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The problems in defining them arise from diverse ownerships and holdings between different enterprises. The enterprise might have a small or medium-sized by characteristics, but it might hold notable resources, if it is connected with large companies.

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The official definition of small and medium-sized enterprises in the European Union is published in the European Union Official Journal issue L It states that the enterprises in this category are those which: — employ no more than employees AND — their revenue is no more than 50 million euros OR their balance is no more than 43 million euros AND — no more than 25 percent is owned by an enterprise that is not an SME. The claim is exaggerated Sarvamaa claimed that small and medium-sized enterprises employ 90 percent of the workforce in the EU area.

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Eurostat statistics Annual enterprise statistics by size for special aggregates of activities shows that the workforce working for SME was The statistics was updated on March and the most recent information available is from The article deals with only those employed by enterprises and specifies those who are employed by SME enterprises.

It does not include the share of employers of the public sector or the third sector. It also ignores the unemployed.

Needs Assessment of Women-Owned Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Vietnam

The claim is false. Small and medium-sized enterprises have a significant role as an employer in the European Union, but a share of 90 percent does not hold true. The Eurostat statistic clearly shows the share accounts for Leave your comments, thoughts and suggestions in the box below.

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Basic concepts of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)

Under the banner of "Industry 4. Meanwhile, functional PC workstations and fast internet connections have also become essential for the business activities of small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs. However, increasing digitalisation and interconnectedness are also creating a high degree of dependency on functional and secure IT systems as well as the need for well-trained staff. Small and medium-sized enterprises are more aware of cyber risks and their negative impact on regular business operations.

INSME – International Network for SMEs

This is in no small part driven by the introduction of data protection regulations in many countries, which in turn have led to SMEs taking an interest in analysing their IT risks, protecting themselves, and transferring part of their cyber risks to insurers. The insurance industry has developed initial approaches and structured procedures for SME cyber risk analysis.

The constantly changing threat situation, new experiences from handling cyber claims cases and technological progress will all have an impact on the further development of risk analysis methods. Cyber insurers should determine their insurance premiums based on the results of objective risk analyses and on the protective measures employed by policyholders.