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They do the same thing for the other "plagues"--suggest books that kids can read to become used to unreliable narration, say, or non-linear stories.

I'm a university professor of philosophy. I see the difficulties that university students have accessing difficult texts.

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Lemov et al. This is a smart, useful book. I have been reading Lemov since the first iteration of Teach Like a Champion came out. I think Reading Reconsidered is an important addition to my book shelf. If you teach in a school where reading isn't what it should be and who doesn't , this book is a great PLC conversation starter, I have had exciting discussions about directly improving our groups teaching practice. I especially like the idea of a sensible and workable shared canon school wide.


It is an eye opener, the discussion about leveling of texts and addressing readability in general. If you are engaged in improving literacy in your classroom or teaching practice this book is directly useful.

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This book offers great suggestions on strategies and activities to use in your classroom. The activities described in the texts can be used with kindergarten through twelfth grade. Purchasing the text also includes access to the Teach Like a Champion website. The site offers videos and resources described in the text. This text is my number one suggestion to new teachers If you teach reading, get this book!

I had read in some other reviews that this is not an easy read. That told me it was going to be worth my time. My thinking about my reading instruction was challenged over and over in Reading Reconsidered, which is just the way I like it or why read, correct? These questions will prompt my students to deeper levels of comprehension.

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This book is an absolute gold mine for questioning! Writing for reading -- Part 2. The fundamentals -- 5. Approaches to reading: reading more, reading better -- 6. Vocabulary instruction: breadth and depth -- 7. Reading systems -- 8. Toward intellectual autonomy. Information from the Web Learn more about where we find additional information on the web. Checking the Web Library Staff Details Staff view. Keyboard Shortcuts Close Available anywhere? Your local Waterstones may have stock of this item.

Reading Reconsidered: A Practical Guide to Rigorous Literacy Instruction

Our students learn their literature, history, math, science, or art via a firm foundation of strong reading skills. When we teach students to read with precision, rigor, and insight, we are truly handing over the key to the kingdom. Of all the subjects we teach reading is first among equals. Grounded in advice from effective classrooms nationwide, enhanced with more than 40 video clips, Reading Reconsidered takes you into the trenches with actionable guidance from real-life educators and instructional champions.

The authors address the anxiety-inducing world of Common Core State Standards, distilling from those standards four key ideas that help hone teaching practices both generally and in preparation for assessments. This 'Core of the Core' comprises the first half of the book and instructs educators on how to teach students to: read harder texts, 'closely read' texts rigorously and intentionally, read nonfiction more effectively, and write more effectively in direct response to texts.

The second half of Reading Reconsidered reinforces these principles, coupling them with the 'fundamentals' of reading instruction a host of techniques and subject specific tools to reconsider how teachers approach such essential topics as vocabulary, interactive reading, and student autonomy. Reading Reconsidered breaks an overly broad issue into clear, easy-to-implement approaches. Reading Reconsidered provides the framework necessary for teachers to ensure that students forge futures as lifelong readers.

Reading Reconsidered by Doug Lemov (ebook)

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