Guide Secrets to success in sport & play : a practical guide to skill development

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Parents who want the best for their kids may find this standard frustrating.

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Your child may be eligible for many kinds of accommodations and support services, but the school might not provide services unless you ask for them. Being a vocal advocate for your child can be challenging.

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Clarify your goals. Before meetings, write down what you want to accomplish. Decide what is most important, and what you are willing to negotiate. Be a good listener. Allow school officials to explain their opinions.

“Audiation”? What’s that?

Offer new solutions. Do your research and find examples of what other schools have done. Keep the focus. The school system is dealing with a large number of children; you are only concerned with your child. Help the meeting stay focused on your child. Stay calm, collected and positive.

Secrets to Success in Sport & Play - 2nd Edition: A Practical guide to Skill Development

Go into the meeting assuming that everyone wants to help. If you say something you regret, simply apologize and try to get back on track. It is better to recognize that the school situation for your child will probably never be perfect. Too many regulations and limited funding mean that the services and accommodations your child receives may not be exactly what you envision for them, and this will probably cause you frustration, anger and stress. Try to recognize that the school will be only one part of the solution for your child and leave some of the stress behind.

Your attitude of support, encouragement and optimism will have the most lasting impact on your child. Everyone—learning disability or not—has their own unique learning style. Some people learn best by seeing or reading, others by listening, and still others by doing. You can help a child with a learning disability by identifying their primary learning style. Is your child a visual learner, an auditory learner, or a kinesthetic learner?

The following lists will help you determine what type of learner your child is.

10 Benefits of Multi-skills Coaching all Coaches Should Know

Success means different things to different people, but your hopes and dreams for your child probably extend beyond good report cards. By focusing on these broad skills, you can help give your child a huge leg up in life. For children with learning disabilities, self-awareness knowledge about strengths, weaknesses, and special talents and self-confidence are very important. Struggles in the classroom can cause children to doubt their abilities and question their strengths. A proactive person is able to make decisions and take action to resolve problems or achieve goals.

For people with learning disabilities, being proactive also involves self-advocacy for example, asking for a seat at the front of the classroom and the willingness to take responsibility for choices. Children or adults with learning disabilities may need to work harder and longer because of their disability.

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The ability to set realistic and attainable goals is a vital skill for life success. It also involves the flexibility to adapt and adjust goals according to changing circumstances, limitations, or challenges. Strong support systems are key for people with learning disabilities. Successful people are able to ask for help when they need it and reach out to others for support. If children with learning disabilities learn how to regulate stress and calm themselves , they will be much better equipped to overcome challenges. Your child may behave very differently than you do when they are under stress.

But some people—children included—shut down, space out, and withdraw when stressed. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Usually ships within 1 week. Show More. Interviews Reference for K physical educators and for youth sport coaches. Average Review.

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Learning and teaching basketball skills and tactics can be challenging. Executing them in competition can Executing them in competition can be troubling. Mastering them can be a career-long quest.

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Is it possible that a single book can provide all the instruction you need to conquer The Practical Guide to Coaching year olds. We currently have some videos and books that can be checked out by our coaches at any time as long as they are available. Contact Joe Ward see: contact board members page if you wish to check these videos or books out. They will have to be returned within a 2 week time period.

Any lost videos or books will have to be replaced by the person checking them out. Playing and Practicing with 5 to 6 Year Olds. Features over 45 minutes of actual pratice footage with specific recommendations on how to organize and conduct training sessions for the U5, U7, U9, and U11 age groups.