at night, returning again next morning, you following the sun, rising in the morning and at night… [Read more].

The real cause of bondage is non-discrimination or misunderstanding the nature of the Soul and the body, and not finding the true purpose of life. Just asdarkness is removed by its natural opposite, light, so non-discrimination is r… [Read more]. Generation and corruption are only transformations from the little to the great, and vice versa. Mind is like a mirror; it gathers dust while it reflects. It needs the gentle breezes of Soul-Wisdom to brush away the dust of our illusions. The sound proceeding from Pranava which is… [Read more]. All Nature is but art, unknown to thee; All chance, direction, which thou canst not see; All discord, harmony not understood; All partial evil, universal good.

Both action and inaction may find room in thee, thy body agitated, thy mind tranquil, thy Soul as limpid as a mountain lake. The whole nature of man must be used wisely by the one who desires to enter the way. He went to sit under a banyan tree Pippala , or tree of Bodhi. The god Indra brought him a straw seat. He sat here, resolved not to move till the transformation he was about to undergo should be… [Read more]. Thou shalt have the power to degenerate into the lower forms of life, which are brutish. September 16, Theme for Contemplation: The Hero in Man For most of us, this is the aim Never here to be realized; Who are only undefeated Because we have gone on trying.

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1.2 Mycenaean Contact with Egypt

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